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It was getting late. Everyone was exhausted from being stranded on the mountain. Everyone, especially Jordan, was getting anxious about Garret's current condition. The chill of the mountains was beginning to set in, as wind swept them with a bitter, cold wind. Anxiousness set in, as thoughts on their current state of being set in. Would they make it through the night without a fire? Would Garret be ok?

Woody and Jordan still sat on the log they had been on, foreheads pressed together and all. They snuggled each other for warmth, whilst Bug and Nigel were off by themselves. Jordan still didn't let Garret out of her sight, watching his chest expand and collapse making sure he kept breathing as he was in a deep sleep now.

Nigel sat inside the wreckage of the plane, sitting with Kate as they both appeared to be daydreaming. Nearby, Bug sat silent refusing to put Madelyn's keys down and wishing he could hold her right that very second.

The sun was near setting and wind still blew wickedly. Suddenly, a huge rush of wind appeared. Then, noises of a chopper about to land. It move closer and closer, inching its way toward the snow-covered land.

It landed right near where Garret lay, as Jordan rushed over to meet the flight crew. A shadow of figure appeared from the chopper, walking closer towards them."Hello?" A man's voice called out, Jordan bolted directly toward him. "Hi, I'm Jordan. We've got a severely injured man over here. In his late fifties, name's Garret. He's been unconscious for a few hours now. Injuries appear to be internal."

The man headed back to the chopper and came back out, this time with a gurney and a tall blonde woman behind him carrying it. "Hi, name's Anna. This is my partner Chris. We can take Garret with three other passengers. Anyone else injured?" the blonde asked. "Nige!" Jordan called out to Nigel , who was still daydreaming a bit. "Coming!" he yelled. It was then decided Nigel, Garret, Bug, and Kate would be on the flight, as they needed it most.

Jordan watched with sadness and worry-filled eyes, uncertain what the future would hold. Tears began to fill her eyes, tears that she'd kept purposely unseen before. "Shh…" Woody soothed, as he began to hold her closer. "Woody, if we don't make it off this mountain…" she began. "Don't." he said firmly, "We are going to make it out of here together. You can't give up, you have to promise me. Cross your heart."

"Cross my heart." She muttered softly, gesturing the cross she made. And there they sat silently for the next few minutes, as they waited for help to come. Then, they heard a familiar noise coming closer and the outline of another chopper surrounding them.

The chopper was no sooner off the ground when a huge snowstorm began to blow over. The flight crew made their best attempts to remain calm, but Jordan being Jordan she couldn't. "Breathe Jordan, breathe." Woody prompted. "It's just snow, it happens all the time." "Not like this, not when we're on an aircraft!" she shouted. "Try not to think about, calm down. It didn't bother you last time." He argued. "Last time? Last time, we crashed Woody! How am I supposed to calm down after that?" she answered. Just as she answered, the plane landed with a big hard thud falling to the ground.

Just as before, they had held each other's hands through it all. The flight crew was able to fly back up before a harsh, crash landing but still remained threatened by the increased size of the blizzard blowing in. Luckily, they were able to navigate it and remained in one piece.

Jordan mostly kept her mind on how her friends were doing. Did they make it ok? How was Garret? She worried about Garret most, as she wasn't prepared to lose another father figure in her life. Warm tears made their way down her face, as Woody brushed them away and held her tightly through the flight.

"Hold tight, we're almost there!" one of the crew members called out , reacting to Jordan's crying. He briefly turned to face them, a small smile emerging on his face. "Twenty miles left until we reach Boston General." Her eyes lit up a bit, as she realized their pending arrival.

As they reached Boston General, Jordan grew more and more anxious to see Garret. They stepped off the chopper, heading down to the hospital's main floors and into the reception area. "Can I help you, miss?" asked one of the staff members, a lady in her mid-50s with silvery gray hair.

"We're looking for someone…" Jordan replied. "Patient's name?" "Garret Macy." She said, almost choking up just saying the name. Woody came up from behind her and rubbed her shoulder gently. Despite being a cop, he gave the best massages. Jordan thought he missed his calling.

"He's in ICU, room 103. Down the hall, to the right and then on the second right." As they walked hand in hand toward the ICU, they stopped before they reached it. They saw several people- their friends sitting in some uncomfortable looking orange chairs. "Like what they've done with the place." Jordan said. "You would." Woody answered, with a refreshing hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Jordan rushed over to Lily, embracing in a hug. "So glad to see you. Heard the weather was pretty bad." "Oh no, there was even an in-flight movie amazing luxury in such a small aircraft." Jordan retorted. "How's Garret?" "He's ok. The surgery went well and they stopped the bleeding. They want to keep him in ICU a few more days just to be sure."

"He'll be ok, luv." Nigel offered "The doctor will be here in a few to update us."

"Hello there." A voice called out "You must be Doctor Cavanaugh, Garret's been asking for you. He wanted to tell you he's ok. He started breathing on his own now, so we removed the vent." Said the doctor, who name was especially long even for his lab coat Sjeciwizinski. "Can I see him?" she asked. "Right this way." He gestured "One at a time, please."

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