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Pairings (seme/uke) in no particular order: Grimmjow/Ichigo, Nnoitra/Ichigo, Ulquiorra/Ichigo, Gin/Ichigo, Aizen/Ichigo, Stark/Ichigo and hint of Byakuya/Renji.

Warnings: none really in this chapter, probably only one is I don't have a yaoi beta-reader so I had to do it myself.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Bleach only borrowing them for entertainment during my insomnia.

Ichigo arrived home from school in the same bad mood he had been in all week. Just nine days ago they had succeeded in rescuing Orihime from Las Noches with the help of some of the captains that came after them. However, Captain Yamamoto did not see this as a success due to them disobeying orders that were strict on not going after the young girl. Because of this, they had taken away his soul badge and placed him on probation of his shinigami duties until they saw fit.

He huffed at the thought of when they were ready for him to return to his duties. He was not like them; he did not attend the academy and learn kido and all the other stuff they knew. He learned it on his own or from Urahara, and yet they acted as if they were his boss. It seemed all they ever did was tell him what to do and expected him to risk his life while the others sat back and waited until the danger was gone. He wondered when was the last time the old man even moved from his seat or fought against an opponent. Strongest shinigami ever, his ass.

That wasn't the only thing causing his week to go down the tubes, whatever Kon had done while in his body he did not know and was afraid to find out. People at school refused to talk to him and kept giving him weird looks and not to mention he had detention for the next month for something he didn't do.

Orihime refused to talk to him for some reason and preferred to ignore him for once. He didn't understand what was wrong with her after they had risked their lives to save her she was ignoring them. No, that was not true because she talked with Chad and Ishida. It was only him.

He avoided his welcome home kick from his ever loving father and went up to his room and slammed the door. Rukia had gone back to Soul Society without a word and Renji had taken her spot which he hadn't minded. The two had grown closer in the past few months and it would be their anniversary in three days since they started dating a month ago.

He threw his book bag on his chair and threw himself on his bed. He remembered seeing the surprise look Tatsuki shot him for appearing at school on this day, but after learning the previous year it wasn't his fault for his mother's death, he felt like he could finally move a step forward. He still missed her dearly, but the wound in his heart had finally begun to heal. Later they would be going to visit her grave and Renji agreed to join him for support.

He sat up in bed wondering where the red haired pineapple was at the moment. He didn't dare step foot in Urahara's in fear of the little kids that always teased him and he certainly wasn't in the house because he wasn't at the fridge or in his room.

A beeping sound startled him slightly as he looked over and realized Renji had forgotten his soul pager and grabbed it from the desk. Usually it indicated that a hollow was nearby or a message from Soul Society was coming in. He flipped it open thinking that maybe Renji had gone to fight off the hollow when a message appeared on screen.

I'll see you tomorrow and make sure you bring the present I gave you the last time we met, my baboon.

Cherry Tree

Ichigo stared at the phone in shock. Everything in his mind was telling him to defend Renji because he would never betray him, but when he read the words 'my baboon' it defiantly indicated that Renji knew this person very well.

He clicked the pager shut and threw it at his closet, not caring if it broke or not. He sat back down on his bed gripping his hair with his hands as if trying to pull it out. How could he do this, Ichigo wondered then a thought hit him. The shinigami didn't see him as an equal, was Renji just using him like the others? He didn't want to believe Renji would be like that, but it made sense. Besides, who knew how long the red head had been seeing Byakuya.

He felt his stomach turn as he stared down at the floor seeing his vision turn blurry. He felt so used and worthless. He wiped his eyes as he stood up and headed for the door. He didn't want to see Renji or any other shinigami at the moment.

He ignored Yuzu's call as he left the house and began walking down the sidewalk. He wanted to be left alone to think. Never in his life had he felt more alone. When his mother died he had isolated himself on purpose because he didn't feel he was worthy to be near others for failing her. Now all he did was protect people only for them to turn their back on him when he needed them the most.

He heard the rustling of leaves blow by him, but he did not care as he kept walking with his head down. He knew he'd have to go back home before his family left to visit his mother's grave, but he didn't know if he could face it at the moment.

"Where ya going?" He heard a male voice say from behind him and turned around to come face to face with Nnoitra who had a grin across his face as he leaned forward causing Ichigo to stumble backwards into someone else. He felt arms wrap around his waist and held him tight.

"Let me go!" Ichigo yelled as he struggle uselessly to get away from his attackers and even managed to kick the one holding him in the shin, but he was still held prisoner.

