Ribon No Kishi (Princess Knight) Sailor Moon Style

A/N: This page does not contain any amount slash, Serenity still has a girl's mind and she is dying anyway.

Chapter Nine

Seren and Darien prepared to fight. As they clashed swords, Beryl appeared. She silently begged Darien to kill Seren, because only then, she could use the soul and become human, and possibly marry Darien herself. She smiled at the thought of it as the two men fought each other. Finally Seren couldn't stand it any longer. He dropped his sword and ran at Darien. Darien sword pierced him in the side and he fell into Darien's arms. Everyone gasped, including Diamond. Darien held Seren, disbeleif on his face.

"Why did you intentionally fall on my sword?" He asked, worriedly. "Why?" He cried out the last word, unsure even of why he was crying. Suddenly the three jailers entered with the Queen. She ran to Seren and Darien.

"Serenity, my daughter" She cried, kneeling down.

"daughter?" Darien asked in disbelief. Seren gasped for breath, knowing he did not have much longer to live.

"Prince Darien" He gasped out. "Do...you...remember...? A flaxen haired girl who...danced" He took a giant breath, "with you...at...the easter ball? Who...led...you from...jail...to the...west gate?" Darien looked at Seren in surprise.

"How do you know all that?" He asked. Seren smiled weakly, pain in his stomach, his hand clutched at his side.

"I was...that...girl" Darien's eyes widened.

"You are the girl I love?" He asked in disbelief. Seren nodded slightly.

"Fate wouldn't allow us to be together. But...Whether I'm a boy, or a girl now
I loved you once and that is the truth"
Seren cried out in pain and Darien held him sadly.

"Serenity!" Queen Selenity cried.

"Why didn't you tell me you saved me?" Darien cried. Seren smiled gently, his face pale. He reached up a hand to touch Darien's face.

"I wanted to tell you, I couldn't tell you
Up til now there were so many thing I couldn't say.
But finally I was able to say them all
I am happy now"
Seren fell to the ground lifeless, blood pooling around him from the wound in his side. Darien gasped in anguish.

"Serenity!" Selenity sobbed, clinging to her son/daughter's body. Beryl, from her place in the shadows, unseen by everyone else watched the seen unfold.

I was the one who wanted someone to love me
but Serenity's unselfish love won in the end.

The Queen sobbed over Seren/Serenity. Tears filled Trista's eyes as she stared at the dead prince.

Come back, come back
Good man, good man
show again that lovely smile you used to wear before

The others joined in, singing sadly, wishing Seren was alive. Diamond stared at the scene, wondering how he would ever redeem himself.

Come back, come back
Good man, good man
show again that lovely smile you used to wear before

Beryl watched the scene and felt a pain she had never known before as she sang.

The "love" in loving another, rather than being loved
I didn't know that that was love

Darien stood and everyone gathered in a circle around Seren's body, sadly.

Come back, come back
Good man, good man
show again that lovely smile you used to wear before

Beryl walked over to Seren unseen and held the soul above him. She closed her eyes and transmitted the soul back into Seren's body.

The "love" in loving another, rather than being loved
That that was love, I was taught...now
I was taught!

Beryl vanished from the scene. Darien noticed a change in Seren as the prince began to breath.

"wait! Look!" Darien shouted. "She is breathing" He didn't even notice he said she instead of he. "Serenity still lives" Everyone watched him carefully, wondering why he was using Seren's female name.

"Get the doctor" Trista shouted, but before they could, Serenity slowly stood up, the blood vanishing, as though it had never been.

"Beryl returned the soul" She whispered, almost not believing.

"A witch has returned your soul" Selenity asked. "So you are a girl now?" Serenity nodded, hugging her mother. Darien shook his head.

"I don't understand anything anymore" He cried. Diamond stepped forward.

"Looks like it's all over" He sighed. "I am prepared for any due punishment" He knelt down. Serenity stared at him.

"Diamond, you tried to kill me right?" She asked.

"Yes" Diamond replied.

"It would be very easy to take your life right now" Serenity said sternly. Everyone wondered if she would actually kill him, but then she smiled. "However, I will return that life to you, just as my life was returned to me. Leave this country and seek atonement for your sins"

"Thank you, your majesty" Diamond bowed. He and Sapphire left the throne room. Darien smiled slightly.

"Some people will leave, and some people will stay" He said. He turned to Serenity. "Serenity, let me know one thing. Are you a boy? A girl? or are you a girl who will simply turn into a boy tommorow? Until you can answer me, I can't believe in anything" Serenity stepped forward.

"For the rest of my life, I am a girl, whether you trust me or not" She said softly.

"I shall trust you" Darien said. "And because I trust you, I can say this now" He knelt in front of her "Will you be my wife?" She placed her hand in his.

"I would be honored" She said happily.

"With this the Earth and the Moon will be united together, as equals" Darien declared.

"Just as neither girls nor boys surpass each other" Serenity replied with a smile.

"There is a deep meaning in your words" Selenity said smiling. "The words of someone who has possessed both souls"

"Both souls?" Darien enquired.

"I'll tell you the details later" Serenity explained. "It's a long story" Darien grabbed her hand.

"No problem. we have all the time in the world. A time of eternal happiness. Fire the salute!" The cannons were fired.

Where did I come from, and how far will I walk to?
When will the day come when this story ends?

Let's go seeking happiness
Until our lives come to an end
When you look around, the future is
extending out far in the distance

Let's walk, let's walk, along with you!

Because I can't see it, it's fun
Because I can't see it, I keep on living
Don't tell me, don't tell me, I'll find it on my own
Mystery of Life!

the Earth and Moon Kingdoms were united as one country and Queen Serenity and King Endymione lived peacefully and prosperous with thier daughter Small Lady Serenity.