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Ichigo slowly woke up, his right eye slipping open to the sound of Nnoitra snoring next to him. He didn't know how long he had been out, but the Espada's snoring had finally woken him up. There's no way I'm falling back asleep now. Ichigo thought to himself as he pulled the covers back and sat up on the edge of the bed. He glanced down at the ruthless Espada, or once ruthless, he couldn't decide.

He hadn't thought Nnoitra had a soft side, but a little bit of it showed when they slept together…or after they slept together. The fifth Espada reminded him so much of Kenpachi with his fighter's spirit. Then again, Kenpachi had Yachiru as his soft side, so why couldn't Nnoitra show a little of that? Not that he would ever say it to his face or tell anyone. From what he had recently learned about hollows and arrancars, it was all about power and any sign of weakness could be taken advantage of.

He smiled down Nnoitra, ignoring the drool on his pillow and long tongue hanging out of his mouth. He quickly turned and got dressed and felt a little guilty leaving before Nnoitra woke up, but he was sure the Espada would find him eventually (and despite not wanting to admit it, he was hoping for a round two with him).

He exited the room and into the white empty hallway. He was somewhat familiar with this area as down the hall was Baraggan's and Stark's chambers. Now if I remember correctly, to get to the throne room I go left past that door and then make a right. From there I go all the way down until I get to the second hall, or it is the third? Ichigo mused to himself as he wandered down the hall. He wasn't quite sure if he remembered the way, but he knew if he got to the throne room it was just a quick left and the second door on the right was his room. That is if he found it.

He shrugged, not caring if he got lost or not. He was sure an arrancar would tell him where he was and direct him to his room or maybe Gin could help since he knew the silver-haired ex-captain loved being on monitor duty. He turned the corner and found the hall once again empty. He continued down it wondering if there was a meeting all the arrancar were attending or if they were hunting in Hueco Mundo. It seemed odd that a place that held so many arrancar and no one around.

He was about to make it to the second hallway when he felt the ground below him shake. He braced his hand the wall to regain his balance and quickly turned and dodged as a hand grabbed at him. "Ya got a lot of nerve coming here, shinigami!" Yammy roared as he slammed his fist into the wall.

Ichigo rolled out of the way and silently cursed. He had forgotten his zanpaktou in his room. "What the Hell is your problem?" Ichigo yelled back as he stood on guard. He remembered encountering Yammy before with Rukia, but he thought Byakuya and Kenpachi had taken him out, or so they said in their report. Then again, Aizen had resurrected many of the Espada that had been killed off. Too bad he decided Yammy was worth keeping.

"Ya ain't getting away this time!" Yammy yelled as he slammed his fist at Ichigo again, causing the substitute shinigami to dodge once again. He was now glad Grimmjow had him spar with him the other day or he would have been out of shape. With the lack of training in his shinigami body due to Soul Society's restrictions, he would have been crushed.

Ichigo turned, anticipating the next attack when his arm caught the edge of Yammy's sword. Come on, King. Kick his ass or I will! He heard his hollow scream, and knew it was a threat he would keep. If he didn't get away from Yammy or defeat him, he knew Shiro would try to take over to protect him.

"Ain't that powerful without your mask or your zanpaktou, huh, shinigami?" Yammy laughed before he swung his sword again. Ichigo held his bleeding arm, cursing himself for being sloppy and dodged out of the way of the sword and falling pieces of debris.

"Such a coward, can't even turn and fight! Once you're done, Aizen will…"

"Lord Aizen will have you exterminated." A voice said from behind Yammy. The giant troll sneered as he turned to see Ulquiorra standing casually behind him with his hands in his pockets.

"Nice try, Ulquiorra, but he is mine this time. Besides, he already kicked your ass last time you two fought. It's my turn now, and don't worry, I'll actually accomplish it." Yammy mocked the smaller Espada, who narrowed his eyes. As soon as Yammy turned around to face Ichigo again, Ulquiorra raised his hand and prepared to fire a cero. He knew it was against Lord Aizen's rules to fire one inside the walls of Las Noches, but he knew his lord would know his cause and would hopefully forgive him for it.

"Trash," Ulquiorra muttered as he fired the cero at Yammy's back, causing the large Espada to hollow in pain. It burned a hole through his left shoulder, but did not completely take down the tenth Espada. It was meant to only cause a distraction and get him away from Ichigo. If he wanted to kill Yammy, he knew he very well could. Even if Yammy tried to use his resurrección, he would kill him before the piece of trash had enough time to think about it.

