The Santa Clause Fanfic: An Elf, a Girl, and a Workshop

Author's Note: Some of you may recognize this story, slightly retitled, from several years ago. I pulled it down last year because not only had I lost the desire to complete it, but the writing was just getting so horrible. I became so caught up in trying to get my friends involved that I lost the spirit of the story.

Now, with several more years of maturity under my belt, I feel it is time to start again. I only hope the heart of the story that I began with can once again grow within it.

I hope you enjoy the story, if anyone does read it, and that it can cause the same laughter and joy the original did.

WARNING: This is a self-insert fic, spawned from some humourous ideas I had in high school. If you're not a fan of self-inserts, and don't have an open mind about them… don't read it. It's that simple.


Disclaimer: I do not own The Santa Clause or anything affiliated with it. I only own myself.

Chapter One: Blizzards and Christmas Wishes

The snow fell heavily outside the windows at High Dale Secondary School, creating a white curtain across the land. On the third floor, in a classroom at the end of the hall, was a grade eleven English class. Each of the 23 students appeared to be incredibly bored, and the teacher was doing nothing to help their boredom. In fact, the teacher seemed equally as bored as her students. It was the day before the Christmas holidays, which meant that school was finished as of lunchtime. The problem, was that this year, the school board had decided to try and cram all four classes into the time slot of two periods, making none of the classes long enough to actually teach anything.

Near the back of the classroom, a blonde-haired, blue eyed girl, wearing a bright red sweater and flared blue jeans kept tapping her pen to a beat only she could hear in her head. Every now and then she would glance at the clock, sigh in disdain, and go back to tapping her pen.

Still another ten minutes to go. It always seemed as if the last ten minutes of class before school let out for the holidays dragged on forever.

Tap tap… tap tap… Another glance out the window and the snow was swirling and rushing past, creating a white fog outside. Walking downtown to the mall was going to take forever.

After what seemed like another several hours, the bell finally rang. In an instant the whole class had leapt from their seats and bolted for the door, trying to squeeze through it in one giant cluster.

The teacher was shouting something about remembering a holiday assignment, but of course no one was listening. Everyone just wanted to get out of the room.

Once out in the hallway, the blonde haired girl moved as quickly as she could through the crowd of people, towards her locker by the main stairwell.

"Hey Tabs! Are you going to the talent show?" a brown-haired girl called out, pushing through to the locker beside the blonde.

Tabs smiled and shook her head. "Nah… I've got some Christmas shopping to finish up. Wanna get to the mall before the crowds hit."

The brown haired girl pouted. "But then I'll have no-one to go with!"

"Don't be silly, Sam…you've got all of our other friends going!" Tabs replied with an eye roll.

"Yes," Sam agreed, "However, none of our friends understand the true art of sarcasm, nor do they enjoy mocking the acts in the same way that you do."

Tabs snorted. "Not true, Maddy likes to do that to."

Sam stared at her, a deadpan expression. "Ha ha. You know as well as I do that Maddy couldn't be funny if her life depended on it. Just pllleeeeaaasssseeee come!" She begged her friend, tugging on Tabs' sleeve.

"Sorry, Sam. But trust me, you'll have fun."

She shoved her books in her locker, and pulled out her coat. "Merry Christmas, Sam." After giving her friend a quick hug, she zipped up the coat, pulled out her other winter gear, and locked the locker.

Flashing one final grin at her dejected looking friend, Tabs took off into the stairwell and out the door.

Outside, the snow was falling heavily, adding to the already knee-deep piles on the ground.

Tabs giggled, and began spinning around and jumping, ignoring the estranged looks from the kids smoking out front of the school. Christmas had always been her favourite time of year, and the snow just added to it. Although the walk in the snow wasn't looking too appealing, Tabs decided instead to focus on only the positives. It was less than a week until Christmas, and after she finished her shopping, she would be spending the evening in fuzzy pajama's and slippers, in front of the fireplace, watching her favourite Christmas movies.

With a bounce and a skip, she began her journey downtown.

"Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock!" she sang as she trudged through the snow banks, and down the side of the road through the industrial district. She paused when she reached the railroad tracks and contemplated, whether the hike downtown would be faster by taking the abandoned tracks, or sticking to the road.

Continuing to hum, she glanced around, and then decided to go through the tracks.

She trudged on, singing Christmas songs, and daydreaming about anything she could think of, not paying attention to her surroundings.

It wasn't until her third round of 'Rudolph' that she paused, and realized that she could not tell where she was at all. Everything was white, snow was swirling, and the railroad tracks had disappeared beneath the snow.

In fact, as far as Tabs could tell, there was absolutely nothing around her but snow, which was of course, completely illogical.

"HELLO?!" She called. "ANYONE AROUND?"

The temperature seemed to be dropping rather quickly, and though it was only mid-afternoon, it was getting dark quickly.

Tabs had no idea where she was, and wasn't exactly sure what to do. She knew that wandering around could be dangerous, but at the same time, if she stayed exactly where she was, she would freeze to death.

She shivered, and wrapped her arms around herself.

"If only life were like the movies… the elves from Santa Claus: The Movie, would come out and find me here, and show me their wonderful world," she sighed wistfully.

As it got dark around her, she decided to do the brave thing and start trudging forward. The cold was starting to seep through her clothes, and she swore her feet were going numb. Her body began to shake and breathing was becoming harder and harder. Then, as she tripped and stumbled, her face hit the snow, and everything went black.