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December 26th 1:30 AM

Brennan woke with a start, feeling as if she were buried under something heavy. Her heart immediately began to pound as she blinked, her fingers stretching at her sides to determine her whereabouts. She could conclude she was not in her own bed, and her left hand spread out far enough to meet up with bare flesh. Her body relaxed a tiny bit, realizing that she was with a man. But why was he over her? She never let that happen.

Her legs shifted, and she realized with surprise that she still had her pants on. Completely awake now, her eyes had adjusted enough in the room and she saw Booth next to her. She could just lift up on her elbows, but he had an arm draped over her bare waist and a leg draped over her legs. Her mind raced back to how they'd gotten there in the first place, with kissing and touching. With her coming, and then falling asleep. Well…she could at least fix that. And in the meantime, she could examine him more.

Brennan turned onto her side, and even in his sleep, Booth's hand seemed to settle right at the small of her back. It felt comfortable, and she responded by placing her fingers against his chest before letting them slide up toward his neck. He had such a strong neck, and she traced it with her fingertips, admiring the column that led to his firm jaw and chiseled features. Perhaps her cousin had been right that he wasn't completely perfect looking enough to be considered handsome, but in this moment, Brennan didn't see anything wrong with him. She wanted to kiss him again, but didn't want to wake him up just yet, and so she settled for moving her hands down to his shoulders. An appreciative hum escaped her lips as she whispered her hands over his skin, this time without the barrier of latex gloves. He was warm and strong and both soft and hard at the same time, just like she'd imagined. Smoothing her hands down her chest required her to scoot her body down as well, and she shifted on the bed, gently pressing Booth to his back as she did so. He snuffled a bit in his sleep, but didn't wake up, even as her fingers settled into the grooves of his stomach muscles. Even in relaxation, they were still defined, and she couldn't resist pressing her lips to them, memorizing his stomach lines and the way they gave way to his hip bones, the mark of a man's body.


Brennan paused then, thinking she'd been caught, but when she looked up, Booth's eyes were still closed, and he didn't seem to be awake at all. A flush warmed her body as she realized he was fantasizing about her sexually. Of course, she was in his bed, but it made her wonder if he'd thought about her too, even when he was alone.

His jeans had been unbuttoned, and so it was easy to lower the zipper. Knowing he would probably wake up if she lifted his hips enough to remove his pants, Brennan settled for just smoothing the front fabric away and reaching inside his boxers. She'd be lying if she said she hadn't been imagining doing just that, ever since she'd removed his pants in the lab. He wasn't completely erect, which was fine with her. It gave her time to study him, how he fit in her hand, how he twitched slightly when she smoothed her thumb over the head.

"Bones…" the groan was deeper, and without thinking, Brennan responded.


Immediately, Booth's eyes flew open, and he jerked back, scrambling to sit up against his headboard. Brennan could see in his eyes that he wasn't sure what was happening, and she watched as he blinked and then remembered what had gotten them to that point. Another blink of his dark eyes gave way to clarity, and he smiled a bit. "Hey."

Feeling somewhat unsure, she nodded. "Hey."

His smile widened, "Can I help you?"

Brennan chuckled at that and motioned toward what he was now covering with his pillow. "I rather thought I was doing quite well on my own, but… you are welcome to help if you want. I would not mind that."


Booth blushed, even in the dark room and then blinked again, as if to really, really, really be sure this was actually happening. But she was still there, and the pillow in his arms smelled like her perfume, the special one she said she only wore on very important occasions. He'd only smelled it on her twice before. Once, at Angela's wedding, and then once again, very faintly, in a helicopter. Then it had been nearly masked by sweat and adrenaline, but as she'd hugged him, he could still smell it in the curve of her neck. He'd noticed it the moment he'd walked in to her apartment tonight. And maybe he was a selfish bastard, but he couldn't help but feel that maybe she'd worn it for him, because he was special to her.

But now she was staring at him, and he realized he hadn't said anything for a long time. When he smiled at her, she seemed to take it as a sign to continue, and he felt her hands press against his hips.

