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After a moment of shock, Prophet managed to push Tabatha's lips off of his own. "I appreciate the gesture," he stated as he caught his breath. "but may I ask why you just kissed me?"

"That is how two close friends who have not seen each other in a very long time greet each other, is it not?" The soulless girl said with a monotone voice. Before Prophet could even think of a coherent reply, she addressed his two friends. "Are you two acquaintances of Carter?"

Her anger under control now, Alex answered, "Carter? His name's Prophet."

The green-haired girl gave Prophet a curious glance, and he explained, "Sorry Tabby, but I have amnesia. I can't remember anything past...I guess four or five months ago. Damn, that warp really screwed up my internal clock, it seems."

"But, you remembered my name and where you used to live." Tabatha tried to reason.

"Nope. For some strange reason, I'm able to see into the past and future, but only for major events concerning the worlds. You, this place, and Altessa are part of something big, so I knew where to go and who to see. I actually came here, with the help of my friends, to see if Altessa knew anything of my past. I just learned not too long ago that I'm a golem, and since Dwarfs are the only ones that still probably know how to make them..."

It was hard to tell with those soulless eyes, but Clair could have sworn that Tabatha was saddened that the man in the wheelchair didn't remember her. The blond decided that she should get things back on track. "So, um, I'm Clair, ans she's Alex. Can we go in and see Altessa?"

"You may. But," Tabatha turned to the two women. "do not speak unless spoken to. Master Altessa is very agressive to strangers." All three of them nodded and they followed the golem girl into the home. "Master Altessa. Carter has returned."

"WHAT?!" From the workshop off to the side came a short man with a lot of white hair (which there was none on the top of his head). He wore blue clothing, and his eyes were hidden behind his large eyebrows. "Carter?! Carter, it is y-Who the hell are these people?"

Tabatha bowed in apology. "My apologies, Master. This is Clair and Alex. They helped Carter get home, so I must ask if you could forgive this transgression."

"...Only because it's Carter." He shooed away his servant. "Now, back to your duties."

"Right away, Master Altessa." She gave one last look at Prophet before walking into another room.

The Dwarf led the group to a table. Prophet started off the conversation by saying, "So, my real name's Carter, huh?"

"Of course it is! What nonsense are you spouting?"

"Yeah...Sorry, but as of some time ago, I've had amnesia. Although, I can see major events of the future and past, so that's how I knew how to come here. It was proven not too long ago that I'm a flesh golem, and you're the only one I can think of that can build a human-like one."

Altessa's earlier enthusiasm had vanished, and was replaced by a solemn one. "I see...Do either of these two know the truth about Cruxis?" He pointed at the two women.

Prophet nodded his head in Alex's direction. "She does, Clair doesn't."

"Right then. You, go help Tabatha with cleaning." Clair was about to protest, but a single glare from the Dwarf preemptively shut her up and she quickly left to help the green-haired girl. "...So, you want to know why you were created?"

"Yes please."

"...Alright." Altessa took a deep breath, then continued, "You are more than just a golem, Carter. You-"

Prophet held out his palm. "Hold it right there. First, let me lay down two rules. One: Call me Prophet, I'm more used to that. Two: If this story has some giant secret in it that I don't know, please leave that part out. Since I first woke up I've learned, in order, that my legs are shot, I have amnesia, I could predict the future and see the past, I am a flesh golem, and that I lost four months of my life stuck in a damn warp hole! I've had enough startling revelations this year, thank you very much."

"...So be it." Altessa sighed and lowered his head. "I'll omit your true purpose. I guess...We'll skip ahead to your creation. I made you under Cruxis' orders. They wanted a golem that could handle...A certain power. You were the first, and last, of those golems." The man rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. "How many nights did it take to dig all those graves to make you...? ...Anyways, I stopped production at the legs and just used synthetic material for them."

"That explains so much. Well, at least you didn't stop because of laziness or something."

"...Seems that you've acquired a bit of an attitude since I last saw you." Prophet just shrugged. "...So anyways, that trauma, mixed with a later gruesome error of mine, was what caused me to abandon Cruxis. For a while, Tabatha, you, and I lived here in peace. But one day, somehow, you sensed the angel's presence nearing our location. You...You sacrificed yourself and led them away. That was seven years ago."

Prophet scratched his chin. "And then somehow I got to Sylvarant and lost my memory."

The Dwarf gasped. "What?! Sylvarant?! How in the world did you end up there?!"

"I couldn't hazard a guess."

Altessa groaned and leaned back in his chair. "...I was hoping that I could've left everything in my past behind me..."

The flesh golem chuckled. "Not gonna happen any time soon." He said under his breath.

An awkward silence passed for a moment before Altessa said, "So, what'll you do now, Car-I mean...Prophet?"

"I...I, uh..." Prophet's grin faded. "I...Don't really know. I mean, I came here to see if anyone knew about my past. And you did, and then you told me, and now...Now what?"

Alex, silent up until now, cleared her throat and said, "Mr. Altessa, sir. I'm curious: Is there any way to let Prophet walk again?"

The short man glared at her before saying, "Did I say you could speak, Half-Elf?" Before Alex could respond, he continued, "No, there is no way to completely fix his legs without more...Flesh. Although..." Altessa crossed his arms and started pondering. "Yes...Yes, that just may work!"

Prophet raised an eyebrow. "Care to enlighten us? I can see the future, not a person's mind."

"I can give you the ability to walk again. You won't have full control of your legs, but they will be usable." When Altessa noticed his two guest's confused stares, he elaborated, "I can attach stone golem legs onto you, similar to Tabatha. You won't be able to control them as well as a person with real legs, but it should be pretty close."


"You'd have to be put to sleep for a month while I make them and attach them."

"Not great!"

"You just told me that you don't have any idea what to do from now on, right?" Prophet was at a loss for words. "I can see that you're a bit conflicted. Come see me by the end of the day with your decision. Think it over a bit." And with that, the Dwarf walked back into his workshop.

The handicapped man groaned and lightly slammed his head on the table. "Great. While a group of people out there are trying to figure out how to save two worlds, I'm having an existential crisis over my legs."


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