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PDA777: Hello everyone. Welcome to my newest story of Touhou's Super Sonic Love Adventure. This is a story of Sonic entering Gensokyo and having a need for love. So, our hosts for this story will be Sonic and Reimu. And, here they are now!

(The Audience Cheers!)

Sonic: What's up, people!

Reimu: Hi! Nice to be here!

PDA777: So Sonic, this would you be the 4th time you would host these kinds of things, and the most out of anybody. What does that tell you, Sonic?

Sonic: That you must like me a lot to use me so often!

(The Audience laughs)

PDA777: (laughs) That's true! Reimu, how are you doing today!

Reimu: I'm doing very well, thank you! It's so exciting to be in another story.

Sonic: I hope we do well together, Reimu!

Reimu: (sweatdrops) That may not start out that way, Sonic! Remember, you are entering our world, causing some sort of weirdness to happen.

PDA777: Speaking of which, why don't we get on to today's episode preview description. Reimu, I want you to do this since Sonic has done these before!

Reimu: Okay! In today's episode, Sonic is away from his friends and his enemies for a vacation around the world. He discovers the abandoned other world Hakurei Shrine and warps into Gensokyo. The rest, well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Sonic: Let's go, Reimu.

Reimu: Right!

PDA777: Enjoy the Episode!

(The Audience Claps)

Episode 1: Sonic's Entrance to a New World

Our story begins with Sonic the Hedgehog running and enjoying his run around the world. We now hear his story!

Sonic monologues, "Hey everyone, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm the world's fastest hedgehog! Well, after a long while thinking, I decided to leave my friends for a vacation. Because, I just needed some me time. I haven't gotten that sensation since about a couple of years back. And also... because I needed some time away from Amy Rose. She is way too obsessed with me!

"So, my travels have been awesome. Such awesome sites that I haven't seen before/in a long time. The food has been great, the people have been nice, and I got to relax without worrying about any sort of trouble... the major ones anyways."

Our Hero, Sonic was traveling along high speeds, and ends up stopping at an abandoned Shrine. Normally, he would ignore this kind of thing, but something about this shrine was... weird.

"Hmm...something feels...strange about this shrine. I don't know why, but...this is such an interesting place. I better check it out!"

Sonic enters the abandoned shrine, and the inside wasn't exactly pleasant to see.

"Wow, this place sure is dark and dusty. It's hard to see in here even if it is daytime."

He looks around his surroundings. Using a little bit of Chaos Emerald magic, he glows his eyes to look around.

Sonic has the 7 Chaos Emeralds inside his body, so he can use its powers, along with other unique powers, and transform into Super Sonic whenever he wants.

"Wow, this place sure could use a cleanup... of course, it's not like I would live here!"

Suddenly, Sonic spots a border rift!

"WHAT? What in the world is that?"

He approaches it and looks in it.

"It's like...some sort of portal to another world! I'm almost tempted to go it... normally I wouldn't... but, since I do have the 7 Chaos Emeralds with me, it should be no trouble getting back. Besides, I always love to explore unknown worlds; it's what I do best! Chaos... CONTROL!"

Using Chaos Control, Sonic warps into the border rift, and into an alternate dimension!

He looks around, and sees a very weird world, where eyes are everywhere, and the dimension is super weird.

"My goodness... there are so many eyes here. I wonder where I am..."

He walks around and hopes to find something different... but so far, he found nothing out of the ordinary. After 10 minutes of walking, he is starting to get frustrated!

"Awww man...I can't find my way around this place!"

Just as he started to lose hope, he finds a light! The light is blue and it's very bright!

"Finally, something new! Chaos Control!"

He warps into the light, and ends up landing on his butt. He shakes it off and looks around to find a simple home-like structure, with the border behind him gone!

"Now, where am I?"

He walks around the house-like building to see if anyone's home. There should be since the lights are on and the fire in the furnace is on.

"Hello! Is anyone home?"

He waits for a response, but there were none...

"That's weird, no one is home, I think. Maybe somebody is asleep..."

Heading out the area which he came from, he went into the kitchen and bathroom, and bedroom, and found nothing. He headed towards to living room/relaxation area and spots a TV.

"Hey, there's a TV here. Sweet!"

He looks around trying to find a remote, but instead found a sleeping girl in the couch. This girl was small, cute, and horns on her head, and had a gourd in her left hand.

"Oops, didn't realize someone was sleeping!"

But, he approached the girl and found some things unlike a normal little girl.

"(whispering) She's kind of cute. But, why does she have horns? And what is that in her hand! (smells the gourd) Wooo, that smells like beer. Why is a girl, that seems so young, drinking beer? This doesn't make since. Hey, a way out!"

He heads out the shrine and looks out and sees something different than usual!

"WHOA! This place is... beautiful! I never saw the atmosphere be so clean. It feels like I'm still in Mobius...but this place is unique, that's for sure."