"Lift up," she commanded, pulling at his pants and boxers at the same time.

"No…" Booth sat back further and pulled her hands away. "Look, Bones…maybe this isn't such a great idea."

A flicker of rejection swept across her eyes, but he still saw it, just before she frowned and then looked at his face. "Why not?"

Booth reached down and pulled her up to lie beside him. He smoothed the hair away from her eyes and felt his heart clench a bit. "I just think maybe we got carried away before, and maybe we shouldn't do this."

Brennan paused, and her body tensed. Booth thought that their previous actions were just a result of being carried away? Feeling confused, she looked down to her hands, noticing the chill in the air for the first time. She hadn't thought they'd gotten carried away. She remembered now that she'd admitted that she'd been lonely without him, and the memory caused her to feel some shame. Obviously she'd misread the situation. That was not surprising; she should have expected it. Of course Booth wasn't interested in really having sex with her. He'd made that very clear over the past few years by precisely never having sex with her. Or discussing it. Ever. For once, she'd tried to rely on her 'heart', instead of the decidedly large supply of evidence to the contrary. Remembering the way she'd wrapped herself around him, the way she'd whispered his name over and over caused her stomach to clench. He'd just been helping her satisfy her urges, or her loneliness, or…she didn't know, something, whatever it was, it was too much to think about now. "I see…" she nodded as she moved away from him, sliding toward the side of the bed.


His voice was low as he sat up and stopped her from going any further. He sat beside her on the side of the bed.

Brennan cleared her throat but didn't meet his eyes. "This hardly seems fair, Booth."

"Oh yeah?" Booth asked. "How's that?"

"Well, you got to bring me to orgasm, but now I don't get to do the same to you." She answered clearly, deciding to bring the situation back to what it really was, something Angela would have called a 'friends with benefits' scenario. "How is that fair? I had one orgasm; you should have an orgasm. Very rational. It's not fair that I got to come and you didn't, Booth."

Booth's lips quirked to the side. "I've had worse Christmases."

"Stop." She insisted, turning away from him to stand up. "Stop joking around. Actually…I'll just leave…"

"No, Bones. Wait…" he grumbled as he snagged her hips and pulled her back to him. "Look…" He pulled in a deep breath and used his thumb and index finger on her chin to make her meet his eyes. "I don't think this is a good idea, because well…" His voice trailed off as his fingers registered the softness of her skin. Distracted, he let his eyes travel over her body again, remembering the way she'd felt against his lips and tongue, the way her body had curled into his when he'd carried her to his bed. There was still just too much at stake, and… "Bones…" he sighed and met her eyes, "Bones, I don't want to mess around, because these days, I play for keeps."

Her voice was soft and honest when she answered, "I don't know what that means."

"It means…" Booth cleared his throat and then nodded. "It means that if we do make love, it won't be rational, it won't be because you owe me one, and it won't happen just once. For me…" he swallowed. "For me, it means…for keeps. For…always."

He watched as her eyes grew wide, and she bit her bottom lip. He knew that look; it was the same look she had just before she was about to reach a conclusion around her lab table. And he knew that once she reached her conclusion, it would be final.

Her smooth chest expanded as she pulled in a breath. "I believe I understand your meaning" she spoke quietly. "And I would like to accept your terms."

It was on the tip of his tongue to roll away and tell her that she couldn't reduce them to a damn business deal. What they had together weren't fucking terms…but then…

Then she reached up and cupped the side of his face, leaning in to press her lips against his, so soft and sweet. And Booth realized he was the one who had it wrong. So what, she'd said the wrong thing, there was nothing new there. But if he looked past her words to what she meant, then he knew. He couldn't expect her to say exactly what he wanted to hear; he could never expect that. But her actions spoke louder than her words, and he was bound and determined to prove her right in just the same way. Their lips parted, and she met his eyes. Booth was surprised to see vulnerability there, and he guessed she could see it in his eyes too. "I love you, Bones," he whispered, and her eyes fluttered shut for a tiny moment.

