Disclaimer: Avatar The Last Air Bender is copyrighted by DiMartino, Konietzko and Nickelodeon; I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Creamy, #1 New
Title: You, Again, Fire Eye
Summary: Zuko, a cowboy, is captivated by Sokka, an Indian, whose imprisoned by a ranch.

Creamy, #2 Taste
Title: What Survives The Kiss Of Sokka
Summary: Zuko is haunted by a kiss; he knows what a warrior is and suddenly the cowboys he looked up to don't seem like what the used to be.

Creamy, #3 Stray
Title: Bend Me Your Time And Space
Summary: Zuko journeys into the wilderness to find Sokka; along the way he remembers his father giving him his scar and his uncle taking him under his wing.

Creamy, #4 Awake
Title: Touch Cannot Deny What Sight Already Knows
Summary: After getting captured by the tribe, Zuko awakens inside of a teepee and meets Sokka again. yaoi sparks follow :)

Creamy, #5 Wary
Title: How Do You Make An Avatar?
Summary: Sokka shows Zuko around the village; they talk about spirits and the ability to manipulate them ala bending. angsty.

Creamy, #6 Fire
Title: Our Lives Rounded With Asleep
Summary: Sokka and Zuko 'complete' each other symbolically; a scene disjointed in space and time.

Creamy, #8 Lazy
Title: The Marriage Of True Minds
Summary: Sokka and Zuko confess their need to be together with Hakoda, the cheif of the tribe.

Creamy, #7 Bloom
Title: Metamorphosis
Summary: Zuko reflects upon his very first time with a boy, a young shaven monk, then explores Sokka's body.

Creamy, #9 Fragile
Title: Paradise Lost?
Summary: As his father and his henchmen make trouble for the Indians, Zuko realizes he needs to go confront his family.

Creamy, #10 Awash
Title: Bound In A Nutshell
Summary: A springtime interlude between Zuko and Sokka.

Creamy, #11 Peek
Title: The Anguish Of Prometheus
Summary: Zuko returns to Bumi's saloon on a mission to gather a little intelligence; confrontation with his father appears imminent.

Creamy, #12 Risk
Title: Like A Fly To A Spider
Summary: While his friends conduct a ceremony to the Avatar, Zuko comes back home to confront his father.

Creamy, #13 Deep
Title: Worlds Collide
Summary: Zuko and his father share a 'heart to heart' conversation which leads to threats, slurs and firebending.

Creamy, #14 Conquest
Title: To Know Itself Divine
Summary: The ranch meets its ultimate demise at the hands of the Avatar whose face is very familiar to Zuko.

Creamy, #15 Wildcard
Title: The Last Air-Bender
Summary: Zuko and Sokka head into the wilderness in search of the Avatar.

Extra - fandomwords100, challenge #3 "change"
Title: Interludes
Summary: As he tracks the Avatar, Zuko is beset by self-doubt and questions why

Extra - avatar_500, prompt #7 "neglect"
Title: Tea
Summary: Iroh enjoyed making tea with Zuko. After the man vanished the boy let that love of tea lapse and now regrets it.