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The man opened his eyes, wincing as the sunlight struck them. He propped himself up with one arm, using the other to rub his head. "...The hell?" He glanced around, taking in his surroundings with a confused look on his face. "How'd I get here?" He mumbled. He was in a dense forest, with sounds and scents of nature coming from all around.

The man tried to lift himself to his feet, but something stopped him from doing so. "What the...?" He tried again and again, each time failing to move his legs. His eyes widened in shock as he continued to struggle. "No no NO!" Fearing the worst, he punched one of his legs with all his might. "...Nothing..." He mumbled. "Great. I'm crippled. How the hell did that happen?"

"And why am I so calm about it?"He thought to himself sarcastically. "Maybe I'm so upset that my emotions have come around full-circle. Oh well, nothing I can do about it."

He tried to remember what brought him to this situation. Then tried to remember farther than that. Then farther, and farther and farther, until he was forced to accept the truth. "Great. I have no idea about how I got here, or anything before that, or anything, and I'm crippled, and I have no idea where I am. Might as well hang a sign around my neck that says 'Dead Man Walking.'" He thought for a second. "Or sitting."

He then heard a noise coming from behind him. At first, he couldn't tell what it was, but after a few seconds, he recognised it as a voice. Multiple of them. "Hey!" He shouted into the wilderness. "I need help here! I-"

The man stopped short when he saw the person who walked through the bushes. It was a man in armor, holding a whip in his hand. His silver helmet gleamed ominously in the light. The evil smirk didn't help either. Something in the crippled man's mind screamed Run!, but his body obviously couldn't do anything about it.

"Well well well, look what the monsters dragged in." The armored man chuckled evilly. "Looks like Lord Magnius gets a free slave today."

The word vermin instantly crossed his mind when the man heard the name Magnius, but he had no time to ponder over this, as the soldier had already started dragging him away, threatening to use his whip if he didn't comply.

Of course, he couldn't comply, so by the time they reached a large fortress of steel, the amnesiac had already gotten a collection of large bruises, gashes, and welts. He could hardly focus as he was dragged through the complex, until he was suddenly thrown forward and bashed his chin on the metal floor.

"Why did you bring this vermin here?" Came a gravelly voice from somewhere in front of the man. Although he was still seeing stars from his beating, he instantly connected the voice to the name Magnius.

"Well, sir, I found it laying in the middle of the forest about a mile away. It's not on our records of Palmacosta citizens, so I figured I should bring it back here."

"I'm not even worthy enough to have a gender? Damn Desians." The name of the organization popped up from somewhere in his mind, and he somehow knew it was right. In the blink of an eye, memories, visions, faces, places, and various other recognisable things flashed through his mind.

"Argh!" The man clutched his head in agony as memories flooded into his brain.

Magnius glared at his minion. "What is wrong with this thing?"

"I'm not sure, sir. I think it may be a bit...Damaged. I had to drag it all the way here, because it refused to use its legs. I actually noticed that if I ever whipped its legs or anything below the waist, he never even seemed to no-"

"You brought me a cripple?!" Magnius roared.

"I-I'm sorry m-my Lord! I-I just thought-"

"Enough! Take it to the execution room. We have no need for a cripple."

"Right away, sir!"

But before the soldier could even take a step, the man shouted, "Wait!" He was whipped. "Ow! Hey, don't kill me!"

"Why not?" Magnius growled. "Your legs are useless and you aren't even registered. No one will miss you, and you have no use here. Hell, I doubt even an exsphere will do you any good, vermin."

"But...But..." He tried to think of a way out of this situation using all the knowledge he just painfully gained. "I-I'm a...A prophet!"

The soldier started dragging away the man. "Enough of your begging! Lord Magnius has no use for-"

"Hold on a second." Magnius halted his lacky with his command. "A prophet you say?" He addressed the man with a devilish smirk. "Please, amuse me. Right here, right now. Tell me a fortune."

"That's not exactly what a prophet does but..." The man cleared his throat. "Tell me, do you know of a boy named Lloyd Irving?"

"Do I?" The Grand Cardinal gave a dry chuckle. "That pesky runt has caused some trouble with us, why?"

"Where is he now?"

Magnius growled. "Aren't you supposed to know that?"

"I know of important details, not trivial things such as that."

"...Last time my men reported back, he was near Hima."

The man took a deep breath before continuing. "Go to Palmacosta and stage a public execution for the shopkeeper who failed to supply your men. Lloyd will catch wind of this, and come running to save her. Lloyd will do anything to protect people, and that anything can easily be something stupid."

Magnius gave the man a long, hard look. "What's your name, boy?"

"Hell if I know." He thought. "That's one thing this massive headache didn't come with: my own history."

"I am known by my profession. I am Prophet. Nice to do business with you, Lord Magnius."

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