"Thank you," she whispered, and he couldn't help but crush her to him, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her again as he pulled her on top of him. Their lips and tongues tangled with one another as they fell back onto the bed, even as their hands took new course, mapping out staked out territory. He was hers, and she was his. For keeps.

When he clasped his hands on her rear end, she arched back, a moan escaping from her lips. "Booth…"

"Yes…" he growled and set his lips against the sweet curve of her neck, even as his fingers moved to the clasp at the front of her pants.

She settled her knees on either side of his hips and caught his fingers with hers. "Booth…" she paused and waited until he met her eyes. "Booth, I want you to know that I feel…feelings for you, too."


Brennan waited, wondering if Booth would accept what she had to offer. His eyes grew darker, and he nodded before lifting up. His stomach muscles bunched under their fingers as he rose, far enough to kiss her.

"Thank you" he whispered against her lips, and Brennan threaded her hands through his hair, keeping him close, even as he resumed his task of undressing them both completely. But when he didn't work fast enough, she grew impatient. She drew back, ignoring his moan of disapproval. But the sound quickly changed to awe when she stood above him and removed her dark dress pants. She watched him swallow hard, and when he met her eyes, his own eyes were slightly dazed.

"Bones, I know you probably didn't get dressed with me in mind, but…damn, you are gorgeous." Booth breathed the words out, even as his eyes trailed back down her body, down her smooth neck to where her breasts hung like the perfect complement to his work roughened hands, down her slightly curved belly toward her hips and thighs, the only thing left on her body a pair of ice blue lace panties with lace ruffles on the rear.

For some reason, this amused him, and he sat up, wrapping his arms around her legs. Brennan lost her balance, and fell forward. "Booth!"

He just laughed and held her tighter, running his fingertips along the lace edgings of her underwear. "These are pretty cute, Bones."

She huffed and pushed on his shoulders from behind. He had mercy on her and tackled her to the bed, pinning her underneath him, his eyes smiling with challenge.

Well, she wasn't about to let that happen without recourse. Brennan pressed on his shoulders and with one flip, managed to pin Booth underneath her, leaving his head resting on his pillow. She smirked at the shocked look on his face, but didn't reply, except to cup him once more through his boxers. His moan in response was all the permission she needed to continue.

Booth rested on his back and used his feet to help kick his pants and boxers off. They got tangled a bit near his ankles, but Brennan was there, and she pulled them off, along with the green and red striped socks he had on. She smiled and met his eyes.

"I bought you those socks."

Booth nodded and rested his hands under his head. "Yep, three years ago, and I wear them every Christmas."

A sweet smile tilted the side of her lips and she bit her bottom lip as she crawled up and over his body. Booth smiled too at the sight and met her eyes, enjoying the way her face was pure and clean of makeup. She just looked so pretty, and so pure and innocent. He knew she wasn't innocent to sex, but he realized she was somewhat innocent to love. It made his hands rest just a little bit tighter against her smooth back, and he kissed along her jawline. "So, just what kinds of feelings have you been feeling about me, anyways?" he teased, pressing his lips against the skin under her ear, even as his fingertips slipped just under the waistline of her lacy panties.

She flinched a bit and pulled back, but her eyes were smiling. "Good feelings, and sometimes…" she paused, and her eyes narrowed, wondering if she could really trust him with the information. "Sometimes even irrational feelings."

"Oh yeah?" he murmured. "Like what?" His stomach muscles worked as he slid her underwear down her legs, helping her lift off the bed so he could remove them entirely. He held them in his grasp for just an instant before tossing them off the side of the bed.

Brennan rested her knees on either side of his hips, straddling his waist. Her sex hovered over his as she leaned down and smoothed her hands against his chest and shoulders. "I felt nervous when I didn't see you for a day or two. I felt sad when I thought about you being alone. And sometimes I felt like could die without…" she pressed her lips to his and kissed him before pulling back, her face flushed. "Without ever kissing you. I know it's irrational. There is a hierarchy of needs, and while sex is high on the list, kissing you in particular isn't high on this list, but…"

Booth pulled her down for another kiss and smoothed her legs out so she was lying completely on top of him. "It's high on my list, Bones."