"What the fuck, Ulquiorra!" Yammy hollowed as he turned around, ready to charge the fourth Espada and crush him. He was far superior to him, and it was time for Ulquiorra to finally know his place. "Ya want to defend him? Fine, I'll crush you both and bring your bodies to Aizen to deal with!" he snarled and was about to charge Ulquiorra when a sword slashed Yammy across his chest, causing him to drop to his knees.

"As much fun as it would be watching ya trying to fight Ulquiorra, I ain't gonna let ya hurt Kurosaki more than ya already did," Grimmjow growled, his zanpaktou held firmed at his side. Beside him, Zommari, Harribel, and several fraccion were standing on guard. They all knew about Yammy's resurrección, even if some hadn't seen it and weren't taking any chances.

"Have you all lost your mind? Fine, I'll destroy you all!" Yammy roared and tried to stand up while blood continued to flow from the wound onto the floor.

"You will do no such thing," Aizen said from behind him, standing with Tousen and Gin who was standing beside Ichigo. "I issued an order that no harm was to come to Ichigo Kurosaki," he narrowed his eyes.

Yammy gaped at his lord like a dumb fish and turned around to see Aaroniero sleek down the hallway before he was caught. The little traitor had stood him up! Still, what had changed? They were supposed to be attacking the shinigami, not opening up a resort for them to stay at!

"I know you were not here for the meeting, and thus did not know of my orders. However, you also know I do not prohibit any fighting within these walls except for the training rooms. I have given you many chances to redeem yourself, Yammy, and yet you still continue to disobey." Aizen muttered lowly and shifted his gaze to Grimmjow and Harribel. "Bring him outside," he ordered.

"This is bullshit! Why the fuck am I being punished? I am stronger than all of these other pieces of trash combined! You're making a mistake, Aizen! Hell, keeping that shinigami here will be your downfall!" Yammy growled before Grimmjow and Harribel grabbed a hold of his arms and dragging him out.

"Are you alright, Ichigo?" Aizen asked as he turned to his right to see Ichigo still in the same spot holding his arm with Gin's arm wrapped protectively around him.

"Yeah, it's just a little scratch," Ichigo shrugged.

"I am sorry you had to witness and go through that. I had ordered everyone in Las Noches that you were here as our guest, and not to be touched. I do not normally have punishment be so severe, but Yammy has been out of line for quite some time," Aizen sighed, and hoped it hadn't scared the boy off. Honestly, he shouldn't have been surprised by this outburst from Yammy. The Espada had been more ruthless since he had returned, and while he was still slow minded at times, he didn't want to risk Yammy encountering Ichigo. Although, one benefit of it was it showed the other Espada were willing to protect the substitute shinigami, which he was very pleased with. He supposed he'd have to find a replacement Espada.

Ichigo remained quiet in his own thoughts. He remembered fighting Yammy, and remembered the harsh words he had to say about his comrades, saying they were nothing compared to him.

"Ulquiorra, can you please fix up Ichigo's arm?" Aizen requested and he could see the fourth Espada stiffen slightly, but didn't dismiss the order.

"Of course, this way, Kurosaki," Ulquiorra bowed before his lord and turned, motioning for Ichigo to follow him.

"I'll see ya later, Ichi," Gin gave him a small hug before he pushed him in Ulquiorra's direction.

Ichigo stared ahead at Ulquiorra, feeling a little apprehensive about being alone with the Espada. Sure he had saved him from being killed, but if he hadn't, Aizen would have been pissed if he got killed. Besides, the two hadn't really made contact since their last encounter when Ichigo tore him apart.

Hehe, sweet memories, huh King? Ichigo ignored his hollow, who was not making the situation any better and followed Ulquiorra down the hallway to a room.

The room was small with white walls, just like every other room in Las Noches. A dresser filled with all the medical equipment needed sat across from a single hospital bed. "Please, take a seat," Ulquiorra said quietly as he went through the drawers and pulled out some antiseptic solution and gauze and tape.

Ichigo sat on the bed, feeling a little awkward. He didn't know what to say to Ulquiorra, 'sorry my hollow almost killed you?' 'So what's it like having half of your body torn apart?' "Thanks for back there," he finally said, breaking the silence.

"Only a weakling would attack someone unarmed," Ulquiorra muttered as he pulled up Ichigo's sleeve to inspect the wound. It wasn't too deep and had stopped bleeding.

Ichigo looked up at Ulquiorra as the Espada opened the bottle of antiseptic solution and poured it on a piece of gauze to clean it. Who knows what had been on the edge of Yammy's zanpaktou. Fine if you won't say something, I will. Shiro finally growled and Ichigo felt his inner hollow shove him into his inner world so he could take control of Ichigo's body.

