There is just something so sweet about you… AkuRoku.

This will be a collection of my mindless akuroku drabbles to get my brain working again involving daily life and such.

Sweet Days

It was way past midnight and as the time went by, the temperature of the room kept dropping in that chilly winter season. Everyone was supposed to be already asleep. However, one boy was still up and awake (constantly nodding off). It was the finals and he had no other choice beside to stay up late in order to prepare himself for the final the next day.

Sure, he had studied days before. However, most of the time, he was interrupted by a certain someone in the house and he didn't feel like he was prepared at all.

His eyes were becoming red from the exhaustion and his back was hurting like no tomorrow, his spine went numb. He was more than ready to sleep. Forcing himself to be awake seemed to be harder than he thought.

The numbers and letters were becoming blurred under the shine of the table light. He released a small yawn, not wanting to wake his partner up. He let out a groan, wishing that he would be able to get A's for his classes. No, B was not enough. Just passing was certainly not enough either.

And he shivered because of the coldness, hugging himself tightly while trying to write down some equations on his scratch paper without shaking.

He gasped when he felt a pair of arms wrapped around him comfortably and lovingly. He looked up to find a man with hair so crimson and eyes so tired from sleepiness. "Roxas, still up? It's already one," whispered Axel.

"Oh, did I wake you up? Sorry?"

"No, you didn't. I didn't really sleep at all. C'mon, let's go to bed."

"But I have to finish studying this. Final's tomorrow, Ax."

"See, this is exactly why I don't want you to go back to school. It's killing me."

Roxas chuckled softly. "It's killing you? Why's that?"

"Aww, Rox… you know... you keep busying yourself with your study and neglecting me," Axel pouted.

"You know that's not true," the blond laughed.

"But I feel neglected. C'mon, let's go to bed. I can't sleep with my bed empty. I need you," the older man whined, hoping for his partner to give into his pleas.


"Roxasssss…" the man drawled, hugging the smaller boy tighter from behind with arms looped around the shoulders of the small body.

"Alright, alright, Ax. I'll go. Just give me five more minutes, ok?"

"No," the redhead said childishly. "You're an A student. You need to get enough sleep to be able to concentrate in your test tomorrow. I'm not going to bed until you do."

"I won't get an A if I don't study."

"I know you're going to get an A."

"Ax… ah…"

And a pair of gentle lips pressed on his.

Roxas pulled away, chuckling, fully awake. "Your breath smell."

"And you taste as sweet as ever," the redhead smile lazily. "I'll keep giving you my bad breath if you don't come to bed."

Roxas laughed. "Right. Okay. Let me pack up first."

Axel nodded and released his partner, watching as his blond packed all the books into the navy colored backpack. "Sleep time!" he shouted cheerily as he carried his partner to the bed.

Roxas gasped at first but laughed and smiled then.

The two went to sleep. The redhead hugging the blond protectively, not letting the blond went back to bed. The blond curled up into the older man happily, enjoying the slumber he had longed for.

The very next day, Roxas didn't scored a hundred percent for his final, but at least, he got a final grade of A in his transcript.