Author's Note: Shortest thing I've yet to write. XD

Warnings: Mentions of sex related things, mentions of masturbation, creepy things in your mirrors, langauge

Pairings: Germany/Italy if you squint. :U

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or Germany

- - - - -

He stared at his reflection in the mirror as he leaned against the counter. Water dripped down his body from his wet blonde hair, and even though he was thoroughly scrubbed clean, he felt dirty. Guilty blue eyes stared back at him, and he frowned disapprovingly at the worthless man in the mirror. He felt weak and stupid for succumbing to his hormones and body. His hand felt like it was on fire. He felt a tugging guilt in his heart for thinking lecherous thoughts and performing even more lecherous actions. In a sudden surge of hatred towards his reflection in the glass, his fist lunged forward, and a long jagged crack appeared in the mirror following after the sound of a fragile thing breaking. He cursed, and ran his cut and bleeding fingers under the water from the sink.

"Riddle me this, " a voice that was his and yet quite not echoed in his head. His gaze snapped up back to the now broken mirror where a man that was him but not grinned out at him. "What's the point of showering if you just feel even dirtier afterwards?" the twisted reflection jeered, and eyes that danced with nothing but darkness stared right through him.

"Shut up, " he growled as he turned off the faucet, and reached for where the towels hung.

"What a filthy, disgusting person, " the man who was him and yet not sneered. "Don't you have any self control? I thought you said you were better than to let sex control you so easily? You should remember such thoughts. You say the same thing every day. "

"Just shut up, okay?" His voice shook slightly, and he mentally scolded himself for it.

"I wonder what your friends would think if they knew what types of things you thought? Such perverted, sickeningly dirty things. That brunet you're so fond us? Especially in the shower, " his reflection grinned wider when the blonde shot him a hate filled glare. "I bet he'd hate you. He'd be disgusted. He'd call you a faggot and push you away and never want to be your friend again. How could you think such things about your best friend? " he cooed.

"I know… I don't need to hear this from you!" the blonde hissed, snatching a towel off the rack and wiping off his cut hand before starting to dry off his hair.

"Then why do you keep doing it?! Ha! You're just a slave! A weakling! You're disgusting! And everyone would agree if they knew what you've done! " The reflection burst out in laughter. It was a coarse and rough sound that emitted deep from his chest. The blonde ripped the ruined mirror from the wall, and throw it to the ground where it smashed into dozens of pieces.

"Shut up, will you?! Just shut up the fuck up! I don't need to hear this! I know this! I'm weak! I'm sick! I'm filthy! SO SHUT UP! " he snapped; shouting at the broken shards on the ground. He wrapped his towel around his waist, and as he stomped out of the bathroom, avoiding the sharp pieces of mirror on the ground, he could hear the cruel laughter faint and fading in the back of his head. It made him grit his teeth, and he made a silent promise to stop. To not let his body to control him. To stop thinking dirty things about his dear fiend. A voice in his head chided that it wouldn't last a day, but he was no longer sure if it was him or the thoughts that weren't his, since somewhere in his heart he knew it was probably right.

And he hated himself for it.