Her head tilted to the side in disbelief. "Be serious."

He laughed. "Oh, I am serious, Bones. I've been thinking about kissing you ever since you kissed me in your office. I thought about kissing you before that too, but you know…" he grinned against her lips as she settled her weight on him. It felt amazing to lay with her like this, very comfortable and easy. He'd imagined slow and romantic moments with roses and wine and candlelit dinners and dancing and he'd imagined hard and fast out of control moments up against her door or his desk or any number of other places. But he'd never imagined waking up together on his every day sheets on Christmas night, with snow falling and a slight chill to the air. He'd never really imagined deliberate conversation or bickering.

But now that it was happening, it felt just right, and as she began kissing down his chest, letting her hands smooth against his legs, it felt more than right; it felt perfect. Her hair fell against his stomach, her breasts against his thighs, and her hand rested on his hip, her fingertips skating dangerously close to the proof of just how perfect it all felt.

Brennan paused, studying her partner's reaction to her. She cupped his length in her palm and enjoyed the smooth straight line. Her thumb and forefinger rubbed gently at the base of the head of his penis, and it was already as slick as the matchpoint of her own desire for him. Brennan couldn't resist leaning down and pressing her tongue right at the slit in the top of his shaft, and Booth groaned and arched his hips toward her. Brennan smiled and sucked the tip of him into her mouth, using her tongue to rub a tight circle around it.

"Come back up here, Bones" he growled, reaching down to pull her up again. She laughed and their limbs tangled a bit, and soon they were both laughing. Booth tried to pin her beneath him, but Brennan dodged his actions, and instead shifted, lowering herself onto him, letting him sink into her one tantalizing inch.

They both groaned at that and Booth's hips arched up again, this time with more force.

"Oh, yes…Booth…right……there."

Booth watched as his partner began to rotate her body in some rhythm. It seemed very natural to her, but she was only allowing him to penetrate her about an inch and a half. But her reactions were nearly off the charts, and when he tapped the bottom of her chin with his index finger, she opened her eyes, looking almost shocked to see him there.

"Booth" she breathed apologetically. "I realize this might be considered selfish, but, this spot, oh…oh…Booth, Booth…Booth, oh, Booth…"

She began the needy chanting of his name he'd heard already that night when he'd been sucking her into the stratosphere.

Well hell, he was going to take her to the damn ionosphere tonight. "Here, Bones…" he encouraged as he rolled her over, cupping her bare hips in his palms, forcing her to still against the mattress. "Let me."

Keeping his rhythm tight and aligned, he held her still and moved in short, powerful thrusts, all designed to hit her special spot.

He watched as her eyes practically rolled back into her head, and her upper body was twisting, her mouth open in pleasure. And it was his name that fell off of her lips, over and over and over and over.

"Oh Booth…this is so good" she chanted. "You're the only man ever who…oh yes, right there."

He couldn't help it. At her compliments, he had to thrust deep, just once. And so he did, and her hips lifted off of the bed, even as she moaned a bit. He wasn't sure if it was disappointment or pleasure, or maybe it was both, but the feeling of being embedded inside of her was almost more than he could take. But he would take it, and so he pulled out and continued his first rhythm, designed to make her crazy for him.

It worked again, and she was soon panting, her fingers practically tearing at his sheets. "Booth, you are quite adept at sexual intercourse. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised," she gasped. "In fact, I'm not really surprised. Oh, yes. Oh… Oh…Oh…I've always thought you might be, and I admit that I have thought of having sex with you many times. Especially lately, because I haven't had sex with a man in a few months, and I missed it, but I thought, I don't know…right now I can't seem to remember what I thought, except that I thought of you, and sex, and…oh, oh, oh, yes, Oh, Booth…mmmmm…I, oh yes…"

Booth watched with slight amusement at her reactions. "Are you always this talkative during sex?" he murmured.

