Chapter 3 of Freezing Heat.

Malik has been kidnaped, and is trying to survive in the hands of his captor.

Mariku (Yami Marik) X Malik (Hikari Marik)

Rated M for rape and such


Malik sat silently, concentrating on each breath of air he inhaled and exhaled out of his body. Minutes ticked by before either of the teens spoke to one another. But how could they speak to one another? There was already a mutual understanding that both the teens were in a situation that they greatly desired to be out of. Both were abused, lost, and confused. What words could describe the emotions that were running quickly through them, emotions that were so familiar and unfamiliar to them at the same time.

The pale teen called Ryou was curled up. His knees were tucked in close to his chest, and his head rested upon the bend, white hair cascading past his calves. He was dressed in a simple beige sweater, that was ripped and soiled in many places, and a thin pair of faded blue jeans.

"Malik." the pale teen finally spoke in a muffled voice, his face still hidden in his knees. Malik glanced up at the other teen, his eyes covered by blonde strands of hair.

"Y-yes?" Malik stuttered, as he clenched his arms around his chest, hissing at the pain it caused.

"I... I..." Ryou mumbled, his voice filled with anguish and anxiety. "I can't believed he marked you as his already..."

"Marked me?" Malik fingered the bandages on his chest. Fear and anger invaded his senses, pooling from the tip of his head and pouring down into his limbs, burning like boiling water. "That fucktard doesn't own me..." Malik shuddered, his voice a low growl, "I will never ever be his."

"But.." Ryou mumbled, as he uncurled from his fetal position. "Y-you can't fight it. He's your master now. It's better not to fight." Ryou shook his head, his hair matting at his forehead, where a thin layer of sweat had appeared.

"How can I not fight this?!" Malik practically screamed, ripping the bandages away from his chest, pulling open the wounds. Crimson colored blood flowed from his chest, staining his just cleaned body. The coppery smell of the fluid filled the air like a thick cloud of perfume.

Malik whimpered at the pain, but his body concentrated on his anger and frustration rather than the pain that was caused by the removal of the bandages. "He took my virginity, he raped me!" Tears filled the Egyptian's lilac colored eyes, sparkling as the fell down his cheek.

"No.. No..." Malik shook and whimpered, his head beginning to grow hazy from the loss of blood. His mind was felt as if he was traveling through thick cotton blankets and wool coats, impairing his vision, and obstructing his thoughts. "He can't touch me anymore, no more touch!" The tan teen was growing more hysterical with every passing second.

"Isis! Rishid!" He called out for his sister and brother in growing desperation and hysteria. "No! No! No!"

The sight of Malik's hysteria did not frighten the other teen who shared his cage. Ryou carefully crawled over to the tan teen and placed one hand on his shoulder rubbing it while using his other hand to pick up the bandages from the ground.

"Don't touch me!" Malik screamed, weakly slapping Ryou across the face. A light pink handprint rose on the pale teen's cheek, stinging lightly. But Ryou ignored the pain, he was used to so much worse. He returned to rubbing Malik's shoulders, and whispering nonsensical words in his ears in an attempt to calm the other down.

Slowly, Malik slumped over, and rested his head upon Ryou's shoulder, the pure image of defeat. Ryou, laid Malik back so that he could re-wind the bandages around the Egyptian's chest.

Soon, the pale teen's hands and arms were sticky with blood, but he had managed to stop the bleeding from the tan one's chest. Malik looked at Ryou with a wanton expression upon his face, his lips parted and his eyes half open. "Why?" he whispered, tears running down his eyes, "why me?"

Ryou shook his head and pushed the hair out of Malik's eyes. "I don't know." he finally answered with a sigh. Malik whined at his answer, and pulled off of Ryou's body and laying upon the bed. He stared at the iron bars, vaguely wishing he had some sort of heat vision to melt away the metal and escape from this nightmare.

If only it was a night terror, Malik wished. If only it was something that he would wake up from. The bruises would fade, the pain would subside, his virginity re-intact. He wouldn't be in this hell hole, it would just be a memory, a memory that would fade in time. And if it didn't? Therapy would help. Therapy always helped a bit, at least medicine did. But then he would be with his siblings again. When he woke up, he would lie in his bed and take comfort in the scent of Isis's laundry detergent, which always had a hint of lavender and peppermint to it. Peppermint for the holiday. Despite the fact that they were Muslim, Isis and Rishid thought it fun to celebrate the Christmas holiday for some odd reason. But Malik never complained, he enjoyed the day of getting extra presents. It was even better than Eid, despite Christmas was some holiday about the birth of a god. Or was it the death? Malik could never remember, he honestly didn't care, he could always just ask Isis, or Rishid. Rishid seemed really excited about it this year, for some odd reason. That man usually just drank away his problems, or grumble about every little thing... But lately he had been pleasant, perhaps Isis had drugged him or something... Isis...

