Sequel to Out of the Frozen Alley. MalikxMariku, read Out of the Frozen Alley for a better understanding of this fic. Actually, this chapter will make no sense until you read the first part. Originally the first story was intended to be a one-shot, but because of multiple requests I started writing this one.

This chapter is fairly short, but I'm just trying to show the after-rape shock. The plot should start coming out within the next chapter, which I'll hopefully have out rather quickly.

Warnings: rape, yaoi, mature content

Tan and nimble fingers stroked the shaking body of a small Egyptian. His face was ruddy, cheeks covered in drying tears. The boy dry-heaved every time the fingers stroked his back, his hair, any part of his body. He just wanted to leave the terror of his nightmare, and return to the life that he knew before, the life he was experiencing less than three hours ago. But no, that voice. That voice, that touch, that smell, it haunted his senses, never disappearing.

"Shh little Malik. No use crying anymore, you are mine. Mine, mine mine." The voice droned on in a hypnotic fashion.

Malik closed his eyes tightly, trying to prevent a fresh downfall of tears to spoil his cheeks. It was painful, it was painful to hear, to feel, and it was even more painful to move. His entire body ached terribly in pain, and a mixture of blood and semen was trickling out of his abused entrance. He had tried twisting out of Mariku's grasp, but the older Egyptian had made sure to bind the smaller one, so there was no chance of his escape.

Malik pulled at his binds in futile attempt. His mind wandered, worried and upset. Why wasn't this Mariku person going to let him go? What would Isis and Rishid do when they discovered that he was gone? What was going to happen to him?

Before Malik could think anymore, the weight on the other side of the bed lifted, and a thick comforter was laid over his naked body.

"I'll be back my Malik-Tenshi." Mariku's voice purred in Malik's ear. Malik refused to look to the source of the voice, and vaguely noticed that Mariku had left the bedroom. A door quickly slammed shut somewhere in the apartment, accompanied with the sounds of locks being turned. Malik glanced up, and looked around. His body screamed in anguish as he pulled himself into a sitting position, his wrists bound awkwardly behind his back. Every movement he made burned like fire in his blood. It was so painful, everything, so incredibly painful.

Malik did not like the pain, it reminded him far too much of his past. The past that had scarred Malik so terribly. Was this the young teen's punishment for killing his mother? No... That couldn't be it. Isis told him that that death in childbirth was natural. She even got Rishid to stop saying that it was Malik's fault. But then why? Why was this happening to him. What did he ever do wrong? He was a normal seventeen year old. Maybe he did disobey Isis about traveling through this part of town, and maybe it was his fault that his cell was taken away. But... He was seventeen years old, and it was normal for teens to disobey authority figures. And disobeying Isis like that was probably the worst thing he had ever done... And the gods were punishing him for that?

The pain in Malik's backside became too overwhelming to handle, so he laid back upon the soiled bed. His thoughts were growing wild. He kept trying to assure himself that this was not his fault in any way. But he knew, somewhere, at some point, he must have done something wrong to deserve this type of punishment. His violet eyes flickered open, deciding to look around the small room one more time, in hope to find something that could help him escape.

The walls of the room were a dirty off white color, with pieces of the paint peeling off in the far corners of the room. There was one window, which allowed a small flicker of light to enter the room. The window was placed at an oddly high height, a height that would be nearly impossible for Malik to access, especially in his current physical state. The rest of the room consisted of a small wooden dresser, and the bed that Malik was currently laying upon.

It was pointless for Malik to even think of escaping at this point. He was pretty sure that his captor wasn't going to let him go, or at least hold him for ransom. But he wanted to leave. He was desperate to leave this place that created and creating his worse nightmare.

"Ughh!" Malik moaned as he twisted awkwardly on his back, the pain shooting up from his arse all the way to his neck. Strands of golden hair fell into his face, giving Malik the look of utter helplessness. "I-I hate this" he choked out, a fresh waterfall of tears descending upon his face. "I want to go home!" he silently screamed, his voice unable to produce much more than a whisper.

