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Sweet Indulgence

Like every first Saturday of every month, Hinata woke up earlier then usual, an hour before dawn. Not wanting to wake anyone in the Hyuuga house, she quietly made her way to the huge kitchen down stairs. Thanks to the house cook, everything she would need had already been taken out and place on the counter. Taking an apron from the kitchen closet, she put it on and got to work…

Forty-five minutes later…


Hinata open the oven door, the smell of cinnamon drifted to her nose and she smiled happily. Using an oven mitt, she pulled out the backing sheet that held six of her favorite sweet treat, cinnamon rolls. She place the baking sheet on the floor covered counter. She took of the mitt and place it on the counter. She reached over and took the glazing she had made only a few minutes ago and with a spoon she pored it on the hot cinnamon rolls.

Watching the glazing roll down the side of each roll, her mouth water 'So yummy…' Oh! She couldn't wait to eat them…

She took off the apron and left it on the table. She ran to her room to change clothes quickly. It wouldn't be good if someone woke up, saw her cinnamon rolls and decided to have a little bite to eat. If that happen, someone would be going to the hospital…and it wouldn't be her. Changing in record time, she ran quietly back to the kitchen. Good, no one had touch her cinnamon rolls, no one had to get hurt.

Very carefully, Hinata placed her six cinnamon rolls in a big plastic container and then sealed it with its lid. She took a small basket out of the closet and packet her cinnamon rolls. She grabbing the basket and hurry out the compound, going to a save place where she could eat her sweet indulgence in peace.

It was barley dawn outside and with the exception of one or two people, the streets of Konoha were deserted. Hinata stopped to think, where was the best place to be alone?…

…the training grounds!… No one would be there at this hour of the day. Smiling, she hurried to the training grounds.

When she got there, she found a nice tree and sat with her legs cross, her basket of sweet treats beside her.

She took out a still warm cinnamon roll and took a bite off it. Oh! It tasted like pure heaven, the cinnamon and the glazing melting together in one bite. So very good and delicious, if she die now, she wouldn't care and would die happily. She took another bite of heaven, not caring that her fingers were now covered in glazing.

Another bite…

She was about to take her last bite when she heard a twig snap. She immediately look up, black eyes looked at her from only a few steps away.

What was he doing here?…

He stepped closer, towering in front of her. He looked down at her but his eyes wonder to the piece of sweet that was in her hand, forgotten.

She bit her lip in nervousness.

"What are you doing here?" He said coldly but his voice sounded distracted. Hinata notice that he was eyeing the small piece cinnamon roll in her hand. "What is that?" Hinata looked down at her glazing cove hand. "I-it's a cinnamon roll…Would…would y-you like one?" Hinata asked hesitantly and immediately regretted offering one of her praises cinnamon roll…Why did she had to be so nice?… Maybe he would say no, he didn't like sweets after all…right?

He didn't answer for a while, just looked at her hand. He nodded slightly. Hinata moved to reach for the basket.

A hand suddenly wrapped around her wrist, pulling her up to her feet. She surprised and turned to see him lift her hand upward to his lip. He bit down on the small piece of the cinnamon roll and pulled into his mouth, eating it. His eye half closed as he savored the taste.

Hinata watched speechless…

When he finished it, he looked into her eyes. Without taking his eyes off hers, he leaned down and captured a finger between his lips. His tongue moved around it, removing the glazing from it.

"Sa…Sasuke…?" she whispered, entranced by his sudden unexpected action.

He released her finger from his warm lips. "Delicious…" he said and took another finger into his mouth and did the same as he had done to the other one.

He backed her up against the tree and freed her hand, as he finished with the last digit. He brought his hand up lifted her chin up with two fingers "Hinata, I want more…" he said and capture her lips in a kiss with uncontrolled , passionate need. His arms wrapping around her, not letting her get away. Their body's molded around each other's perfectly, almost like they had been made for just this purpose.

Hinata frozen with shock…What was he doing?!…Kissing her?She struggled to get away and Sasuke's kiss softened. His arms held her tightly close to him. She felt his strong body press closer to her, her pressing to the tree. His warm lips brushed over her own, a strange pleasant feeling rose inside of tip of his tongue traced over her lower lip, demanding entry into her mouth. Unconsciously, she obeyed his request and his tongue discovered the inside of her mouth, tasting more of the sweet cinnamon and glazing flavor. Hinata started feeling light headed and she couldn't think properly. A hand started caressing her back and she didn't care. Her small hands that had try to push him back, were now holding desperately to the material of his clothes.

She melted in his arm and shyly stared to respond to his kiss. He must have been pleased because he tighten his hold on her and deepen the kiss even further. Not stopping until he was sure that she would never forget this kiss. Until he was sure that it was the best kiss she had ever been given.

Sasuke slowly lifted his head, looking deep into her pale lavender eyes he notice they were clouded with pleasure. He smiled with satisfaction and stepped back, slowly releasing her from his embrace.

He reached down and took something, then disappeared before she had returned to her senses.

When her eyes finally clear, Hinata found herself alone. She slipped down to the grass. Her hand went up to her lips, the feeling of Sasuke's lips still linger on them and she had no doubt that they were red.

Remembering why she came here, she looked around but found…nothing.

She looked again…still nothing….

Where was the basket with her cinnamon rolls?…


Somewhere not too far away, Sasuke smirked, enjoyed the last of Hinata's sweet indulgence. They were delicious and that was saying something, considering he didn't even like sweets…

But even so, he notice they didn't taste the same as the first bit he has take.

They seem to be missing something…something like…


Eating the cinnamon roll from her hand and sucking on her glazed cover fingers had been way better…and her lips….

Were like touching heaven…

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