Title: Losing My Best Friend
Author: Dana
Rating: G
Warnings: Character death (well he's already dead)
Summary: JC just watched his best friend get blown up. What happens now?
Author's note: This is a prequel to my fic Goodbye My Love. In my fic Goodbye My Love (the first actual NYU fanfic. I get the claim of fame for starting the fanfics. Kidding but it was the first :).) I focused on Nina's reaction. Now it's time to get in JC's head. It is in JC's POV. This gets more emotional then the first fic. For several years we got to see this great partnership. In my opinion the show ended when the car blew up. The season ended and so did the show we all came to love.

"Eddie!" I yelled and ran over to the remains of the car. Officers were running out of the precinct to see what happened.

"Williams stay back!" Lou yelled as I tried to get to the driver's side.

"Anyone call the fire department?" I heard someone yell.

I didn't even hear the answer as I was focused on staring at the car. Thank God Nina wasn't here. I had been mad at her for Eddie leaving the precinct because of the rule that married couples can't work at the same station. I thought since she was the newest one she should be the one to change precincts. But then I realized it was Eddie's decision and I wasn't mad at her. I talked to Ed and finally understood his decision. We would still be best friends.

Till today. Jordan killed McNamera and now she took my best friend from me. She'll pay. I don't care what it takes but she'll pay.

Eddie and I have been through a lot. His father's death, my fiancee's death, my divorce, his near death from being injected with a drug, and even when a group of people got him addicted to heroin I was there for him. He wanted it so bad and I did my best to help him even when he didn't want it.

He was like a brother. I don't know what I'll do without him. His changing precincts was nothing compared to this. Without him there's no me.

"I'm sorry Williams." One of the firemen said after they pulled what was left of Eddie from the car.

Lou turns towards me and I see tears streaking down her face. She comes up and hugs me. I feel turns falling down my face. I'll call Nina." She said softly.

"No." I said. She looked up. "I'll go over there myself."

""Don't worry about giving a statement. You can give it later. Let me give you a ride." She said.

I was grateful. I didn't want to get in my car right now. I was just told I was next and all considered Jordan could have put a bomb in my car. I followed Lou.

We didn't say a word while she drove. I was trying to think of what I was going to tell Nina. I was having a hard time and he was my best friend. But he was also her husband. I'll need the strength to tell her without falling apart in the process.

Lou pulled up to Nina's apartment building. "I'll wait here." She said.

I got out of the car and started for the stairs trying to figure out what to say. I knocked on her door and knew she was expecting Eddy.

Here goes nothing.

The end

(Continued in Goodbye My Love)