"Damnit, hold still." He recognized that voice and froze. Grimmjow. He didn't want to turn around and see him of all people. The espada probably wanted revenge after he beat him in Hueco Mundo. He knew without being able to use his soul badge he would be doomed. There was no way he could defeat them in his human form.

"That's better." He felt Grimmjow's mouth next to his ear and his hot breath tickled his neck. He went from being sad and bitter to terrified within a few seconds. Who knew what these guys were going to do with him.

Without a word, Nnoitra opened a garganta and stepped through along with Grimmjow and the still frozen Ichigo. He wondered if the hollow detector was going off and if anyone heard it. Someone had to have with two powerful espada in the area. Ishida, Chad, Renji, or even Orihime had to have felt them and their location. Why had no one come?!

They exited into the throne room of Las Noches that looked exactly how it did last time he had been there. White walls, white ceiling, white pillars with arrancar watching him, and above all else was the white throne with the arrogant bastard who had betrayed Soul Society with the other two traitors standing on either side of him.

"Good evening, Kurosaki-kun." Aizen greeted him with a satisfied smile on his face as he rested his cheek against his knuckles. Grimmjow had finally let him go, surprisingly gentle for the usually temperamental espada. He expected to be thrown to the ground or a hit when no one was looking.

"What do you want?" Ichigo spat at Aizen as he glared at him.

"Now now, we can be civil, can't we? I only brought you here for a request." Aizen said calmly which was getting on Ichigo's nerves. He knew there were only two things Aizen would want from him: join him or die.

"You have your pets kidnap me and you want me to be civil?" Ichigo snorted and rolled his eyes. He noticed Aizen straighten up slightly.

"Please refrain from calling any of my arrancar pets. We are not in Soul Society where the captains looked down on those inferior to them." Aizen stated and Ichigo could not argue with that. It was true, but he wasn't going to admit it to Aizen. "Now as I was saying before, I have a request for you." He tried again and this time Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"You might as well kill me, I'm not joining you." Ichigo told him, feeling his confidence build up again now that the fear had disappeared. Maybe because he felt he was going to die soon that he'd rather be doing it with pride than fear.

"I am sorry to disappoint you, my dear boy, but if you think I want you as a warrior you are sadly mistaken, nor do I wish for your death." This surprised Ichigo, but he kept his mouth shut. After all, Aizen was the bad guy and all bad guys eventually reveal their plans, right?

"I would like for you to stay here as an equal. If you think you're the only one that has noticed how poorly treated you are by Soul Society you are sadly mistaken." Aizen stated and watched with amusement as the boy opened his mouth as if to protest and then close it. It was like watching a goldfish under water.

"All you know of us is what they want you to believe, but aren't you the least bit curious as to why three captains would abandon their post? It is not because we are evil; it is because of Soul Society's arrogance. Gin had been looked down upon even before he became a captain. Tousen's dear friend had been killed by them, and I have my own reasons." Aizen stated and noticed Ichigo was listening without protest, perhaps the boy did realize how he was viewed by his so called 'friends'.

"And I should trust you just because you pointed out the truth? You could be no better than them!" Ichigo finally spoke up though this did not surprise Aizen who had been expecting it eventually.

"Because we do not want you here to fight or bleed for us. We wish to see you as an equal if you give us the chance. Stay for one week and if you still do not agree you can leave on your free will and we will not bother you again. Allow us to earn your trust instead of having to prove yourself worthy." Aizen bargained and saw the conflict in the boy's eyes.

The first thing Ichigo thought was that it was a trick. There was no way they would allow him to walk out without anything from him. The other side, which strangely sounded like his hollow, said what did he have to lose? Soul Society only used and discarded him, Renji thought he was a joke, and his friends didn't care. The only thing that bothered him was the fact he was still in his body and didn't want to leave his sisters alone.

"I'll stay for one week if you send my body back and put Kon in it." Ichigo finally replied, it would be the first test.

"Very well, Harribel, if you could show our guest to his room and take his body back to his home." Aizen requested of the third espada who didn't speak. She only stood up with her fraccion and escorted him to his chambers.

As soon as the door clicked and Ichigo was out of the room Aizen addressed his espada. "I want all of you to make sure Ichigo has an enjoyable time here, if any of you harm him there will be severe consequences." Aizen warned them, though none had any thoughts of harming the orange haired vizard. In their own way they had been interested in him. Not to mention, if Aizen-sama said to make his time here enjoyable…

…they would show him one hell of a time.

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