Just a short drabble for Gale. I don't like his character much, but I got an idea, so I wrote it down.

Disclaimer: Miss Suzanne Collins owns this.

There are certain things I know I cannot change.

Like the fact that Katniss traded her life for Prim's to save her from the effect of the Hunger Games.

Or the fact that Peeta loves her, and actually has a chance to steal her heart.

Or the fact that I'm so far away from the person I actually care about, watching her on some television as she fights for her life and someone else's.

I kept my promise and my end of the bargain. I've supplied Prim and Katniss's mother with enough to food to last them weeks.

Diligently, I've watched the Games for Katniss, though most of the time I'd rather be hunting. But the Games are mandatory and I must watch. Not just for Katniss, but for her family as well.

There are certain things I cannot change.

But I'll try my hardest to fight for what I know I can.

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