Dawn and Dusk/ Kaijin Companion

Hiro sighed as he emerged from the portal.

"Man, never thought your world would be so bleak…" he said to Hikari as they emerged from the portal that emerged.

"Well, expect that kind of thing for all dimensions that are conquered by Zero-Shocker." she said bitterly.

Hiro nodded before he noticed a girl that appeared to be in her late teens lying on a bridge, appearing to be severely weakened.

"Oh no…" Hiro said as he bolted towards the girl.

"Hiro, wait!" Hikari pleaded , reaching forward to grab her partner's hand, only to barely miss it.

Hiro ran towards the girl, kneeling beside her.

"Hey, you alright?" he asked while carefully helping the girl sit upright.

"What are… you doing?" the girl asked, wincing as she held her gut.

"What does it look like, helping you." he replied.

Hiro then heard something metallic hit the pavement. He looked down and saw a silver coin that had a design that resembled an eel.

"What's that?" Hiro asked

"That's a Cell Medal… It's a physical manifestation of one's desire." the girl explained as she tried to stagger to her feet.

"interesting…" Hiro said as he picked up the medal.

"Please… give it to me… I need as many as I can get…" the girl pleaded.

"Why?" Hiro asked as he handed her the coin.

"I'm missing my Core Medals… Someone like me had taken them from me, and I need to consume Cell Medals to stay alive…" the girl explained before taking the Cell Medal from him.

"Okay… you sound like you're made up of these medal things…" Hiro said, scratching his head.

"I actually am, since I'm a Greeed after all." the girl explained.

"Greeed?" Hiro asked, confused.

"She's a kaijin that's native to this world…" Hikari said as she walked up. "Greeed are beings that exist due to Mankind's desires. They're made up of three sets of three Core Medals and numerous Cell Medals, and they have the ability to create Yummy, which are kaijin that are composed of solely Cell Medals, and they exist to create Cell Medals to feed the Greeed. "

"You know a lot of my kind…" the Greeed said, somewhat amused .

"It looks like this Greeed here lost all her Cores and is slowly dying." Hikari said coldly. "Hiro, leave her be…"

Hiro looked at Hikari before glancing back at the Greeed.

"You have a name? I'm Hiro." he said, introducing himself to her.

"I'm… I'm Me-Mezool…" Mezool said, introducing herself before she winced in pain again.

"Hiro, what are you doing? She's a damn Kaijin!" Hikari shouted. "Leave her to die!"

Mezool looked at Hikari with a pained look. Hiro noticed this and looked at his partner

"Hikari…I think I see Mezool's story here… She was most likely betrayed and left for dead once already…" he said.

"Hiro… you can't seriously be thinking of…" Hikari said, her eyes widening.

"Listen, I promised myself not to abandon anyone who is hurt… friend or foe…" he said before offering a hand to Mezool. "And you can say that helping others is my desire."

Mezool looked at the ground for a moment before taking Hiro's hand, and was helped up to her feet.

"Can't believe… I have a human… pitying me…" the Greeed said.

"I'm not pitying you, Mezool-chan, I'm just wanting to help you out." Hiro said, smiling.

Mezool diverted her attention away, somewhat embarrassed.

"A-Arigato…" she muttered.

"It's nothing… now, how do we get you Cell Medals?" Hiro asked

"Let me… use this on someone…" Mezool said, holding up the Cell Medal she held.

"NO WAY I'M LETTING HER DO THAT!" Hikari said in defiance.

"Damn it Hikari! Mezool's dying here!" Hiro said in anger.

"Argh… I want to fight something right now…" the blonde said in frustration.

"That can be arranged." a voice said.

A kaijin that was dark green in color and looked like a conglomerate of different insects appeared.

"Uva!" Mezool cried out.

"My…Mezool, you look like you're in pain. Let me put you out of your misery!" Uva said before he charged towards the dying Greeed, only to be stopped by both Hiro who glared at the kaijin.

"I won't let you…" he said as he leaded his Dusk Driver with a card. "HENSHIN!"

Hiro turned into Kamen Rider Dusk and charged at Uva.

Hikari groaned and looked at Mezool.

"Damn it…" she said before transforming herself and joining the fray.

Uva and Dusk were parrying kicks and punches, blow by blow. Uva released a bolt of green electricity at the Kamen Rider, electrocuting him slightly. Soon the insect Greeed gained the upper hand, landing blows on Dusk, knocking him back.

"Hiro…" Mezool muttered, watching in confusion.

Why is he helping me? The Greeed thought as she watched her protector being beaten. Is helping me really his desire? I never thought such desires existed…


Dawn wielded her sword and swung at Uva, who easily evaded the swing and kicked Dawn in the stomach, forcing her to lurch forward slightly.

"Damn it… I don't want Mezool to die … even if she's a kaijin…" Dusk said as he staggered to his feet after being thrown several meters by his opponent.

"Damn… I SO didn't want to use this card…" Dawn said before pulling out a card that was red and it showed a clock that looked like it was frozen.


Dawn screamed in pain as red electricity crackled all over her suit, Uva, who was going to kick Dusk froze in place as did everything else except for Mezool, Dusk, and Dawn.

"What's going on?" Mezool asked in shock.

"Same here." Dusk said, baffled by what's going on.

" H-Hiro… use… this card…" Dawn said before throwing a card to her partner. " call out Mezool's name

Hiro blinked before sliding the card into the Dusk Driver.


"Mezool!" Dusk said immediately.