The beautiful daydream that Malik created, evaporated from his mind as the iron bars became clear in his hazy vision. "Isis" he spoke aloud. What was his sister doing now. He should have been home at least 5 or so hours ago. Depending on how long he had been here. Malik lifted his hand towards the bars of his prison, brushing against the freezing metal.

"They are real..." Ryou broke the silence that had been created when Malik left in his daydream. "I don't think that they can break either, they are quite heavy and solid."

Ryou's eyes drooped as he looked around, before the chocolate orbs settled on Malik's back.

"What did you m-mean before, that h-he marked me?" Malik asked in an hushed voice, his head still facing the iron bars.

"I meant what I said. He possesses you now." Ryou replied in an emotionless voice, as if trying to avoid saying anything else.

Malik blinked in confusion, "But... what d-does that mean? How... do you know?"

Ryou sniffed slightly, and rubbed his eyes. "Bakura... that man from earlier... explained it to me, when... when" emotion returned to Ryou's voice along with salty tears to his eyes, "When he did it to me."

~/oWo\~¥ ~/oWo\~ Flashback~/oWo\~¥ ~/oWo\~

Ryou was laying upon a medical table, naked from the waist up. His hands were tied to the sides of the table with a thin, but strong, metal chain. The pale teen's feet were facing a similar predicament to his hands.

A cackle was heard from behind Ryou's head, echoing throughout the tiny damp space, where the medical table stood.

Ryou shook and trembled, pulling against the chains in a futile effort to become free. "P-please, please Master. I've been good, I've b-been so very good. You told me. P-please don't punish me anymore!" Ryou sobbed, tears flowing down his pale face, staining his cheeks.

Ryou's 'master', Bakura, just smirked at the pale teen's spectacle. He strode over to Ryou's side, brandishing an alarming looking knife.

"This is a kīla." Bakura commented, sliding his finger against the bronzed metal. Ryou's eyes grew wide at the sight of the blade, in fear and in a form of twisted awe. "Generally these were used for more ritualistic and spiritual purposes by shamans and magicians. But", Bakura grinned, showing off his sharp teeth, "today this kīla will be used in... I guess a ritual like practice."

Bakura jumped up onto the table and straddled Ryou's waist. "We need to do this to all of our pets." he spoke informatively, "so you aren't being punished Ryou. If you were being punished I wouldn't have placed pain killers into your meal earlier." The silver-haired demon tapped Ryou's chest, "hopefully the numbing has started to kick in by now..."

With a wicked grin, Bakura bent over and began cutting into Ryou's chest with the bronze kīla. "First I need to write my name in hieroglyphs. I finally get to show that you belong to me. This is much more effective than just your father's word" he explained as he began marking the flesh with different characters.

Ryou winced and closed his eyes tightly. Thankfully he did not feel much, except for stinging sensation from the blade.

Bakura finished writing his name, and grabbed a towel from his back pocket to wipe away the blood from his knife, and from the pale teen's chest. Chucking the towel to the other side of the room, the silver-haired man went back to carving more hieroglyphs into Ryou's chest.

"These here are just to make sure that just in case you ever escape, which I know will never happen (but its required), that you will be returned to the proper authorities, and then back to me."

Stopping for a moment, Bakura admired his work before continuing. "These here are to show that you belong to me. This is the only part of this that is ritualistic. Its an ancient Egyptian phrase that denotes you as a slave, as my slave. And then I finally finish up with your name. Luckily I like your name Ryou, or else I would a new name on here."

Licking his lips, Bakura sat up from Ryou's chest, and pet the trembling face of his victim. A small chuckle came from his throat, growing louder and louder. "You've been a pretty good boy today Ryou. Good thing I didn't have to punish you during this. But I know you love those punishments... Tonight I think we will have lots of fun." the silver-haired man gripped tightly onto Ryou's thick locks of white hair, and pulled his face close till their nose were touching. He kissed the teen's lips before whispering, "Lots of good old fashioned fun"

~/oWo\~¥ ~/oWo\~ End Flashback~/oWo\~¥ ~/oWo\~

"After that." Ryou sighed softly, "I gave up all hope of escaping. As soon as those character's were on my chest, I knew. I knew that I belonged to him. I don't talk back anymore, I don't fight. What's the point? It just results in pain, and I like when master is happy. Master is always nicer when he is happy. Loving master is so much easier. Well..." Ryou paused, "I'm learning to love him. But according to him I'm still like a puppy, I still need training and a leash and collar to make sure I don't leave. But its not like I can leave. If I left, I'm still tagged, I'm nothing without him. I couldn't live... without him."