Ulquiorra stopped what he was doing when he felt a familiar shift in Ichigo. His sclera and iris changed to black and yellow and were staring at him.

"Yo, it's been a while," Shiro smirked as he allowed his powers to take control and heal the wound on Ichigo's arm. All that medical stuff was unnecessary and he didn't know why his King didn't come to him more often with injuries.

"You're Kurosaki's hollow I presume," Ulquiorra commented as he put down the supplies, seeing Ichigo's injury heal on its own.

"Ain't you a fucking genius," Shiro rolled his eyes before he approached Ulquiorra, though the fourth Espada did not look as intimidated as he felt. "Ya still scared of me, ain'tcha? For what I did to ya on top of the dome?" he continued to mock the Espada, despite hearing Ichigo and even Zangetsu protest.

"No," Ulquiorra answered calmly, not showing a sign of weakness. He knew if he even showed a waiver of it, the other hollow would pounce. "You are not what I was expecting you to be. I am surprised you are able to speak now, but you wouldn't back then," he whispered.

"Tch, no shit. I was the only one home since ya blasted a hole through King's chest," Shiro growled at the memory. He had it at the time, the power to control Ichigo's body, but being handed it was not how he wanted it. He wanted to defeat Ichigo at the time, and the Espada had taken away his chance. Screw the Quincy, screw the sniveling bitch, and everyone else; he went berserk for his King.

"Ya thinking of doing it again? Trying to take him down because he wasn't the piece of trash ya thought he was?" Shiro continued to try and edge the Espada on. He wanted to see how far he could take it before the other attacked. Shiro, knock it off! I never wanted you to try and kill him in the first place! He heard Ichigo yell at him, but ignored it once again. He was doing this for his King.

"There is no need to attack Kurosaki. He has proven himself worthy of being higher than Soul Society, and most the arrancar here, on my standards," Ulquiorra muttered, feeling a little annoyed with the hollow. He much preferred Kurosaki over him.

"Why's that? Because ya know I'm here to rip you apart if ya hurt him?" Shiro continued.

"You really are clueless. You do not have my respect; you act just like the rest of the hollows in Hueco Mundo. After you left and Kurosaki saw the destruction you caused, he knew it hadn't been a fair fight, just like the one he had with Yammy only moments ago. He wanted his arm and leg cut off so it would be an even fight, one without your interference, and for that, Kurosaki has my respect," Ulquiorra countered, and was surprised to see the hollow smirk.

"Good answer," Shiro moved closer to Ulquiorra and grabbed him by the front of his uniform to bring him close. "Ya take care of him, because if ya don't, I'll tear you apart," Shiro promised as he grabbed the back of Ulquiorra's head and brought the arrancar into a kiss and shoved his King back into control.

The yellow and black disappeared from Ichigo's eyes as he stared at the arrancar. He was surprised when an arm wrapped itself around his waist to bring him closer. He was surprised by how soft Ulquiorra's lips were and how gentle of a kisser he was. He was tempted to pull back, but decided to enjoy the kiss.

"I assume you heard everything," Ulquiorra's lips murmured against Ichigo's. The orange haired teen pulled back slowly with a faint blush across his cheeks.

"Sorry about him. Usually I can control him better, but-" Ichigo began before Ulquiorra raised a hand to cut him off.

"No need to apologize, Kurosaki. I know what his intentions were," Ulquiorra stated and took a step back from Ichigo.

"Not only for just now, but before," Ichigo glanced down at Ulquiorra's reformed leg and arm. He remembered seeing the horror of what he had done to the arrancar. Even though he had been an enemy, he still couldn't believe his hollow had gone so far.

"It appears your hearing has not improved, and I will not repeat myself again, I do not hold you accountable. You may view what you did as horrific, but all your hollow did was what I have done in the past to others. Whether you want to accept it or not, you are more like us than you think." Ulquiorra stated as he turned and glanced at the small window. He remembered coming to visit the girl often when she was being held as Las Noches. "Tell me, how the girl treats you?" he asked without turning around. She had fascinated him and drove him to feel emotions he hadn't known were there, much like how Ichigo was doing now.

Ichigo's eyes softened and he walked over to the bed and sat down. He ran a hand through his soft orange hair before he finally spoke, "she hasn't said a word to me since." He replied. A part of him felt guilty for allowing his hollow to take control and to scare her and damage their friendship while the other half that was buried deep down was pissed off.

"It angers you?" Ichigo turned his head to look at Ulquiorra who hadn't moved. "Why?" He squeezed his hand in a fist.