A flash of light appeared and a moment later a doppelganger of Mezool was laying on the ground where the original was found, frozen with time.

"Okay… what's going on here? Dusk asked, confused.

"I'm going to erase this guy's memories of us. We're not supposed to be in this dimension to begin with…" Dawn said, limping over to Uva and pointing the Dawn Driver at the Greeed and pressed the button.

"Mind Purge!" she declared before Uva glowed in a flash of light, and teleported a few meters away from where he once stood.

"Hikari… tell me what's going on now!" Dusk said, dumbfounded now.

Mezool nodded in agreement while leaning against the bridge's railing for dear life.

" I just removed that Greeed's memories of us, and teleported him back to where he spotted us."

"What about me?" the Greeed asked.

"I hate to say this, but you're coming with us, as the clone is going to take your place. Plus, Hiro would've taken you with him most likely without my consent." Dawn said with a sigh.

"But my Core Medals…" Mezool pleaded. "I can't exist without all of them…"

Dusk lowered his head and clenched his fist, as the Greeed had a point.

"Here… Use this instead…" Dawn said as she handed Mezool a blank Gear Ride card.

"How do I use this?" the Greeed asked in confusion

"Absorb it, eat it, or whatever you do when you consume something, It'll act as a substitute for the rest of your precious Cores." Dawn explained.

Mezool looked at Dawn for a moment before she shifted to her true form, which was missing all of her armor. The Greeed then inserted the card into her chest, making a sloshing sound upon the card's entry. Almost immediately, all of her armor appearing.

"I… I can't believe it… I feel like I have all ten of my Cores…" Mezool said, looking at her outfit in awe.

" That card will also keep you from needing to consume Cell Medals as well," Dawn added. "But there's a catch."

Mezool turned her head to Dawn and looked at her.

"And what's that?" she asked.

"You have to come with us, as if you're not in the same dimension with us, then the card I just gave you becomes useless, also I can willingly force the card from working at any time." The kamen rider explained as she tapped a finger against her Dawn Driver.

Mezool paused for a moment before she nodded. " I agree to your terms. I'll come with you. Besides, I have a debt to repay for Hiro-sama."

"What do you mean?" Dusk asked, confused as he reverted back to Hiro. "And Hiro-sama? I'm not your master."

Mezool turned back to her human form and smiled. " It's because you protected me." she said. "I owe you my life."

Hiro chuckled nervously while grinning. "It was nothing really…"

Mezool giggled and walked over to Dawn.

"Anyway, are you alright?" the Greeed asked. " That one card you used seemed to have brought pain;."

"I'll be just fine, It's that I just can't use a Gate Ride card anymore…" Dawn said bitterly. "Hiro, we better get going, the effects of the Time Freeze will begin to wear off now."

Hiro nodded and loaded up a Gate Ride card into the Dusk Driver.


"Ladies first." he said, bowing.

Dawn walked into the portal first, shaking her head in disbelief.

Hiro nodded once his partner was gone before turning his attention to the female Greeed. "Okay Mezool, you ready?"

"I am…" Mezool said, nodding slightly before rubbing her face.

Hiro turned to walk towards the portal, hearing the Greeed utter something before she walked off.

"Sayonara… Gamel-kun…" she whispered sadly before she walked into the portal.

~In an other Dimension~

The trio emerged from a portal that opened up in an alleyway that had trash littered across the ground.

"Where are we now?" Hiro asked.

"Beats me." Hikari replied dryly as she looked around her surroundings.

Mezool was silent as she examined where she stood now. She was in her human form now upon arrival

Hiro looked at his Dusk Driver and tapped the window lightly without thinking, only to have it start beeping loudly with the window glowing red.

"Zero-shocker…" Hikari said bitterly as Hiro was busy slapping his transformation device in an attempt to silence it.

"It sounds like you have issues with whatever Zero-Shocker is." Mezool said, breaking her silence.

"Trust me, if Hiro and I don't stop Zero-Shocker, all the Rider dimensions will have issues with it." the blonde replied. "Including the one you came from."

The Greeed frowned. "I don't know what their motives are, but it sounds like it'd be something my fellow Greeed would help out with." she said.

"Got that right…" Hikari quipped dryly.

"Damn it, will this thing just shut up already?" Hiro said in annoyance as he was now striking the Dusk Driver against a garbage dumpster. The beeping only gotten louder with each passing minute.

"Just touch the screen, baka…" the blonde instructed while sighing.

Hiro stopped for a moment to take in what he just heard before he did as told. The beeping ceased immediately the moment the finger touched the window.

"Is he like this all the time?" Mezool asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, he's just new at being a Kamen Rider…" Hikari replied, sighing once again.

Hiro walked out of the alley, only to come across a street that was filled with cars and people walking on the streets while skyscrapers stood. He then noticed a skyscraper that was easily recognizable to him, The Empire State Building

"Wow… Are we in New York?" Hiro asked in awe.

Okay, I said I'd try to avoid using anything Canon from the Kamen Rider franchise, but upon watching episode 16 of Kamen Rider OOO, I was actually saddened by the fact Mezool was killed off. In my opinion, she deserved to be around a little longer at least, so I came up with the idea of having her join Hiro and Hikari as a Travel Companion.

As such, I'm changing the rules as well, and allow fanfics that are sequels to canon series to be incorporated into the storyline, as long as they involve an all new rider user for the main protagonist.

I'm also still in need of people helping me write the story. I'm going to focus on plotting out the overall storyline mostly, but as I'm involved in other collab fanfics, I'm not going to be able to write often for this story.

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