Malik glared at Ryou in a mixture of disgust and sadness. His hands clenched the comforter that lay beneath him, and his brow was furrowed in anger.

"What the fucking hell do you mean that you can't live without him?!" Malik practically screamed into Ryou's ear. "I'm no fucking wimp. I refuse to let a stupid marking on my chest say that that pervert owns me! I am my own person. I am Malik Ishtar... That fucker can never take that away from me!"

Ryou shook his head sadly. "You think you are in pain now? It gets worse. Just wait. Just wait until you feel like your body has been split in two, and your mind cannot even remember how to breathe. You will know then..."

Ryou uncharacteristically scowled at Malik. "Even if you escape, where do you think you will go? You are a marked man now... And then when you go back to Master's friend, he will either kill you or make your life a living hell. Do you know how much the human mind and body can handle?! It doesn't take much for it all to go away. So give up now while you have a bit of sanity left in you."

Ryou looked again at Malik before bursting into tears. He curled back up into a fetal position, and rocked back and forth.

"Forget, forget." The pale teen chanted to himself, "I don't want to remember. Master is everything, master is my everything, my life, my breath."

~/oWo\~¥ ~/oWo\~ ~/oWo\~¥ ~/oWo\~

After Ryou's rant, Malik had fallen asleep, sleep being the only thing that was helping his mind cope with the situation. As he slept, Bakura had taken the half-hysterical Ryou away, to wherever they were living, much to Malik's delight. He did not want to see the results of torture, and the future image of what he might become.

The young Egyptian's mind was torn. He didn't know what to think anymore. Isis always told him not to be stressed, or he might relapse into what he was. So his mind slept, trying to solve these problems in his unconscious state of mind. It was not the most effective way to deal with problems, but for now, it was much easier.

A rough grip shaking his shoulder finally awoke the tan teen. Malik lazily opened his eyes, half-expecting Rishid to be there waking him up for school. But instead of the face of the familiar, frowning brother, Malik was greeted with the wickedly grinning face of his captor.

"No..." Malik breathed, his mind and body slowly waking up, "D-don't touch me..."

But the older Egyptian ignored the younger one's pleas, and pulled the teen out of the cage, and scooped Malik into Mariku's muscular arms.

Mariku held onto Malik tightly as he carried him from the dismal bedroom, into a brighter dining area. The sun shone brightly through the dusty windows that lined the corner of the ceiling and wall, lighting up the room in an almost 'cheery' fashion.

Malik was deposited on the dirty tile floor, and a tight collar was fastened around his neck with a chain that locked it to the leg of the kitchen table. A bowl of dog food was placed on the floor, along with a bowl filled with water.

"Eat up pet" Mariku grinned, pushing Malik's face into the bowl of dog food, "I know you must be hungry."

Malik choked and sputtered, pulling away from the floor. But he was unable to go very far, the collar and chain wouldn't allow it.

"No way in hell!" Malik screamed, his mind still hazed from sleep. Malik knocked over the bowl of food and water dish onto the grime covered floor.

Mariku grabbed Malik tightly by the waist, and began smacking his arse with brute force. Malik screamed at Mariku to stop because of the pain and humiliation of being treated like a dog/child. After the seventh or so blow to Malik's stinging ass, Mariku grinned wickedly and stopped, letting Malik crumple to the floor.

"That was your breakfast kitten. Since you so rudely turned it away, thats all there is to eat for today and tomorrow."

Malik stared at the food on the floor dismally. There was no way that Malik would demote himself so low that he would eat dog food. But, he thought, as his stomach grumbled, how would he survive? He felt so humiliated, so embarrassed by the situation. Malik was no pet, he was nobodies fuck toy. But what could he do... What was there to do? How could he fight this man, this pervert, this pedophile?! Glancing back at the dog food, Malik growled. He could last a day or two without food. This was no worse than the time Isis went out of town and Rishid forgot to buy food to feed him. This, Malik could do... He could fight this... He wouldn't be broken, he would break the man who called himself Mariku.

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