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Mistakes and Solutions

He lived to serve his Queen.

It didn't matter if his memories were missing. Or that this girl tugged on things inside him that he refused to acknowledge. His Queen had ordered her death and the retrieval of the Silver Crystal she held.

He'd pushed his Dark energy into her until she'd writhed with pain and Silver Light had burst from her body, pushing him back. But she did not give in.

She was trapped, helpless, but he could feel her Senshi closing in. He knew he either had to kill her now and hope that the Crystal was lost with her, or risk losing both.

He refused to fail so completely.

A crescent moon burst into view on Sailor Moon's forehead as his sword pierced her. The fuku she wore fell away as a long elegant white gown took its place.


The name came into his mind without Edymion knowing how he knew it.

A rush of panic filled him as he saw her bleeding out. It was unexpected. Instinctual.

Steely determination overtook her expression and a ball of Silver Light seemed to erupt from her.

The Silver Crystal!

But before Edymion had a chance to decide whether he wanted to hold her or grab for the long sought after prize, unconsciousness claimed him.

Knowing she was dying, Usagi pushed everything she had into the Crystal, willing it to grant her wish.

Let them forget. Let them live normal lives. Free of the unnatural darkness.

Let them be happy.