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He hated the tears that ran down her extremely, and cold face. If he could, he would have kissed it away…but he couldn't. Not anymore. He wasn't hers, he was somebody else's, and she had to accept that fact.

She hated crying, she never cried. So why did it hurt her so much now this was happening? A simple warning before he went to go do so would have made her heart lighten at the fact that he was going to be with her from now on would have been better.

As she casted her eyes away from the ones that hurt her the most as of right now, he nodded curtly as he left, without saying a goodbye.

Like always.

If you were to look at the beginning of their relationship together, it was great. Always he would comfort her, they were best friends. Always laughing around each other, a simple glance as a smirk arose on both of the friend's faces as they turned away and knew what they were going to do for the day. Escaping from work to go hang out with each other…it was great.

All great, until…

She decided to come back into his life again.

After that, he tried his best, she knew it too, but he would always disappear, without saying a goodbye and when he did come back, he wouldn't even come by to say hello until months later he knew she had gotten over the fact that he did it again and then he would leave without a goodbye.

She sighed at how cruel life was, but that was life.

Her feelings, they were hurt at that, because she had fallen in love, and she couldn't help it. Even though she was dead, it still hurt her, the dead weren't supposed to have feelings, but she couldn't help it if she was human. After all, they died and got born the same way.

A walk through the gardens would help ease her mind, for sure, like it always did when he left without a goodbye.

She remembered all he had said.

"Hey, you're back!" Her blood pulsing with excitement as he gave her a weak nod and gesture of hello with the wave of his hand, she walked over hurriedly to him, to hug him like the good old days, but when she got closer, she could see that something was wrong…terribly wrong. He fidgeted around as he neared her, the tiny piece of paper crumpling in his hand as he sweated nervously, how could he break it gently?

"Hey, yeah…I guess so." He muttered and saw her standing right in front of him and inspecting his dark face as he looked away from her, she looked so cute, innocent, no one deserved to break her heart.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked as he took her hand without saying anything, he saw that she was turning bright pink and tensed up, he could feel her blood tingling throughout her body, he would have been happy that he could make her this way, but he couldn't. He curled his fingers around hers and opened up his palm, cold sweat beading themselves in his hair as he didn't dare look up to see her face. He opened her small palm and dropped the paper inside, the crumpled one. He couldn't dare look at the face that had once been so bright, come crashing down into dark depression as she saw the crumpled paper.

"I'm with Momo now, we can't." He replied and looked up to see her blink a few times as she snatched her fisted hand so fast from his grasp and dropped the paper in her hand.

"I see, so she's more important." That reply stunned him, it wasn't like that…it wasn't that…it was simply that, Momo needed him right now.

"Rukia, it isn't like that it's…" He stopped as Rukia raised her pale small hand and patted his shoulder and he finally looked up to see her face, tears brimming over the lower lids of her eyes, cold, salty and clear liquid ran down her face. Her porcelain face was scarred with pink on her cheeks and she was smiling, though he knew the smile wasn't real. She quickly wiped the liquid away but more spilled down her cheeks as she wiped the first batch away.

"It's…fine, just go be happy, with Momo, I'm pretty sure she'll make you happy." He sighed as he tried to speak but Rukia squeezed his shoulder and dropped her hand from his shoulder. He then nodded and then left.

Without a goodbye it always seemed.

Like usual.

A walk in the her division court yard did her no good, only more tears brimmed and poured over on her cheeks as she sniffled quietly and wiped them away again only to see one alone tear drop fall down on the grass. She stopped and watched the tear fall and splash against the hard compacted dirt on the ground. She narrowed her eyes and scanned her surroundings, with her pink and stuffy eyes, it hurt, but she didn't care. She saw no one was around; she was glad as she withdrew Sode No Shirayuki and started venting out her anger against the poor trees.

Every swung she brought down against the hard oak tree was her anger, every other one, filled with sadness or anger. She hated it. She hated it.

It took her so long, to finally summon up the courage to say she fell in love with him. No matter how many times he left and come back and then left again without even a proper goodbye like friends would do, he left. She accepted the fact that he had always left her, but it hurt when she finally got to see him again and made a little card. One full of Chappy the rabbit drawings and inside she wrote her feelings. She told him to read it in secret and give it a few days to sink in. She then left in nervousness, not even realizing the pained expression on his face.

As she saw him give her the wadded up paper, one she knew he did to let her know…

He didn't love her.

It hurt her, it really did.

