An Epilogue to appease your aching hearts.

An hour later…

Dash sat in the emergency room with a brand new splint on his arm. The one window that the room had was letting in the light from the sunset, and he could feel its warmth on his legs. He couldn't feel much pain, and he wouldn't have known he was hurt if Mrs. Fenton hadn't told his mom to call an ambulance. They'd wheeled him in, offered him food and drink, games and TV, they would've let him have anything he'd asked for. It was all for being so brave and fighting off the ghost kid; making the sacrifice, even if it meant having a sprained wrist. Ooh, that's a harsh punishment; he smiled to himself as he looked at a cloud that reminded him of a shoe. He had turned away all of their offers, only asking a nurse to open the window. They'd all left, and he'd been able to sit up on the bed and look out of that window.

He sighed and thought of Danny. He wondered what he'd say if he was next to him, holding his uninjured hand and talking. Just talking with him. Would Danny apologize? Would he offer to make it better? Ask him if he wanted anything? Dash thought so. What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction. Dash would've told him that, and Danny would've gotten quiet before Dash interjected with a kiss and a quiet, "You, stupid." Dash would smile, and when Danny pressed his lips to Dash's, Dash would feel Danny smiling, too. He'd never forget Danny's taste—like Twizzlers, only sweeter—because he'd be reminded every day. Everything would be alright, because they'd at least have each other.

Danny regretted his decision to come to school the next day, but there it was. He walked in and was still limping, because he was still sore. He managed to cover up the cuts and the bruises because he still had them, and he managed to find Tucker to be near and he hoped that everyone would ignore him today. The only thing he wanted was to be invisible. He wasn't sure if he could handle Dash; possibly ready to commit a homicide. The child of the people who almost killed his boyfriend was walking around undefended, weak, and unwilling to fight, and if Danny Fenton knew Dash, he would be mad. He walked up to his locker which was the same as how he left it what felt like a thousand years ago and began to turn the dial and put in the combination, ready to accept, once again, the monotony that was high school. He almost didn't flinch when he suddenly felt the air grow still behind him. That horrible shiver ran down his spine, and he looked up then spun around. Dash.

"Dash, please, I—"

"Hey," he said quietly. Danny couldn't help but notice the wrapping around his arm and the small twinge of guilt that came with it as he said this.

"…hey," Danny repeated back. He opened his mouth to say something else, but Dash stopped him.

"Wait. Me first." He paused. "I… I'm really no good at this kind of thing, so I'm gonna do it like they do in the movies. Fenton, I'm sorry."


"I've done a lot of shitty things to you. I've been a terrible person to you and I really had no basis for it. I would take out my anger on you and I wouldn't even see how childish it was. When we have no one to hate, we hate ourselves. So, I did terrible things, because I didn't want to feel that. Yet, in this week alone, I've…" he put his hand over his mouth for a second. "I've been through some things. I've done some growing up. In this week, I went up then down then up and up and up, then down, then higher than any drug could ever put me—" his smile fell. "Then down again. I gained and lost everything and I took it for granted. So, this is me," he sighed. "I've lost everything, and only after that are you really free to do anything. I don't expect us to hang out or anything; I know that. It's just… you don't have to worry about me beating you up anymore. I think it was this week that I realized that neither of us deserve that. So, here."

Danny looked down and saw that Dash had his hand extended. Danny looked at it, and when he saw Dash's expression and honest smile, he took Dash's hand, and shook it. That same smile that he used to look at Danny with before he kissed him; the smile that couldn't be faked.

"Friends?" the word sounded strange on Dash's lips; like pineapple bubble gum or tie-dyed cookies. Sweet and strange.

Danny tasted this sweetness in the air, and as his mind began to reel, he couldn't help but smile. "Definitely."