Nick is sitting at his desk his dad runs up the stairs and over to him "Hey have ya'll finished recording the songs yet"

Nick looks at him "Songs ? Recording ?"

His dad runs over beside him "The songs that are due at the end of the week"

Nick gives him a look "You have to be kidding me" he stands up grabbing the back of his head "Ahhhhh… I forgot all about that between being sick and having all this work to make up from school"

Joe runs over "Hey Nick calm down"

Nick looks at him "I cant calm down I have to come up with twelve new songs and we have to record and lay down a track before the end of the week or we don't go on tour"

Joe looks at him "Well get on it man"

Nick looks at him "I am" he walks away

The scenes run through Nick at his desk and the scene flips to what he's doing at different times

Joe and Kevin yell out goodnight after a while as he's still sitting at his desk

Nick doesn't even look up from his desk "Goodnight"

Kevin looks at him "don't stay up to late"

Nick still looking down "Got it"

The scenes flip threw the night the scene changes from nick at his desk to him walking around strumming his guitar around 5:30 he finally puts his guitar back in his case and turns his lamp of over his desk he looks at a paper sleepy eyed "Well it took me all night but I got two songs down and ready to record" he gets up and walks over to his bed "and now" he falls down on his bed and pulls a pillow under his head still wearing his shirt and jeans from the day before "it's time for sleep" he closes his eyes a few minutes later the his alarm clock goes off a few minutes later Nick looks annoyed at the clock that reads 6:15 he turns over facing away from it

The scene changes to the next day at school Kevin and Joe are standing at their lockers Nick has his head leaned up against his

Kevin looks at him "How much sleep did you get last night ?"

Nick thinks about it for a second "Oh about 45 minutes worth"

Joe looks at him "I told you not to stay up so late you are still in the recovering process from your cold"

Nick looks at him "Don't worry I'll be fine" he try's to lean up from his locker then falls back against it Joe and Kevin look at him "Ok so I had a lapse of energy that doesn't mean anything can you two just help me to class"

Kevin and Joe grab a side and help him towards his class