Kamen Rider Dusk

Hey, Blazorna here, this is the "sneak preview" and first chapter of Kamen Rider Dusk. This fanfic has a few themes from Kamen Rider Decade, as in the Ride Cards, visiting other worlds, etc. but with enough differences to keep it apart from that series.

This story will visit the worlds of other Kamen Rider fanfics, but not ones that are revisions( as in writing the series how the author would've done it) or fan-continuations of canon series like Den-o, Black RX or Kuuga. Just 100% original made up Kamen Riders. Stories that have canon Kamen Riders but with different operators and follow a different storyline is allowed, but I prefer completely original stories.

The story here won't progress further until I have the okay from others for me to use their fanfics and OC Kamen Riders. So I'll say this ahead of Time, I NEED fellow KR authors to let me use their characters! I need to have at least 5 worlds for the storyline to visit! Send me a Private Message if you want your story to be included or have any other questions.

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Dusk and Dawn/ Dusk's Beginning.

Kamen Rider Dusk, traveler of Dimensions. What does he stand for? What lies ahead on his journey to stop Zero-Shocker?

Hiro sighed as he looked around the town. The Seventeen year old had no clue where he was as he just wandered the streets. The black haired boy scratched his head in annoyance. His black tank top and jeans complimented his build.

"Great… I shouldn't had listened to her… and now I'm in a new world…" he grumbled before remembering the events that lead to this world.

"Hinata-sensei really hates me for certain…" Hiro said as he laid down on his bed.

"Really huh Hiro-san?" Hiro's friend, Dango asked.

"Yeah… well anyway, I found this weird bracelet this morning…" Hiro said, pulling out a large, silver bracelet with three slots stacked up in a row on one end and a blue orb on the other end. The center had a translucent window and it showed that the inside of it was hollow.

"Talked to anyone about it?" Dango asked, locking his eyes with the blue eyes of Hiro.

"I spoke to a Kuro-san about it, and he never seen anything like this before…" Hiro said. "Plus it came with these blank cards…"

Dango watched as Hiro pulled out a small deck of cards. The back of them had nothing but a black circle. Dango picked three up and turned them over to see what they looked like. The cards had no picture or text except for "Summon Ride" for the first card, "Gear Ride" for the second , and "Kamen Ride" for the last one.

"Strange cards. Hey, think these go into those slots of that bracelet?" Dango asked.

"Likely, they're the right size, but I haven't tried them, got a feeling that they will do something…" Hiro said, sighing.

"Then do it then!" his friend ordered.

"NO!" Hiro remarked, he then got to his feet and took the cards from Dango.

"Whatever, Hiro-san. I better go anyway, It's almost my curfew." Dango replied as he rose and left the bedroom.

"Okay, bye." Hiro said, waving to his friend before he was out of sight.

"Try the cards out…" Hiro said, thinking out loud as he looked at a blank "Kamen Ride" card he was holding. "What's the worse that can happen?"

The teen slowly slid the card into the bottom slot of the bracelet and closed his eyes in fear. A few moments later, he opened them after realizing that nothing happened.

"oh well, guess it's a piece of…" Hiro said before he looked at the card through the window and fell silent. The card that he slipped inside the bracelet now had a picture on it with more writing. The picture showed a helmet that had grasshopper like eyes that were yellow in color while the rest was black, there was also two thick, silver horns near the upper forehead area of the helmet, but they were pointed forward.

"Kamen Rider Dusk? That card was blank before…" Hiro said as he pulled out the card and examined the new text that appeared underneath the "Kamen Ride" text. "Strange… Kamen Rider is just fiction, and this guy hasn't been in any series nor movies…"

The teen then slid two "Gear Ride" cards into the bracelet and waited. There was a small glow from the gem and then light erupted from the center. Hiro closed his eyes for a moment and opened them when the light died down.

Hiro pulled out the cards and looked at them. Like the Kamen Ride card he inserted before, the two Gear Ride Cards now had pictures and more text on them. One had a double edged sword that had a black blade with a silver hilt and grip, complete with a small blue orb imbedded in the center, while the second was a silver handgun with a black grip. The new text on the two cards were "Twilight Revolver" and "Dusk Blade".

"Wow… now… I wonder what this card does…" Hiro said as he pulled out a blank card that said "Gate Ride" on it and slipped it into a slot. The picture appeared in a flash of light. When Hiro looked at it, he was stunned to see what it showed.

"That guy is that Kamen Rider Dusk…" he muttered to himself as he saw a picture Dusk on a black motorcycle riding into what looked like a portal.

"So… you activated the DuskDriver at last…" a female voice said.

"Who said that?!" Hiro asked, startled by the voice.

"Me?" the voice said. "I supposed I can show myself, since You're Kamen Rider Dusk."

A female Kamen Rider that looked a lot like Kamen Rider Femme, but the Advent Deck and belt were gone and the right hand had a gold wristband that looked like the silver bracelet Hiro had.

"Wait… you look like Kamen Rider Femme from Ryuki…" Hiro said.

"True, but I am not her, in fact, this is just a disguise so you understand who I am…" the kamen rider said before she glowed. When the light vanished, she now looked like a white version of Dusk but had a skirt around the waist. The suit was tight around her curves while the chest armor also contoured to her breasts a little. Her helmet's eyes were blue in color, and were lacking the horns that Dusk had. "This is my true form…"

"Who are you?" Hiro asked, confused.

