Name: Whatever Happened To Maximum Ride?

Crossover(s): Maximum Ride, Lord of the Rings, Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Who

Summary: Max, abandoned from her flock is somewhere else. Somewhere where Trees talk and an evil eye watches over all. Fang is also trapped, but in a weird arena where everybody seems to be the size of a Hedgehog, and is under attack by a man shaped like an egg. The Rest of the flock find themselves on a Box that's bigger on the inside than on the outside. Can they find out where they are, what happened and how they will get back to each other? Oh yes, and can they save every universe that they're trapped in.

~ Whatever Happened to Maximum Ride? ~

Chapter 1: Torn Apart


"Alright guys, we are outta here," I shouted, kicking back a door and running out of the room that held me and my flock in prison. However, I shielded my eyes as a blinding light hit us. There was nothing, and I mean nothing in front of us, apart from some creepy white stuff.

"What's going on?" asked Gazzy, looking shocked. Suddenly, Nudge gasped as wind whipped up around us, dragging all of us away from each other.

"MAX!" Fang yelled, before vanishing out of sight alongside the rest of my flock.

"NO! What's going on?" I shouted, crouching down, tears dripping from my eyes – wait, where did the tears come from? Where? I hardly ever cry, and if you've been following my adventures you should probably know that by now.

I realised that I must do several things:

Find out what the hell happened.

Find out how to get back to the Flock.

Trash whoever separated us from each other.

Save the World, and all of that, that stuff that Jeb keeps telling me about.

"Ouch," I murmured, waking up to find myself hitting a tree. I looked around, my eyes really open now. I was in a forest – loads of thick trees. There was a creepy fog surrounding me, and I could hear weird noises. "Maybe I'm at a theme park," I murmured aloud. "Maybe the Haunted House gig wasn't making them any money so they made a Haunted Forest?"

"Haunted Forest?" said a voice from behind me, and I turned around. The voice was kind of slow, like an old person.

"Who said that?" I asked, shocked. After all, Ghosts didn't exist, did they?

"I did, young human," I looked up, and saw that the tree that I had bashed into was talking... Wait, the tree was talking? "And this forest is not haunted, hmm, hmm, for this is Fangorn Forest."

"Fangorn.... Fangorn," I murmured. "I've heard of it before. Not American, not English. Defiantly not Japanese. Maybe this is some new weird creation of The School?"


Okay, that was defiantly weird. One minute, I was held captive at the school – the next – whaboom, here. Wherever, here is.

Suddenly, there was a boom of light and I saw something whizz around me at least five times, something small. Was this some sort of Eraser? It then came to a halt, and I looked shocked.

The thing was a Blue Hedgehog.

"Who're you?" asked the Hedgehog, and I looked even more shocked. Hedgehogs, talking? How could that even be possible?

"Fang," I replied.

"Nice meeting ya Fang," the hedgehog held out his blue hand. "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog."

3rd Person

"Okay, that was weird," Nudge looked surprised, looking around the alienish technology in front of her. "Where are we? Where's Max and Fang?"

"I don't know," Iggy murmured, "But every instinct in my body is telling me that wherever the hell we are, we shouldn't be here."

"What?" a man's voice echoed across the room, and Nudge, Iggy, Gazzy and Angel turned around to see a strange man, with a brown trench coat and crazy brown hair, which was a different colour to the trench coat. He then repeated his statement two more times. "What? What?"


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