"Mmmmm……yes, no, sometimes, I don't know. Yes. I guess. Well, not really" she panted, as she arched her hips into his hands.

Booth allowed himself another long slide deep into her sexy wet heat, and rocked his hips in tight hard circles against hers before pulling out entirely to set the familiar rhythm again. She crooned his name, and he responded by clasping one of his hands under her left thigh, pulling her leg up and over his waist. It allowed him to change his angle just a fraction of degrees, but it was enough to make the head of his cock hit her spot head on every thrust. It worked, and soon she was making incoherent sounds combined with his name and he thought he might have heard her mention something about saints and how she didn't know the ones to recite, but he was just concentrating on making her come. On making her shake and shudder and tremble and come, all for him.

"Look into my eyes, Bones" he demanded quietly, and waited until she opened her eyes for him.

When she did, he smiled at the glazed determination he saw there.

"Booth." She nodded and cupped his face again, using it as an anchor to hold her steady against the onslaught of sensation she knew she was about to achieve. When Booth rotated his hips against hers once more, she thought she might fall over the edge, but he pulled back and she met his eyes again. "Booth…" His name was on her lips, in her thoughts, resonating between them. She wrapped her left leg even higher on his waist, increasing the friction between them, and it was almost too much. "Oh, Booth. Yessssss…you're so good. I knew you would be. I knew you couldn't possibly be so well structured for nothing, and no I don't normally talk this much during sex," she babbled, "unless my sexual partner needs instruction, but you don't need instruction. You are very adept at making my body incredibly aroused and you are very impressive, and even when I used to touch myself and think of you, I didn't imagine it would be this good, but it is, because you are this good, and I am glad, oh Booth. Oh, I'm glad you aren't disappointing me, because that would be very…"

"Disappointing?" he asked. If he couldn't feel her fingernails digging into his shoulders, Booth would almost think he was having a strange dream. Except her words, her explanations, her rationalizations…they were so her, more her than anything else…it was just proof that this moment was the result of years of getting to know one another, years of trust. "I won't disappoint you, Bones. You can trust me, even like this."

"I know" she answered, arching up to wrap her arms around his neck, pressing her chest against his. Her nipples were tight against his bare skin, and she moaned, even as she began to match his rhythm of short thrusts. "I'm also not usually this submissive. Usually I prefer to be on top. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had an orgasm while being under a sexual partner, but right now, I'm not going to think about that. I'm just going to think about you, Booth. Because I want you. And I trust you. Oh, oh, oh right there, oh, Booth…mmmmmMMMMMMM, oh, oh, yes… I trust you! AH!!!! Oh, Oh OH…!"

It was the one thing to push her over the edge, and Booth wrapped his arms around her hips, keeping her close to him, even as she rode out her amazing orgasm. Her fingernails were scraping up and down his back; her hips were rocking against his, her slick warmth flooding around him even as it tried to welcome him in deeper. He laid kisses against her neck and cheeks before caressing his lips against hers, breathing in her satisfied sighs and breaths. Her tongue licked at his lips as he settled her back flush against his mattress, moving his own body to cover hers entirely.

Her hands relaxed against his back, and her breathing evened out to measureable lengths. She was still humming slightly, and where they were pressed together, he could still feel gentle embraces of her inner muscles against his length. As he looked at her face, he saw her eyes flutter closed, and his widened.

Pressing his face to the side of her neck, he nuzzled the skin under her ear. "Bones?" he murmured quietly, not wanting to break the spell of satiation she was experiencing.

"Mmmmm?" she whimpered, her slick thighs parting even more for his hips. "Yes, Booth?"

Her sweet completely satisfied by him tone sent a shockwave up his spine, and he clenched his ass to keep from coming right then and there. "Bones, I need... I need to come."

"Oh, yes" She nodded, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his back, even as her eyes grew wide in anticipation. "I want to feel you come inside of me, Booth."

