The scene changes to the next morning Nick is slumped against the back of a chair Joe comes up with some sun glasses Kevin pulls Nick up Joe looks at him as he puts the sunglasses on his closed eyes and puts his jacket on him "Ok come on Nick you have to wake up the people for the interview will be here any minute" he puts a tie around Nicks neck

Stella comes walking threw the front door and looks at Nick "Hey guys what's up ?"

Joe and Kevin look at her and Macy who has walked in as they let go off Nick who falls to the ground

Nick hit's the ground and lets out a groan "Owww…"

Stella and Macy look down at Nick then Stella looks up at Joe and Kevin who look up from where they had been looking at Nick "Is anything wrong ?" she looks at them skeptical

Kevin looks at her "No" she looks at him more making him nervous "Yes" he says in a high shaky voice

Joe looks at him "KEVIN !!"

Kevin looks at him then points towards Stella who is still staring at them "How do you lie to that ?"

Joe looks at her "We need help he keeps falling asleep"

Stella looks at them "Do I have to say I told you so ?"

Joe looks at her "Ok I'm sorry we didn't listen to you but what do we do about this ?" he points to the floor at Nick

Stella looks at Macy then back at the guys "Hey do ya'll still have that voice amplifier ?"

Joe looks at her "Yea why ?"

Stella looks at him "Can ya'll go help Nick out of his suit I have an idea come on Macy"

The scene changes to Macy and Stella at Nicks chair putting stuffing into his suit Stella looks at Macy " Haha…I am genies"

Macy looks at her "Are you sure this will work ?"

Stella looks at her "I'm sure all you have to do is be his hands the only loss is he lost his favorite suit which I will probley get killed for later" she continues to sew an arm sleeve to the chair

Joe and Kevin come out of the bathroom dragging Nick who is wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt they walk over to Stella "Where do you want this ?" they motion to Nick

Stella looks to a chair and a sling that is set at the tip of his chair with a small pillow on it "Just put him in that chair and lay his head on the sling and put some sun glasses on him"

Joe looks at her as Kevin puts the glasses on "Are you sure about this I mean this is a famous critic if we blow this then we wont be able to go on tour and all Nicks hard work will have been for nothing"

Stella looks at him "I'm sure now look Macys going to be his arms and I have the voice amplifier to make my voice sound deeper"

Joe looks at her "Ok well here are the questions he'll be asking" he hands her some note cards

Stella flips threw the cards "doesn't seem that complexed"

The scene switch's to later in the interview Joe and Kevin are talking to the interviewer Nick starts to wake up to see the interviewer "Oh my gosh" he looks down to the fact that he is sitting behind his chair and sees Macy and Stella sitting on the floor "Uh excuse me can I see my brothers in the kitchen for a minute"

Joe looks at him knowing good and well Nicks mad "But Nick were right in the middle of an interview"

Nick looks back at him "NOW !!"

Kevin looks at him "Ok"

They get up followed by Stella and Macy and walk downstairs