"Why?" Ichigo snorted and turned back around. "I risked my life to save her, I died twice in the process and then when everything returns to normal she acts like I have the plague or something. Uryu…I've apologized to him I don't know how many times and he won't accept it. Then Renji," he paused for a moment, feeling his hand unconsciously wrap around the pillow on the bed. "That bastard used me just like the rest of Soul Society and my friends," he stood and threw the pillow at the door.

Shit, King, calm down! He heard Shiro in his mind yelling, but he didn't care. He had been bottling it all up inside him for so long it felt good to finally get it out.

"I'm wondering if that's all Aizen wants, to use me against the Soul Society," Ichigo growled under his breath. He noticed Ulquiorra finally turn and face him, his face passive as it always was and did not seem fazed by the thought.

"These last few months must have been tough for you, and I'm not surprised you would question Aizen-sama's intentions," Ulquiorra stated as he slowly approached the disgruntled teen. "He discusses only some of his plans with us, and we follow the rules he has set. Our instructions were not to allow harm come your way. Whatever activities you have done with the others are their way of showing you they accept you, which Aizen-sama did not instruct them to," he finally stopped in front of the teen and raised a hand to Ichigo's cheek. "You've been hurt by the shinigami trash for far too long, perhaps if you allowed us, we could show you what true acceptance is," he leaned in and kissed Ichigo on the lips. He was not surprised when Ichigo did not return it at first. The teen was confused and hurt by those he once considered his friends and allies, it was only normal for him to question them.

"You have done nothing wrong," Ulquiorra pulled back slightly as he knelt down in front of the shinigami. "They are unworthy of your loyalty. If you'll allow me," his hand moved up Ichigo's leg to his thigh while his eyes never left the teens. "I want to give you the worship you deserve," he stated as he moved in again to capture Ichigo's lips, not waiting for the teen to answer.

King, he is making sense, and I swear if you keep questioning yourself and those fucking morons, I'll take control and slaughter them all. Then I'll come back and have a fucking orgy with all the Espada! He heard Shiro shout in his head. A part of him wanted to laugh, but he could hear the hint of seriousness in his hollow's voice and knew he would do it.

Ichigo finally kissed the Espada back while pushing away the frustration he had been feeling. He felt Ulquiorra's lips leave his as the arrancar moved down to his neck while removing the teen's top. A shiver went down his back as the cold pale hands slip across his chest and came to rest on his stomach. He noted the fresh scars near the teens neck cause by the others and wondered why the hollow didn't heal those. As he pulled away he noted there was barely a scratch on the rest of Ichigo's body.

Ulquiorra moved his hand down until it reaches the vizard's hakama and glanced up for permission. Ichigo gave a small nod as he raised his hips up and pushed his hakama off and presented himself before the Espada. He started to feel a little self-conscious when the Ulquiorra didn't move and only stared at his body. He began to move his arms across his chest when Ulquiorra took the hand in his own.

"Do not cover yourself," Ulquiorra ordered as he knelt down in front of Ichigo, a sight the teen never thought he'd ever see, even in his dreams. His toes curl and he surpasses a small moan as the arrancar takes his cock in his hand and begins to slowly stroke it. Ichigo's gazed at the arrancar and placed a hand around the arrancar's collar and tugged on it. Seeming to have gotten the hint, Ulquiorra kept a steady pace as his hand continued to stroke the teen while his other hand moved up to his collar and pulled his jacket open to reveal his pale skin underneath. The corner of the number four across his chest revealed slightly.

Ichigo finally let the moan escape his lips as Ulquiorra moved forward and wrapped his mouth around Ichigo while he freed himself of his jacket. Once the garment was off, he placed a hand on either side of the teen's thighs and was only encouraged when he heard Ichigo moan. He felt the teen run his fingers through his black locks of hair and let a purr rumble through his throat. He only stopped momentarily when the teen's hand came down across his cheek and he glanced up at Ichigo and finally released the weeping cock from his mouth. The teen gave him a small smile and moved back onto the bed and gave him an open invitation to join him.

Once Ulquiorra sat next to him on the bed and ran his lips across the teen's neck once more while his fingers explored more of the teen's body, he heard Ichigo give a small protest. "You don't have to do all the work, let me-" Ichigo placed a hand on Ulquiorra's arm, only to be interrupted by the Espada.

"This is not about my pleasure, this is about yours. I want to help you forget about the shinigami and what they have done to you," Ulquiorra stated as he pushed the teen down slowly on the bed. "I want you to feel cared for and protected," he stated as he swung his legs on either side of the teen's body and captured Ichigo's lips in another kiss.