"Kamen Rider Dawn, your partner." Kamen Rider Dawn replied, sitting down beside Hiro and showing him her right arm, showing a gauntlet that looked like Hiro's bracelet. "My Dawn Driver is proof enough."

"This is just crazy… Kamen Riders are just fiction!" Hiro stated in disbelief.

"In this dimension they are…" Dawn responded. "But in others, they are very real."

"This has got to be a dream!!!" Hiro said, not getting what was going on.

"Please calm down!" Dawn replied. " I understand that this is a lot to take in. but you're needed!"

"How so?" Hiro asked, raising an eyebrow.

"By stopping this evil Organization …" Dawn replied. "You are to chase after them and stop them from destroying the other dimensions. If they succeed, then all dimensions will be corrupted and become evil."

"I see…" Hiro said flatly. "Fine. Tell me what to do… I don't know how to even put on the DuskDriver…"

"You just put it on your wrist and say 'Henshin', understand?" Dawn instructed.

"I got it." Hiro replied, nodding in agreement. He placed the Dusk Driver on his right wrist and the driver attached itself to his wrist and the orb began glowing.


A black glow surrounded Hiro's body, quickly becoming a jumpsuit. After the jumpsuit appeared, silver chest armor emerged from the suit, covering the upper torso. Hiro then noticed that silver, rounded shoulder pads appeared with blue gemstones imbedded in their centers. The gloves and boots then came into view, becoming entirely silver with thick, black bands near the ends of them, except for the right arm, where the glove merged with the Dusk Driver instead, becoming a gauntlet. Finally the helmet that was in the card's picture started to appear, covering Hiro's head and face.

"That wasn't hard, right?" Dawn said, teasing a little.

"Hey, I am new to this okay!" Dusk said, shaking his head. "Not everyday you become a Kamen Rider!"

"True, Dusk-kun." Dawn agreed, still teasing Dusk still.

"Okay, Dawn-chan, what now?" Dusk asked, a little irritated.

"You have a Gate Ride Card ready?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah." Dusk said, showing the Gate Ride card to the female Kamen Rider.

"We're all set, ready to go?" Dawn said, pulling out her own.

"Where?" Dusk asked, confused.

"Where ever Zero-Shocker is!" Dawn replied.

"NANI?!" the black Kamen Rider said in shock. "Who's Zero-Shocker?!"

"The mentioned evil Organization, baka. Zero-Shocker is from my home dimension that are after the corruption of all others." Dawn replied. "Enough talk, we need to get going!"

"Geez… feels like I'm in a fanfic…" Dusk said as he slid the Gate Ride card into a slot on the Dusk-Driver. "How do I activate a Gate Ride card?"

"Just press the orb." Dawn instructed, sliding her own Gate Ride card in and pressed the blue orb on her armband.

"GATE RIDE" an automated voice said before a portal appeared in front of Dawn. Dusk repeated the same action and another portal appeared before the two merged together.

"Ready?" Dawn asked.

"I better get paid for this!" Dusk said as he ran into the portal.

"Baka…" the female kamen rider said flatly as she went in after her partner.

"So… I'm in a new world, or dimension, but where's Dawn-san?" Hiro said, sighing as he scratched his head.

"Right behind you." a familiar voice said from behind him.

"Dawn-san?" Hiro asked.

"Nope, Hikari is the name, but that's what I go by as a Kamen Rider." the voice said. " Turn around, Dusk-kun."

"I'm Hiro, not Dusk." Hiro corrected as he turned around and blushed at what he saw.

A blonde haired girl with blue eyes was standing in front of him. She was wearing a white tubetop and white miniskirt, showing off her figure. Her white, smooth skin was glowing a bit in the sunlight. She basically had the figure of a model.

"Never knew how cute you'd be underneath the helmet." Hiro said, grinning a little.

"Arigato, Hiro-kun, you're looking sharp yourself." Hikari replied, winking at him.

"Any clue to where we are?" Hiro asked.

"Nope. But definitely a Rider's Dimension." Hikari responded, brushing some of her hair from her face.

"Why are you so sure about that?" Hiro asked.

"Because of that." Hikari said, pointing to a shark like kaijin fighting Kamen Riders Decade and Ryuki.

"Should we join in?" Hiro suggested.

"No. this Dimension is free of Zero-Shocker, otherwise the whole world is filled with kaijin, besides, this isn't our destination." Hikari said.

"Then why are we here?" the agitated teen asked.

"I wanted to show you that even the Kamen Riders you're familiar with truely exist." Hikari explained as she pulled out another Gate Ride card.

"Get ready, we need to get going." Hikari said, sliding the card into her DawnDriver.

"GATE RIDE" the automated voice said as a portal appeared.

Hiro glanced at the Kamen Riders as they kept fighting the pair of shark kaijin. The teenager turned away and walked into the portal before Hikari followed her.

What worlds he was going to visit, no one would know. What powers he had, are a mystery.

This is the start of Dusk's journey.

Keep Going, Keep Fighting.

I know, I didn't demonstrate what Dusk can do in battle, but I want you to know that this is maybe revised, besides, I don't want to go on until I have permission by a few other authors giving me their consent on using their own KR fanfic characters for this story.

The part where Hikari and Hiro were in Ryuki's world from Decade momentarily was homage to Kamen Rider Decade, the series that inspired me to do this fanfic.

I want your thoughts about this story! Think this could be a great story or not? What could I do to make it stand out from other kamen Rider fanfics? What original Kamen Rider fanfics will work with this story?

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