She was the littlest Kuchiki, raised in Rukongai and then her sister had married Byakuya Kuchiki and then years later, she was found and adopted. As she was adopted, elders from the clan, or clan members gathered and whispered dark stories or secrets about her and her older sister. Of course she ignored them, knowing they weren't true, she just had to be ignorant. To be ignorant was bliss.

Tears weren't allowed to be poured, nor emotion, yet she had them anyway. She felt like she was a burden for having such, but she couldn't help it. It's not her fault she had a heart, that she had tear ducts, a mind that could be easily broken and yet so forgiving.

It wasn't exactly Momo's fault, it wasn't his fault, and it was hers.

She was a fool.

She would damn herself, but she learned over the years to keep her composure, neat, clean, calm, and free of any guilt of any kind or regrets. At times she questioned herself, but she couldn't bring herself to answer it and move on with life, she ignored them pointedly.

All to keep her mind from becoming fragile.

Though her cold mind was slowly chipped off because of him, it would freeze back up into something that would be called anger and sadness.

She couldn't overcome it.

Not this time.

She swung down her white blade and it striked the ground and liquid formed out of her eyes as she stuck her ground and held up her body by the hilt of the blade.

Ebony locks covering her face as her face was lowered down in pain and then heard a low chuckle.

"My, my, Rukia, you look down in the dumps." A chilling voice called and Rukia widened her eyes at the voice and her back shot up as she jerked her sword out of the ground and pointed it at the man who was standing right in front of her.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed as he walked towards her, her violet eyes, once crying now sharp and aware of the man standing in front of her.

Sousuke Aizen.

She wondered promptly how he got through the barrier, but she knew that gutted back in her mind, he had the power to do so.

"You should put down the sword; I'm not here to kill you." He responded smoothly with a smile gracing his lips and Rukia narrowed her eyes.

"If I put down this sword, you might kill me." Rukia said angrily, teeth clashing together from anger.

"I am not stupid enough to do that, that would be simply too easy. Wouldn't you agree Rukia?" Aizen asked as he tilted his head to one side and started walking towards her as she backed up slowly.

"What do you want?" Rukia asked as she fell down and sat on her butt her sword held high in the air and Aizen stopped and looked at Rukia with a smirk.

"I saw what happened between you and him." Aizen said, Rukia widened her eyes and put down her sword slowly.

"Why would you care anyways?" Rukia lashed out and Aizen chuckled.

"Now, now, you don't need to be so mean. It seems like Hitsugaya turned down your feelings." Aizen said knowingly and Rukia let her blade rest by her side as she glared at him.

"And what does that have to do with anything, a few broken hearts in my life doesn't matter." Rukia spat and Aizen chuckled as he knelt right in front of her.

"How about I offer you something?" Aizen said in a sincere tone and Rukia narrowed her eyes.

"I won't take any offers from you." Rukia said sharply as soon as he asked her the question of offering…but right now, in the back of her mind, it sounded tempting.

"How about I take you away from this place? From all of this pain, you can come to Hueco Mundo with me, become an espada, and I'll take good care of you, better than these fools." Aizen said and Rukia gripped some of the grass.

"That doesn't sound promising." Rukia retorted and Aizen held out a hand.

"You want to be with him, yet you can't have him, so if you can't, why not come with me? Yes, you'll have to hurt them in the war, but, it'll be all worth it, besides, I think it would just kill you if you saw him and Momo together being all happy when it could have been you right? Let's face the facts Rukia, he chose her over you. Doesn't that make you angry?" Aizen asked as he smiled and Rukia stammered.

"I-I-I don't care." Rukia stuttered and Aizen stood up and held out his hand.

"You say you don't, but trust me Rukia, it'll be better, you won't ever have to see him and her, he's always leaving you, and don't you hate that? With me and the others, we'll never leave you without a goodbye. So, what do you say?" Aizen asked, his hand still gestured out to her. Rukia swallowed, her mind melting into nothing, she didn't care, she was so angry, she wanted to get away. She wanted to be away from this place. She grabbed Sode No Shirayuki and grabbed his hand and sheathed her sword and Aizen raised a brow.

"So do you accept Rukia Kuchiki?" Aizen asked and Rukia nodded.

"I do, let's get going." Rukia said as Aizen smirked and opened up a garganta, and Rukia looked back, she was leaving this life forever.

She was going to have a new one.

