A Christmas Carol

TV Prompt – Millennium: The Sound of Snow

Aaron Hotchner looked out over the roaring fire that his son had so badly wanted him to set. The warmth didn't hold any real warmth for the former unit chief of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. He'd poured himself the glass of scotch but hadn't yet touched it, instead choosing to stare over the flames. It wasn't too far of a guess to say that if it weren't for his five year old son, he would not be celebrating the holiday this year.

He'd lived without her for years now. He'd lived alone for years after the divorce, but the house had never seemed colder than that night. Jack was the light. When he left the room, so did joy. When Jack left the room, Aaron's happiness vanished as well. His happiness around the young boy was not fake. Jack brought him happiness.

But when he left, so did that happiness.

He'd put his son to bed an hour ago and set the young boy's presents underneath the tree. His dark eyes looked over at that tree now, set in the corner of the room. That tree in itself was a miracle – again if not for his son, it would not have been there. Prentiss had helped set it up, insisting that he helped. For that, he was grateful – he could see the light in his son's eyes, and, for a moment, he'd forgotten. He'd forgotten how much had changed when Haley had died, how much had changed forever.

Because he'd refused to make a deal. Because he'd refused to back down.

And now, she was dead.

It was a white Christmas. If he listened hard, he could almost hear it. The snow outside was falling heavily enough that even Jack had expressed concern for Santa. He'd assured the child that Santa would be sure to drive very, very carefully, before tucking him in for the night and making him promise he'd sleep. He had a fascination with staying up to see Santa this year.

Above all, the fire roared.

There had been plenty of offers from his team members at the BAU to spend Christmas with them – Rossi had offered first, a quiet sort of offer, but he'd denied quickly. Hotch had claimed to want a quiet Christmas – and although Rossi had promised that was what it would be, he'd still declined. Maybe the truth of the matter was that he'd wanted to be alone – just him and his son, and that's what he'd gotten. Prentiss had offered, too – the same day she'd come over his apartment and helped to decorate the tree. It was easy to see how well she and Jack got along – and maybe, if circumstances were different, he would have accepted.

He didn't, though. This wasn't a Christmas he really wanted to celebrate. He celebrated it for Jack and for Jack alone, but none of the cheer of the season made it past the exterior. It was hard to have cheer, when hope was gone from his world.

Leaving the scotch on the table by the side of the chair, he stood, moving to the TV. Mindlessly, he turned it on. The images flashed across the screen, but they were nothing more than pixels to him, meaningless.


He startled, realizing that he must have fallen asleep.

Because that was the only explanation for the light coming from the corner of the room.

Author's Note:

This is largely based off of A Christmas Carol, and all of the BAU will play a part at some time. I hope that you'll enjoy this story – I've been thinking about writing this one for quite awhile. I can't say that it will be updated every day, but I hope that it will be updated quickly. I won't leave you hanging for long. Please review, I really would like to know what you think of this one. It means the world to me.