AN: A short dark Merlin drabble. Inspired by the prompt - Merlin/Morgana. Last two survivors during the end of the world.


"This was never meant to happen." His voice is low; barely a whisper as he speaks, eyes closed, hands clenched, breathing erratic.

She doesn't know what to say so she simply remains silent, observing the damage that their magic has done.

There is nothing left, but them and the destruction that had inadvertently raged upon the land. The streets are eerily quiet and they both know the reason why. It's clear from one look at the torn apart villages, the raging rivers of red, the slaughtered littering the streets as decay fills the air.

In the middle, standing broken – an echo of the mighty kingdom it used to be – is Camelot. She wonders if its mighty King has been slain too and she fears the vision of seeing Arthur and Gwen, embraced in a twisted halo of seeping crimson.

A sob threatens to break from her throat, but she holds it back. She doesn't know what for. Holding on to decorum and dignity is far past gone. She has not been the King's ward in years. And there is no one here but Merlin to see her fall apart and he has held her as she's cried into the bare skin of his shoulder many a night when all they had for company was each other and the nightmares. Always the nightmares.

She had never imagined this.

"This is my fault." Merlin speaks, a hollow edge coating his words. She has never seen him so still; it is so unlike him that Morgana is afraid to reach out her hand to touch him; afraid that he will crumble to dust beneath her – the last sentiment of life in the entire world.

"No, Merlin. You didn't know this would happen. None of us knew this would happen. You were trying to help."

He opens his eyes then, and she gasps as he fixes her a fierce and fiery gaze with red as deep as blood circling his eyes where gold and blue once resided.

"They're all dead Morgana! And it's my fault!" The statement seems to deplete his strength and with a choked sob, he collapses on his knees, hands clenching into fists so hard that red smiles will surely mark his calloused hands.

She gathers him in her arms, fear be damned, and lets him weep tears from blue eyes for all they have lost.

It is the only semblance of comfort she can give.

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