Epilogue: Graduation

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If You Really Knew Me: The notes are everywhere. Pasted around the small apartment she lives in. Her mail box is stuffed with post it notes. It used to be cute. But now, it only shows how little they knew about each other. And how hard he is clinging on to what they have.

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Mitchie took in a deep breath smoothing down her dress.

She looked at herself in the mirror and wiped away a smudge of mascara.

She looked at the gown and cap sitting on her desk.

Nicely folded.

Waiting for her to put them on.

She grabbed them and placed them in her purse.

This was it.

He had managed to do it.

He was going to graduate high school.

He was so thrilled about it.

He actually invited his mother.

He didnt care that she would ream him later.

He was ecstatic.

Graduation had finally come.

The moment he had been waiting years for.

Mitchie looked around as she got situated in her place in line.

The stadium was packed.

She looked into the stands looking at everyone.

It was simply a blur of people.

She lifted up her black gown and made sure her heels weren't getting stuck in the fake grass.

She was at the end of the line.

She was going to be standing for a while.

There were 350 other students in front of her.

She let out a sigh.

And waited.

Shane turned around straining to see Mitchie.

200 people were separating them.

And everyone was wearing the same thing.

So his odds of seeing her before she got up there?


He looked at the administration and mouthed a thank you to Donna.

She smiled and went back to her conversation at hand.

This was it.

Everyone went up one by one.

Getting their diplomas.

Shaking hands.

And smiling big for the camera.

Before Shane knew it there was only one person left before him.

And although he told himself that he wouldnt.

He began to panic.

He had made it this far.

He could do this.

The person before him took their turn.

Already heading for their seats.

Shane's name was called and he headed up.

He took a deep breath and headed up.

He did everything just like everyone else.

Grabbed the rolled up diploma.

Shook hands with the principal.

And stopped to look into the lens of a professional photographer's camera lens.


Instead of making his way over to his seat.

He simply walked off the stage.

And went to the front of the stage.

Sitting with the administration.

And waited.

An hour later the number of students still waiting had dwindled down.

Mitchie had long ago taken off her heels.

She was holding them in her hand as she waited to get up on the stage.

She softly ran her toes through the plastic grass.

Before she knew it her name was called.

And she headed up there.

Shane waited.

Just a few minutes.

He was promised the time after the horrid picture.

And then.

Then he would do it.

They handed her, her diploma.

And she shook the principals hand.

And as she took her picture.

She heard gasps from the crowd.

And she looked away to see someone jumping up on the stage.

Mitchie let out a gasp.

What was going on?

Shane looked out at the crowd of now concerned parents and friends.

He grabbed the microphone off the stand that had been pushed aside.

"Hello everyone."

He smiled a bit to see Mitchie whispering to the principal.

"Im sorry for interrupting the proceedings for the evening. But there was something I simply had to do before the night is over. Actually before this young woman over here walked off the stage."

He gestured to Mitchie.

"Mitchie Torres. Could you come over here for a minute?"

She looked out at the crowd and slowly made her way over to Shane.

He smiled and turned off the microphone.


"What are you doing. I dont even know you. I mean aside from that one little incident at the dance but that is it."



"I do believe you know me a little better than you think."

He smiled softly grabbing her wrist and showing her the back of the snowflake still draped from the chain.

"I want you to think for a minute of someone with the initials S.G."

Mitchie had never noticed the writing on the back of the snowflake before.

She looked down and saw the writing.

I love you.


She looked up at Shane.

"Shane Grey. You. You were the one behind this!"

"The one and only person behind it."

Mitchie softly whispered to him.

"Thank you. For making me feel important. For all these years."

"Ill always make you feel important Mitchie."

She smiled.

Shane turned the microphone back on and while looking at Mitchie spoke into it.

"I have and always will love Mitchie Torres."

Shane smiled and kissed Mitchie.

He had been waiting 12 years for that kiss.

And it was even better than he could have ever imagined.

Shane had given Mitchie 24 gifts.

A note.

A small trinket.


But the 25th gift.

Was the most special.

The 25th gift.

The revealing of the man behind the secret.

The man who loved someone for so long.

Was the gift that would constantly remind Mitchie.

That someone cared.

Someone would always be there for her.

Someone would always love her.