Ribon No Kishi (Princess Knight) Sailor Moon Style

A/N: Anyone who is familiar with Ribon No Kishi the musical or anime or manga will recognize this storyline. If not, this story can stand alone, but i recommend watching Ribon No Kishi (Aya Matsuura version) on youtube.

Summary: Princess Serenity was born with two souls instead of one, due to a mishap, she gets one boy and one girl soul. On the moon kingdom, there is a law stating that only a boy can ascend the throne, therefore, Queen Selenity and King Solaris raise Serenity as a boy, shortening her name to Seren. But one day, Serenity's life changes when she meets Prince Darien for the first time.

If you are familiar with it, here is the character list.

Prince/Princess Sapphire: Prince/Princess Serenity

Prince Franz: Prince Darien

Prime Minister/His son: Diamond (rolled two characters into one)

Nylon: Sapphire

Hecate: Beryl

Queen and King: Selenity and Solaris

Talent scout 1: Katsy

Talent scout 2: Birdie

Jailer Pierre: Trista

Jailer one: Michelle

Jailer two: Amara

giggling girls: Mina, Amy, Raye, Lita, Molly

Generals: Zoicite and Jadiete

Chapter One

Queen Selenity smiled as she watched her lovely daughter picking flowers from the palace garden. Serenity was dressed in a beautiful white gown and her white hair was pinned into a bun.

"Serenity darling, are you going to make a bouquet?" Queen Selenity asked.

"Yes mother, I..." Suddenly the clock struck noon and Serenity jumped up.

"I have to change" She said frantically. She rushed away. Selenity watched her daughter go, tears in her eyes as King Solaris entered the gardens.

"You shouldn't see her like this" Solaris said softly. Selenity glared at him.

"Our daughter..." He held up a hand.

"This country wants a boy. You know what will happen if the kingdom discovers that she is a girl. Diamond gets the throne" Solaris said. "If Diamond takes the throne than the Moon Kingdom will parish" Selenity sighed.

"Good afternoon, mother, father" Came a deep voice from behind them. Selenity and Solaris turned to see Serenity/Seren in her prince uniform.

"Good afternoon Seren. What are your plans for today?" Solaris asked.

"I am going to assess the troops" Seren replied. He flourished a bouquet at Selenity and smiled.

Seren, your time as a girl is up" Solaris said firmly. "It is time to be a prince from here on out"

"Yes father. I understand." Seren said firmly, sweeping out of the garden. Selenity burst into tears and Solaris comforted her as they went back into the palace. A few moments later, Sapphire entered the garden.

"Diamond!" He called softly. "Diamond! Where are you!"

"Here I am" Sapphire's older brother Diamond entered from the opposite side of the garden. "Could you hear what they were talking about?" Sapphire shook his head.

"No." Diamond frowned.

"I know they are hiding something, and when I find out what it is, I shall be ruler of the moon kingdom" Sapphire rolled his eyes, which went unnoticed by his brother. If only he had been born early. Diamond was three years older and King Solaris's nephew. Before Metallia died, she had told Diamond to assume the throne someday no matter what.

"I am sure you will discover the secrets" Sapphire said, knowing that it was what his brother wanted to hear. "But for now, we must prepare for the Moonlight ball"

"Ah yes" Diamond said. "Prince Darien is attending, is he not?"

"In disguise, as usual" Sapphire replied. Diamond grinned.

"This should be interesting" He said laughing. Sapphire rolled his eyes again and followed his brother out of the garden.

A/N: Hope you like it so far.