He turns around and finds something shocking!

"Hey, so that's a shrine that I was just on... wait a sec, doesn't this shrine seem...familiar!"

He thinks about the stuff that happened earlier!

"WHAT! This shrine is exactly the same shape as the abandoned shrine. How is this possible...what is going on here?"

He heads out and starts walking around.

"What is this world that I just stepped into... speaking of witch, a lot of weird things happened! First, I entered an abandoned shrine, then I found a portal leading to a different world, then I find a girl who has horns and drinks beer, and now, I was on a shrine that was the exact same shape as the abandoned shrine. This place is so different... I love it! I can't wait to see the cool things that happen next!"

As he continues walking, he thinks about something!

"You know, now that I'm away from Amy, I'm starting to think about love! I'm starting to want somebody to be with. I don't know why I'm thinking this... it's weird, but I feel the need of another person to be with. I just saw a drunken girl with horns back there. Perhaps there are girls to meet in this place!"

Sonic then decides on something!

"I need to head back to that shrine, and find out where am I. Perhaps that girl can give me some answers!"

Sonic dashes back to the shrine.

Meanwhile, up in the skies, Reimu Hakurei is seen flying with a bag of food in her hand.

Reimu sighs, "Another usual day of doing the usual stuff I do. Man, I haven't solved an incident since that the stuff involving that Dream Palace place behind that graveyard, and there hasn't been anything exciting going on that I have seen since. As much as I love peace, and I do love peace, I need something to happen!"

Back at the Shrine, Sonic is about to wake up the girl.

Sonic says, "Okay... I don't know if this is such a good idea, but I'm doing it anyways! Hey, little girl, wake up!"

Sonic shakes the girl and see wakes up with a big yawn!

The little girl replies, "Wow, that was a great nap! ... Hi there! Who are you?"

Sonic becomes a bit shocked, but he introduces himself!

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog!"

"I'm Suika, Suika Ibuki!"

"Nice to meet you, Suika!"

Reimu lands on the ground and is about to head into shrine when she hears Suika and another voice speak.

Sonic asks, "An Oni? You're an Oni?"

"That's right!"

Reimu notices, "Huh? Who's that voice that Suika is talking to?"

She peeps out the window and looks at Suika and blue hedgehog?"

Reimu becomes shocked, "Is that...a blue hedgehog?"

Sonic grins, "I never heard of an Oni before, but you sound like you're strong!"

Suika smiles, "I sure am, Sonic! We Oni are extremely strong, and we also never lie!"

"Never lie, huh? Respectful and strong... never would expect something like that!"

Reimu enters the shrine, and Sonic was surprised!

Reimu says, "Well, this is...a surprise!"

Suika waves "Hi Reimu!"

Sonic wonders, "Reimu?"

Reimu asks, "Who's your friend, Suika?"

"This is Sonic... Sonic the hedgehog. He's the world's fastest hedgehog, who can run at speeds of over Mach 1!"

"Ehhh? Mach 1? That's even faster than Aya! There's no way anyone can match Aya's speed!"

Sonic grins, "Whoa! Are you saying that someone is super fast here?"

"Yeah, but she's the fastest at flying, not running!"

"I see..."

Reimu prepares for combat, "Now there... What are you doing here in this world?"

Sonic jumped!

Suika replies, "Reimu, relax, Sonic is nice."

"But he's from the outside world!"

"How can you tell?"

"Well, as unusual as a lot of the people that I met, he definitely seems outsidish to me!"

Sonic asks, "By outside world, what do you mean?"

Suika answers, "She means outside of Gensokyo... Gensokyo would be where you are right now!"

"Gensokyo, huh? Listen, Reimu right?"


"Reimu, I'm not here to cause any trouble. I'm a worldwide known hero from the outside world. I protect this world, and I have saved it from known disasters many times!"

Reimu angrily replies, "Are you sure you aren't making it up?"

Sonic sweatdrops, "Why would I make up something like that?"

"I can't just trust people when I first meet them unless I'm in a happy mood. I was bored, so I need you to prove your worth. Otherwise, I'm kicking your butt!"

"Fine, I will, just take it easy!"

Reimu put down her weapons and the three went outside.

Sonic was getting ready to prove his worth as a Hero.

Reimu says, "Okay Sonic, let's see this super speed of yours!"

"Very well!"

Sonic zips into high speed, and Reimu and Suika feels to tailwind of Sonic's speeds as Reimu is impressed!

Reimu blinks, "Wow, that's fast! Guess he wasn't lying about that..."

Suika smiles, "It's soooo much fun to see great Heroes from the outside world, isn't it Reimu?"

"I guess!"

Sonic zips back near the shrine in no time!

Reimu admits, "Well Sonic, I guess you are super fast!"

"Of course I am!"

Reimu asks, "Alright, now show me some of your power."


"Yes, prove to me your incredible power."


"Use some sort of attack...right over there!"