Booth groaned and slid all the way inside of her, this time for good. Her inner tissues were plump and practically molten from his ministrations, and it felt good. No, it felt better than anything he had ever felt, ever. "Bones…oh, baby."

Brennan had recovered from her orgasm enough to be able to analyze Booth's actions and reactions. She caressed his back, monitoring the way he seemed to enjoy her fingernails more than the pads of her fingertips. He was rocking into her, using a variation of the deep thrust and rotation rhythm he'd used previously, and she realized that this was his natural rhythm for sexual release. The knowledge of such an intimate fact about him was almost as satisfying as the feeling of him inside of her. Almost.

Now that she was more aware, she discovered that on a physical level, she and Booth were quite compatible physically, not just emotionally. His penis was long and hard and filled her most satisfactorily. But what was more pleasing was the way his body was tensing up. He lifted up onto his arms, using his muscles there as leverage to plunge deeper and harder into her, his face contorted in pleasure, a desperate need for release etched in his eyes. Brennan felt immense satisfaction from being on the receiving end of his desperation, in being the answer to the release he needed. Her hands smoothed up his back and over his shoulders, resting there before she let her fingernails scrape down his chest and stomach, then up again.

Booth felt her slight scraping against his skin and it was too much. He could feel his orgasm start at the base of his spine and rocket forward with his hips up to where they were joined. He felt a tiny moment of panic, worried that he was going to wake up and it would all be a dream, that what seemed to be perfect was only a cruel reminder of what he could never, ever have.

But instead of cold realization, everything grew much, much warmer. "Bones, Bones, Bones, Bones…" it was his turn to chant her name over and over. He wrapped his arms around her and fell against her body, crushing her to the mattress, even as his thrusts lost their deliberate rhythm. "Oh, I love you so much. You're so warm and beautiful, and I love you. Bones…" Her name was all he could think, even as he plunged into her over and over, desperate to lose himself in her only to find himself again in her arms.

Brennan felt almost suffocated by his body on hers, and if it had been anyone else but him, she would have shoved him off. But instead of using her mind, she let her body relax, and she closed her eyes, inhaling his presence and strength. He seemed so strong and yet totally dependent on her at the same time. She wanted that, she wanted his dependence on her, just as she relied on him. His body was almost out of control and he was shaking in her arms, between her legs. This strong man who barely flinched sometimes was trembling above her, for her. Then all at once, he was still, and his head reared back. Their eyes met, and she saw a pleasure in his eyes so intense, it was almost akin to pain. His mouth fell open, and she watched as a perfect peace washed over his features, even as his released washed up inside of her.

He collapsed against her then, his open mouth lightly touching her throat as he tried to suck in air. Brennan felt his chest press and retract against hers, and she thought she could feel his rapid heartbeat against her palm. When he had recovered enough to lift his head, he met her eyes. His own eyes were hooded and she could see that he was satisfied to the point of exhaustion. Not knowing what to say, she lifted her own head, kissing him on the mouth. He rolled onto his back, pulling her along with him to rest against his side, tucked close to him with one arm. Their lips pressed in affection and trust and the mutual desire to keep from saying the wrong thing.

After a few moments, Brennan pulled back and tentatively rested her palm against his chest. Booth placed his hand over hers, and they just sighed. Brennan shivered, and Booth noticed. He lifted off of his pillow with a small grunting noise, reaching for the bedspread hastily shoved to the end of the bed. After he pulled it over them, he wrapped both of his arms around Brennan and encouraged one of her legs over his hips.

"Merry Christmas" Booth murmured a kiss on her head as they settled back against the pillow.

Brennan looked to the clock at his bedside table, the light reading 3:23 AM. "It's not Christmas anymore, Booth" she chided, letting her hand rest against his heart, feeling the beat under her fingertips.

"Mmmm…" he snuggled her closer and kissed the top of her head again. "Feels like it, though."

Brennan smiled at that, and kissed the center of his chest. "Merry Christmas, then."

He gave a low chuckle and pulled her closer as their breathing evened out, matching each other's.


The end…but for them, the beginning!

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