Unbeknown to the whimpering Egyptian, Mariku had been watching Malik ever since his departure'.

"Lovely" Mariku smirked to himself. "So. Beautiful. He grew up more wonderfully than I could have ever imagined."

Mariku frowned when he noticed that he forgotten to pick up his blade that he had thrown carelessly to the floor during their wild escapade. Grumbling, Mariku returned to the room, grinning at the small Egyptian.

Malik's eyes widened as he watched, the now fully-clothed, Mariku re-enter the bedroom, growing closer, so much closer to his trembling body.

"N-no!" Malik shook as Mariku bent down next to him. Thoughts of rape and more pain swept through his mind, blocking all of his rational thoughts. But Mariku just stood back up from next to the bed, twirling the blade within his fingers. Malik looked at the wicked blade and the emotion of hate filled his mind.

"Let me go you fucking pervert!" Malik screamed hoarsely, sitting back up on the bed, trying to appear as menacing as the bound teen could possibly appear. He growled, showing off his clenched teeth, that gave the appearance that he could bite Mariku's limbs off at any moment. Beads of sweat gathered at the rim of his forehead, the tension and hatred showing physically on Malik's body.

Mariku's eyes reviewed the teen as he quirked an eyebrow. "And I thought you had given up" he leered, a simple sneer growing on the tan man's face. "This means we get to have more fun with my little friend here tonight." Mariku flipped the blade in front of Malik's determined face, showing him his 'friend' again.

Malik wavered slightly, disturbed by the sight of the blade. The older Egyptian frowned at Malik's lack of verbal response.

"Well?!" Mariku yelled, wrapping his fingers around the boy's slender throat, "What do you have to say about that now?!"

Malik choked, gasping for breath as the fingers wound around his neck more tightly, bruising the tan flesh. Shaking his head vigorously, as to give an answer and to escape the grasp. As soon as the fingers loosened, Malik latched his teeth on the offending hand.

Mariku drew in a deep breath, smirking at the teen whose mouth was drawing blood from his hand. "Mmm" He breathed, and rather than being turned off by the pain, emotions of pleasure stimulated his groin.

"You want to do this again so soon?" Mariku licked his lips staring at the naked teen.

Malik's breath hitched as he slowly removed his mouth from the bleeding flesh. He quivered slightly, and looked away from his captor. Mariku just grinned and pet the golden hair on the teen's head.

"So beautiful. So very beautiful. And all mine.. mine, mine mine." Mariku purred hypnotically.

"W-why are you doing this to me?" Malik choked out, fighting tears from falling.

Mariku just grinned at this statement and let his hand slide off Malik's head. "You belong to me Malik. You always have and always will." He cupped the young teen's chin in his hand and pulled Malik's face to meet his own. "Get used to it Malik, because this is your life now. Don't fight it. Love it. Lust for it. Lose your senses, and listen only to my voice, because I am your master, your savior, your god."

"No!" Malik screamed, pulling his face away. "You don't own me! You can never own me! You are a monster, a freak! I will never think of you as anymore than that!"

"Wrong answer" Mariku sneered, slapping the face of the teen, bruising the flesh on contact. Mariku flipped out his knife and pushed Malik down on the bed and began carving characters into his chest, ignoring Malik's desperate screams and pleas for him to stop. Tears flowed down Malik's cheeks, falling down to his chest and stinging the open wounds.

"Stop thrashing!" Mariku growled, holding the teen down by his neck. "The more you struggle the worse this is going to be!" The older Egyptian's hands and arms were drenched in the younger's blood, gleaming in the little bit of light that was shining from the window. The pain was intense for Malik. The combination of the pain from earlier, and now this, pushed Malik over the edge. With one final scream, his head fell backwards and he passed out into an unrestful unconciousness.

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