(Just a small story to get into the NCIS Christmas/Hanukkah spirit of 2009!!!! Like all my other stories, it's TIVA. This is set on the same day as the new NCIS-mas episode, Faith.)

It was quiet in the bullpen, only Ziva and Tony sitting across from each other in the bullpen, having nothing to go home to but an empty house. Tony stood up; it was 12:01, Christmas Day. He walked to Ziva's desk where she typed quietly.

"Ziva?" He said quietly, trying to draw her attention away from her computer screen. She looked at him slowly, her eyes asking a silent what. "Ummmm…. I know we said no presents, but I have something to give you." He said, pulling her up out of her chair by her hand. He pulled a small box out of his pocket and opened it for her. He placed it in her hand.

"Tony…. Why?" Ziva asked quietly, looking down at the silver Star of David that had inlayed emeralds at all six points that stuck out against the blue that made the lines connected to the points.

"You didn't look right without it. I know you lost yours in Somalia, and I know you missed it." He said. "You would touch your neck like you were trying to find it." He whispered, taking the box from her hand and removing the necklace. He walked behind her and pulled it onto her neck lightly.

"You once told me you actually like silver better than gold, but your father had always bought gold for you. So, I figured I would get you something you like for once in your life."

"Tony…. I did not get you anything." Ziva said, placing her hand over the pendant and turning around. Tony shook his head.

"That doesn't matter." He said. "I want you to be happy. Like I said, I can't live without you." Tony wrapped his arms around Ziva, pulling her to his chest. She looked up quietly. She pointed above him to the rafter.

"Mistletoe." She said. "I think I am supposed to kiss you, if this is the right tradition." Tony smiled.

"But, only if you want to." He said seriously. She grinned.

"Tony…. I have decided something. I can not live without you either." She said, rising up on her toes and pressing her lips to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his on the small of her back. Tony slid his tounge into her mouth and Ziva felt her heart drop. She had dreamed of this, ever since she first met Tony, and now her dream was coming true.

Tony and Ziva only broke their kiss when the need for air became overwhelming. But, even then, Tony hugged her to his chest and leaned down to whisper into her ear.

"I've always loved you, and I always will." He said. From their perch on the balcony, Gibbs and Abby looked down on them and smiled lightly.

"'Bout time." Gibbs mumbled.

"Ahhhh… Gibbs, you're a big softy at heart." Abby said, smiling at him.

"Just don't tell anybody." Gibbs said, smiling and kissing the side of her head as Tony and Ziva left through the elevator together, knowing that next Christmas they would both have someone to go home to.