The girl woke in darkness. She was on a platform, high above the ground. However, she had no fear. She was known for her wisdom and quiet (ha) nature back home. Normally though, she would be screaming and running about as if she were a chicken with her head cut off. However, she was not afraid for some strange reason. A voice echoed in her head.

Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end-

"Get the hell out of my head!" She yelled suddenly, breaking the quiet. As the silence was broken, the darkness that was the floor shattered, revealing a lovely glass window. Snow White sat contently, the jolly seven dwarves surrounding her in little bubbles of their own. The girl looked down, her large eyes widening.


She bent down to let her fingers graze over the cool surface, her dirty blonde ponytail falling over her shoulder. Suddenly, a more disruptive, hollowing broke the calm. Something was coming. She got into fighting position (God only knows how she did THAT), preparing for the worst. She looked around, trying to pinpoint the exact location of this disturbance. She was not prepared, however, to have it drop on her from the sky. Another girl landed with a thud on top of the blonde, and sat up, rubbing her brunette locks.

"Oww…" she moaned.

She suddenly noticed the girl she was squishing underneath her. She stood quickly, brushing herself off.

"Uh…sorry." The brunette muttered, then saw the glass. "Whoa…"

The blonde stood, also brushing herself off. She muttered under her breath as she pulled herself back together after the heart attack of her life.

"…get no respect."

There are many worlds, but they share the same sky- one sky, one destiny.

The voices were back. The two girls looked around sketchily, before finally recognizing one another in the smothering darkness.

"MS?" The brunette asked tentatively.

"AF?" The blonde replied.

Upon realizing that the two knew each other from wherever the hell they were from, they did a video game high five greeting, filled with background music and joy. Think Pokémon and you'll understand. The two then looked around warily.

"Where are we?" MS asked.

"I have no idea…are we in a crack dream again?"

MS shrugged and the two began to hunt about the small space they had for any sign of where they were. Suddenly, AF stepped onto Snow White's face, and three platforms arose from nowhere. MS and AF screamed at the same time, AF diving behind MS for cover. Seeing that there was no danger, MS shoved AF away in disgust and approached the pedestals. AF followed close behind.

The pedestals were a deep blue, and had a cartoonish look about them. On the first pedestal sat a wooden wand, a blue flame flickering on the edge. The second held a shovel, shining out into the darkness. The third contained an epic sword of epic proportions, blazing with glory and the promise of god moder game play.

Of course, our two companions were immediately drawn to the items. Af squeed at the wand and rushed over.

"ZOMG! It's on fire!" She snatched it up, and the voice returned.

You have chosen the way of the mage…is that your final answer?

"Yes Regis!" She responded, holding the wand close to her. With a yelp, she was lit on fire…but it stopped hurting almost instantly. She was now on fire, yet made out of water. Oh the joys of mage-hood.

MS was drawn to the second pedestal, grabbing the shovel with reverence. The voice resounded through her head once more.

You have chosen the way of the warrior…is that your final answer?

Now MS had a problem with 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. In Sophomore year, AF had stolen all her smarts you see and all those hard questions made her frustrated.

"Yes, it's my final answer! Now go away Regis!"

She felt herself bend and twist, and suddenly she saw herself reflected in the mirror-like surface of the stained glass. She had turned into a shovel herself!

"Sweet!" She crowed.

Whatever. But now you must give something up…

The two stared at the epic sword, the grinned from ear to ear. They both pointed at the sword at the same time.

"It's gotta go!"

But…but that's the noob sword-

"Fuck Regis! We're not noobs!" Declared AF.

But you've never played the game before-

"Shut up! We can make our own decisions! Haven't you ever heard of transcendentalism?!"…

"Just because you have nice hair, doesn't mean you have a brain! So don't tell us what to do!" MS spazzed.

Whatever. Don't say I didn't warn you…

The voice was gone, and beautiful stained glass stairs appeared, leading up to above. The two girls looked at each other with anticipation. Whatever was going to happen, it was going to be pwnsome.


MS, not sure if you've ever played Kingdom Hearts…REGIS! Lol he puts up with so much shit from me! This fanfiction is being made while going through a walkthrough, so it contains spoilers and maybe hints on how to beat the game! So, just a warning. Oh and there's Disney yaoi. Don't say you weren't warned.