Chapter 1

"Rosalie, come look at this," Emmett called excitedly. He was playing around with the new laptop, stunned with what he had discovered online.

"What?" Rosalie asked as she came and gazed at the picture on Emmett's screen.

"Look." Emmett grinned happily, showing her a picture of an old yellow mansion-like house with roses planted peacefully on a green lawn. "Does this place look familiar?"

"That was my old house!" Rosalie stammered in shock, still recognizing the newly remolded white trim and wrap-around porch. "It's now a bed and breakfast!"

"Yeah." Emmett smiled pointing to the sign. "A good one too. When do you want to visit?"

"Never," Rosalie answered, still staring at the screen.

"Oh, come on, it might be cool, and it's not like anyone's going to recognize you," Emmett pointed out.

"I don't want to go there," Rosalie said firmly.

"Why not?" Emmett asked. "It might be fun."

"Too sunny," Rosalie answered.

"It will be raining all this month. It's April," Emmett pleaded bringing up the weather forecast. "Look, I can even reserve your old room. Can we go? Please, please, please...oh, please can we go?"

"Fine," Rosalie huffed giving into Emmett's begging. "But make it for the weekend only."

"Good, can it be this coming weekend?" Emmett asked excitedly.

"Why not?" Rosalie huffed, as Emmett picked up his cell. "Let me get our things packed."

'She'll love this.' Emmett smiled as he dialed the number on the screen.

"What are you doing?" Rosalie asked turning from the stairs.

"Calling to make reservations," Emmett answered.

"Well, let me chose the room. Can I look at the layout?" Rosalie asked. "I don't want to be in my parent's old bedroom. That would be strange."

"Sure," Emmett answered as he pulled up the layout for the second floor to let Rosalie see it. She observed it for a second and used her fingernails to trace a path in the map from the stairs, down to the hall.

"Ask for Room 15," Rosalie insisted. "That was my room."

"Fine with me." Emmett pressed the call button on his phone. He could tell Rosalie was looking forward to this, even though she wouldn't admit it.

Hale's Garden Bed and Breakfast

"Hello, Hale's Garden Bed and Breakfast. This is Vera. How may I help you?" Vera answered at the front desk in a sweet voice as she heard a relieved sigh echoing through the walls of the room. Vera looked around but no one was around. It could be from the kitchen.

"Hello, this is Emmett Cullen, and I would like to make a reservation for this weekend for my wife and me," the man explained as Vera typed his name in the computer, only to see his name were already typed in his name on the reservations. Vera ignored it; perhaps she forgot she had already typed his name in."Is there a specific room you might like, sir?"

"Can we have Room 15?" Mr. Cullen asked politely as she felt a slight ring in her ear.

"Yes," Vera answered without even checking Room 15 was always available.

"Good, can you make reservations under Emmett Cullen?" Mr. Cullen asked.

"Yes sir." Vera smiled having a new guests. "Now, will that be on credit?"

Later that Evening

"Hey, my grandmother is planning on coming for lunch this weekend. Do you mind covering for me while she is here?" Vera asked, coming up to her employee, Cathy, while checking the bedroom halls making sure the safety codes were in order.

"Sure, I look forward to seeing her. How is she doing?" Cathy asked.

"She is actually doing well for being ninety-five. She still refers to me as her little namesake." Vera smiled as a slight breeze came through at the mention of her grandmother.

"Any interesting guests coming this weekend?" Cathy asked curiously. They walked past the master bedroom opened with the fresh smell of roses coming through the hallway, despite the fact there wasn't a fresh flower or sign of scented candle in sight.

"I think we have ghosts' hunters!" Vera whispered casually, shying away from the bedroom.

"What makes you so sure?" Cathy asked suspiciously.

"They especially want Room 15," Vera answered as they both became silent. They opened the door to Room 15 to see that it had already been clean and ready for their guest.