Which she didn't know, would be full of pain, anger, and revenge, she left anyways…

An hour later:

"Captain, there has been…" Matsumoto yelled as she barged into the door and saw Hitsugaya calmly working on his paperwork, his expression blank, and the sun setting was shown through the window.

"Matsumoto, calm down, what is the matter with you?!" Hitsugaya yelled as Matsumoto choked out the words that had been sent via Hell butterfly.

"Yamamoto requested an emergency meeting right now, you are almost late, and lieutenants need to be present!" Matsumoto gasped at her sudden loss of breath, it was urgent, she could tell from the yelling of Yamamoto's voice in the hell butterfly's message as twenty six of them were sent out.

"Why didn't you get here sooner?" Hitsugaya hissed as he was out of his seat and Matsumoto followed him up to the roof as they flash stepped.

"I just got the message!" Matsumoto said as Hitsugaya nodded with a grunt and then they hurriedly made a landing, making dust moan and groan as they were swept away into another place. He had the guards' open the door and he quickly entered in the hall with Matsumoto on his trail. Yamamoto looked at him without even opening his eyes, Hitsugaya saw that everybody was there…except Rukia. He felt upset.

Had he made her depressed?

'Yeah, just because I made her cry doesn't mean she isn't depressed at all.'

He wasn't amused as he saw she wasn't there. In fact, she was the only thing that would lighten his serious mood as he saw her writing on a piece of paper and then throw it at him discreetly as he caught it and pretended to put his hands behind his back and his eyes would trail to the corner to read the note.

"I see you are late Captain Hitsugaya." Yamamoto said, it was tense and everybody looked at Hitsugaya, knowing he wouldn't be late for anything. He bowed quickly and stood up.

"I am sorry; my Lieutenant didn't tell me until just now, I rushed over as quickly as possible Captain Commander." Hitsugaya said as Yamamoto nodded.

"It is alright, but just don't be late again." Yamamoto said as he looked at them all. "This meeting will start official as of now. Ukitake, do you know where your lieutenant, Rukia Kuchiki is?" Yamamoto asked and Hitsugaya raised a brow and all eyes were casted towards Ukitake who had a serious face on, he shook his head no.

"I am sorry master, I do not know where Rukia is, why do you ask? I thought she had left for home already." Ukitake said and Yamamoto nodded.

"As seeing as Ukitake did not notice, we found traces of Aizen's spiritual pressure just moments ago, the spot where Rukia Kuchiki last stood." Yamamoto announced and their eyes flickered open.

"Sir, I do not mean to be rude, but what does this have to do with anything?" Soi Fon asked and Yamamoto opened his eyes.

"Because…as of two hours ago, Rukia Kuchiki has turned her back to her fellow comrades and gone with the traitor Sousuke Aizen, she is now deemed a traitor!" Yamamoto yelled in a fury, he was pissed off. He was pissed off that a lieutenant had run off with Sousuke Aizen and turned their back against them. Everybody was scrambling, Rukia… she had left everybody. Hitsugaya was furious.

"Sir, maybe she was hypnotized by Kyoka Suigetsu to follow him." Hitsugaya spoke out and Yamamoto glared at him.

"Indeed not, there is evidence that she had stood her ground against him, but after a few me more minutes, she had left, and we even felt her spiritual pressure willingly leave with him!" Yamamoto racked out and Hitsugaya was stunned, he looked at Byakuya who had closed his eyes.

"Who could have make Rukia done this?" Matsumoto asked and Hitsugaya remembered all that happened that afternoon, hours before she left.

He remembered the tears that dripped out of her lovely violet eyes, a fake smile set upon her lips, a pat on his shoulder to deem him farewell, saying she was happy, but she wasn't. Pink cheeks due to crying, her porcelain face now seemed to shatter. Her happiness gone due to him choosing Momo over her, how could he have done that?

"I guess she is more important than me." Her words echoed against his mind as anger blew up in his mind, realization setting in.

"It was me; I made her go do it." Hitsugaya announced. A silent wadded paper fell from his hands.

Author's note: I know I made a new story, don't kill me! I left you guys with a cliffie didn't I? Well, too bad, you'll have to figure out what everybody does! Tee hee. Baby, I know, I made you angry, don't worry about it.


"I cannot believe you, you sick…" Renji started and Byakuya stopped him.

"Do not go forth Renji, Captain Hitsugaya; I believe you owe us an explanation."

"I hurt her…I saw her cry…"

"There you go Rukia, you shall meet with us soon, we shall name you the fifth espada."

"I see, call for me for the meeting."

"I shall."