The One With The Christmas Wish That Comes True

By: Jana~

Chapter One

Monica wiped the tears from her cheek with the crumpled Kleenex she had been fisting for near about two hours. Her reaction was silly, and she knew it was, but she also knew she could allow herself to be so without criticism. Rachel seemed to understand.

"You okay?"

Monica laughed with embarrassment as she reached for the DVD remote to turn off the movie, then said, "Yeah, I'm fine. It was a good movie, though, don't'cha think?"

"Yep," Rachel agreed, then as she handed Monica a new Kleenex, added, "I don't love him as much as you do, but he sure can act!"

"He's more versatile than people give him credit for," Monica said, almost defensively. "He's just typecast because of that show."

"That show gave him his start," Rachel mused as she began to collect the popcorn dish and soda cans from off the coffee table. "I'm sure he doesn't mind that people still see him as Lance Bailey."

"I'm sure he doesn't," Monica said, helping to collect their movie-watching snack debris as well, "but he can do much more than just comedy, and I think people forget that sometimes." When Rachel laughed in response, she stopped what she was doing to scowl at her. A little bit annoyed, but mostly curious, she asked, "Why is that funny?"

Laughing again, Rachel told her, "Your crush on him is cute!"

Really, there was no point in denying it, but Monica tried to anyway. Scoffing, she said, "I'm crowdin' the hell out of thirty years old, Rache."

"So?" Rachel asked. "Thirty year olds can have crushes, too, ya'know!"

It was more seen like something a young teenager would do – crush on a celebrity – so it was definitely a sore spot with her. Trying to save face, Monica said, "It's not really a crush. I just admire him as an actor."

This got Rachel really laughing, which brought Monica's irritation to the surface. Seeing this, Rachel told her soothingly, "I'm just teasing you, Mon. He really is a great actor, but he's also damn fine, and you have to admit to that, or else you're just lying to yourself."

Settling a bit, smiling slightly, Monica somewhat whispered, "He is, isn't he?"

Rachel nodded, then repeated, "Damn fine."

"It's his eyes," Monica added. "That, and his kissable lips. Do you think the actresses that get to kiss him realize how lucky they are?"

"Maybe some of them," Rachel answered. "To some, it's probably just a job."

"I wish it was my job to kiss Chandler Bing!" Monica exclaimed as she puttered about to finish cleaning up. Her mood was noticeably better, as was apparent by the smile she wore.

Maybe it was because she didn't have a boyfriend, and hadn't for quite some time. Maybe it was because the show he was famous for came at a time in her life when she really needed it. Laughter is the best medicine, as they say. Or maybe it was simply because he was gorgeous, and always tended to play roles where he was the leading man in romantic comedies – her favorite genre of movies.

Whatever the reason, she was hopelessly attracted to him, as much as a person can be to someone they had never met before. Though in actuality, she wasn't sure if she ever wanted to meet him. She had heard her fair share of horror stories, where some fan meets the celebrity of their dreams, and it all goes horribly bad. The celebrity was in a bad mood, or was just plain mean, and it broke the fan's heart. Monica was sure Chandler wouldn't do that intentionally since she had heard too many nice things about him, but she didn't feel she could take the risk.

That aside, she also felt she would act like a fool if in his presence, and she was certain it would haunt her later, and forever, if that were to happen. Best not to chance it, in her way of thinking. Besides, he lived in California, and she in New York. She was certain the situation would never present itself because of that fact. She was safe to admire him from afar.

"You're awfully quiet," Rachel said, and while she did so quietly, Monica startled in response.

"Just thinking," Monica replied, her attention to the task of cleaning renewed as her head left the clouds.

"About Chandler taking you into his arms and kissing you, like he did with Sarah in the movie?" Rachel asked teasingly.

Monica glared back at her, even though she wasn't exactly angry. "Like that would ever happen," she said dismissively.

"You never know," Rachel mused. "Maybe you could put that on your Christmas list to Santa."

"Christmas wishes don't come true, Rache," Monica countered, her good mood sullied by the thought. "I've wished for things before," she added, "at Christmas and other times, and they have never come true."

"Well, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine," Rachel said humorously, trying to alleviate some of her friend's negativity, but she could tell that just wasn't going to happen. Realizing it was a lost cause, she snaked her arm around Monica's shoulder and offered brightly, "If I can find him, I'll slap a big red bow on him and set him under the tree, k?"

Monica laughed, her smile returning, then whispered simply, "Thanks, Rache," before heading towards her room.

A good night's sleep was what was needed. If she was lucky, she'd dream about him.


Rachel sighed heavily as she dropped her briefcase on the table, with such force that it caught Monica's attention instantly.

"Bad day at work?" Monica asked sympathetically, to which Rachel sighed again.

"Not bad, really," she answered, "just frustrating."

"How so?" Monica asked supportively, then she tossed the magazine she had been reading onto the coffee table and stood before approaching her.

"Ralph Lauren has decided that we must all attend some charity function on December twenty second, instead of having our typical Christmas party! I'm all for charity," Rachel added, "but couldn't we do both?"

Moving past her disappointment over the lack of a traditional office party, Monica asked, "What kind of charity function?"

A sheepish expression pulled onto Rachel's face. "I sorta tuned him out as he was talking, so I'm not exactly sure. I just know it's at The Plaza at eight."

Monica perked up excitedly. "The Plaza? That's a good place to be for any reason! Can you bring a guest?" she asked, almost giddily, and Rachel smiled back at her.

"They said we could," she replied, then asked, "I take it you're interested?"

"Hell yeah!" Monica exclaimed, then quickly reached for the phone. "I just need to call work and get it off!"

"My bonus check came in today, too," Rachel added as Monica dialed the number by heart. "We'll go shopping for something awesome to wear!"

Monica nodded emphatically in approval, but then she gave her attention to the phone when someone picked up.

It was obvious to Rachel that the phone call was not going well. From Monica's side of the conversation, she was able to glean that she could not get off work the night of the charity function, which meant she would have to take someone else or go alone. While that idea didn't appeal to her, she was more upset for Monica than she was for herself.

"Maybe you could just call in sick," Rachel suggested, but Monica just shook her head.

"They'll know it's a lie," she said with a sigh, "since I just asked for it off. Maybe you could ask Phoebe to go with?"

"Or Ross," Rachel added, "but I wouldn't want him to take it the wrong way."

Monica nodded, then moved towards the couch and sat heavily upon it. Rachel followed and joined her.

"You okay?" Rachel asked, to which Monica hung her head, essentially giving her the answer without speaking. "We can still go shopping… if you want to," she offered.

That brought a smile to Monica's face. "Sure," she said, forcing a brighter tone of voice. "I still need to buy for Phoebe."

"She's hard to shop for!" Rachel laughed, then, gaining seriousness, whispered, "It's probably going to be a snooze fest, ya'know? Don't be too bummed, okay?"

"It was just something to look forward to," Monica muttered, but then she seemed to pull out of her depression suddenly as she said, "I found an interesting article about Chandler. Wanna see?"

Rachel knew it was just a brave front she was putting forward, but she dropped the topic of the charity function anyway and engaged her in the new one. "Sure! Is he promoting a new movie or something?"

Monica quickly reached for the magazine she had tossed aside before, answering as she did so, "Probably, but that's not what the article is about."

To be continued

Author's note:

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