Ichigo brought his one hand up to the back of Ulquiorra's head while the other snuck down and untied the arrancar's obi. "This is all up to you," Ulquiorra whispered against his lips and pulled back despite Ichigo's fingers still being wrapped in his hair. "If you want to go through with this," he finally finished. Despite his own hollow instincts starting to kick in and telling him to take the boy, he didn't want to force Ichigo into the situation more than he already had.

"No, I want this," Ichigo closed his eyes and brought Ulquiorra's forehead down to meet his. "Help me forget about them. Help me forget about Renji," he whispered and opened his eyes to stare into the Espada's emerald ones.

Ulquiorra had always been calm, even in battle because he knew he was superior in every way to the enemy. There were very few that could best him in battle, and there were rare times when he allowed himself to act on his animalistic hollow instincts, and at the moment he was barely holding onto them. While his facial expression hadn't changed, on the inside he could feel his protective instincts taking over. He wanted to erase any existence of the shinigami trash that had hurt Ichigo and any other hollow that had touched him.

"It would be my pleasure," Ulquiorra finally answered as he moved down Ichigo's body, laying small kisses along his chest as he went. When he finally reached Ichigo's entrance, he caught Nnoitra's scent that made him narrow his eyes slightly. He would not allow that lower class arrancar's scent to remain on Ichigo's much longer.

Ichigo gasp as he felt Ulquiorra's tongue inside his entrance and grasped the side of the bed. He felt the arrancar's hand once again wrap around his cock. The orange haired vizard's head sunk further into the pillow as he felt the Espada hit every pleasurable spot on his body.

Ulquiorra's thumb moved over the head of Ichigo's cock and smeared the pre-cum across the sensitive tip. His eyes moved up to stare the teen whose mouth hung open and back seemed to arch off the bed. He knew the teen was close to cumming.

Ichigo bit his lip as he finally stared down at Ulquiorra. He knew he was close, and a part of him wanted to let go, but the other wanted more. He managed to lean on his elbows and placed a hand on Ulquiorra's cheek. He didn't know what it was, maybe being around Grimmjow, Nnoitra, or even his own hollow, but he wanted to be in control. He pushed forward and knocked the Espada onto his back and straddled him.

Ulquiorra wasn't taken by surprised often, and knew he shouldn't have been when Ichigo straddled him. No matter what he told the boy, he would still do things his own way. "I thought I told you-" Ulquiorra muttered underneath Ichigo as he tried to get up.

"Yeah, yeah, well this is what I want." Ichigo replied as he took Ulquiorra's hard cock in his hand and lowered himself on it. Ichigo moaned as he was fully seated on the Espada's cock and slowly began to move.

Ulquiorra remained silent, despite the feeling of having his cock encased inside of Ichigo's body. He placed his hands on either side of Ichigo's hips and encouraged the teen to rise and fall on his cock. His eyes traveled from where their bodies connected to Ichigo's chest where he had created a hole inside the teen twice before. Feelings were still very new to him, but he knew at the moment he was feeling remorse for hurting the beautiful creature on top of him. If only Aizen had grabbed the substitute shinigami before the war started they may have been on the same sides.

Ichigo felt his legs shake knowing he wouldn't last long, hell he was surprised he lasted as long as he had. Drops of pre-cum fell onto Ulquiorra's stomach and Ichigo threw his head back as sweat drips down the side of his face as he tries to hold on as long as he could. Despite Ulquiorra wanting to please him, he knew he couldn't be selfish and be the only one allowed pleasure. He squeezed around the cock inside him and heard a groan from Ulquiorra as his dark fingernails pinched the side of his hips.

He finally lost it as he fell on Ulquiorra's cock once more and allowed himself to cum across the Espada's chest. He was barely able to balance himself up as he continued to squeeze around Ulquiorra's cock until he finally felt warm liquid fill his passage. He stared down at the arrancar before he finally collapsed across the other's chest.

He raised an arm up to take some pressure off of Ulquiorra when an arm wrapped around his back. He turned to look at Ulquiorra and was surprised to see a rare smile on the arrancar's lips. It wasn't a large grin with teeth showing that he saw on Grimmjow or a wide creepy smile that Gin normally wore. Only the corner of his lip moved up, but Ichigo knew it was definitely a grin.

Ichigo moved to the side of Ulquiorra and rested his head on the arrancar's shoulder. He felt the arm tighten slightly around him protectively. He didn't know why, but he felt safe in Las Noches, even more so than in Karakura Town. Perhaps he should start listening to what everyone had been telling him. It was time to forget about his life with the shinigami and start focusing on his new family in Las Noches.

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