"Okay-dokey! Spin Dash!"

Sonic uses his Spin Dash to cut down a rock almost instantly.


Sonic heads back.

"So, how's was that?"

"Not bad... now show me another power."

"Gotcha. Sonic Tornado!"

Sonic made a tornado that blew away the dust around the front of the Shrine!

"Hey, now that was sweet! You just took today's work of my sweeping out in like 10 seconds."

Suika happily replies, "Sonic is sooo, amazing!"

"Okay, let's see one more power of yours. This time, use it against me!"

Sonic asks, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm a Hero of this world myself, so I have battle experience. So, make it a good one.

"Very well. Homing Attack!"


Sonic changes into a ball and hovers in the air spinning, then aims and hits Reimu very quickly! Reimu barely blocked the attack.

Reimu's shocked, "Damn, that was fast! Sonic, you are strong!"

"I know I am.

"I'm sure we can be good friends.

Reimu accepted Sonic as a friend, and the three entered the shrine to have tea, of course, Suika drinks her Sake as she always does!

After hearing his story, she replies, "Wow, Sonic... it's hard to imagine that you got into this world so easily. It's extremely difficult, especially with the Great Hakurei Barrier protecting this world!"

"That's because the Chaos Emeralds have the power to travel through time and space!"

"You know, your power reminds me of a certain maid!"

"Reimu, Suika, I love traveling around, going through all sorts of places, meeting new people, and making new friends. It's what I love to do.

"And you certainly have the power to prove it as well."

"You haven't seen anything, yet! So tell me, Reimu, how many different places are there to go to in Gensokyo?"

"I wish I can tell you that! From what I know, There are at least...11 places to go to that is very major to me, including here, the Hakurei Shrine!"

"... I think I may go right now, and start exploring this Gensokyo world."

"Why leave so soon?"

"Because I want to see these new places for myself! And I also like to meet some new girls. Reimu is definitely a candidate! She's very beautiful, but I like to see if someone around can beat her! But I have to remember, it's not just about beauty, it's about the talent, power, and personality that they have as well! And I can sense a lot of all three in both her and Suika!

"Well, Sonic, I can't stop you! I just hope you watch where you go and who you meet. There are many people and Youkai that have all sorts of different personalities out there, so be prepared for anything!"

"Gotcha! I'll watch my back."

After that, they head outside as Sonic is about to leave.

Suika waves, "Bye Sonic! Come back and visit!"

Reimu says, "And if you need a place to stay, feel free to drop by anytime!"

Sonic thumbs up, "No problem... See ya!"

Suika goes back inside, but Reimu forgets something as Sonic is about to dash off.

Reimu quickly shouts, "WAIT, HOLD ON A SEC!

Sonic fell to the ground and got up just as quick!


"Sorry about that! Before you leave, (she gets her donation box out and smiles) donate to my shrine, please!"

"Sure, you've been very nice to me!"

Sonic pulls out his wallet and pulls out about 20,000 yen in bills (here, yen is the same amount as dollars!).

Reimu becomes extremely shocked, "...! OH MY GOSH! 20,000 YEN! I'M SO RICH! YEEESSSSS! (Runs into the shrine) Suika, look at how much yen Sonic donated to the shrine!"

"I don't know how much..."

"Its 20,000 yen, you silly Oni!"

"Ohhh... WOW! That's so much money!

"Isn't this awesome? I can finally upgrade the size of this shrine, and get some decent food around here!"

Sonic smiles, "Hehehe, all in day's work for a Hero Hedgehog!"

Suika asks, "Umm... Reimu?"

"Yes, my favorite Oni of all time?"

"Shouldn't you go back out and thank Sonic for that donation?"

"Oh yeah, right! I hope he didn't leave, yet!

Reimu quickly runs outside with the donation still in her hand, and meets Sonic again!

Reimu gleams, "Sonic... thank you SOO Much for the donation!"

"It's not a problem, Reimu!"

"But, isn't this too much of a donation?"

"Nah, I get paid in large amounts. I do save the world after all, so my reward, in addition to being known everywhere, is also large amounts of money!"

"Cool! (Putting down the donation box and hugs Sonic) Thank you so much, Sonic! This is... so massive! (She gives him a kiss in the cheek!)

Sonic blushes, "Wow!"

"Anyways, you better be on your way! See ya, Sonic!"

Reimu heads back into the shrine with her donation

Sonic jumps with excitement, "Yeah! I can't to see what else they have around here!"

Sonic moves at high speed to the Forest of Magic, where his next part of the adventure continues!

What will happen next? Find out next time!

PDA777: Soo, was the first Episode to your liking?

Sonic: (blushes) ...yes!

Reimu: Aww, Sonic...!

PDA777: I smell love in the air!

Reimu: We'll see!

Sonic: And, we are done!

Reimu: Tune in for the next episode of Touhou's Super Sonic Love Adventure! Until next time, See ya!

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