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The Runaway Couple

---------------------------------------------------------------After a few serious rounds of explanations----------------------------------------------------------------

Sango was dumbstruck. Both had been quiet for the past fifteen minutes. Sango was ashamed and angry with herself more than anyone; it was mainly because of her that such a situation had arrived in the first place. She had even had a few brush ups with Miroku fighting for Naraku's cause, but what happened almost stripped her of all her pride and esteem altogether. Miroku on the other hand had always had the ability to handle pressure situations, after Sesshomarou it was he who everyone turned upto in times of crisis, he had often remained the pillar of strength during certain very serious negotiations with numerous high handed clients. Some said that he was even better than Sesshomarou at solving puzzling scenarios, whether it was sweet talking the client into signing the contract or bullying the local goons and securing a safe passage for their business, he had done it all, and he always had the favor of all the female clients, though Sango had long forbidden him from negotiating with some of them for reasons best known to her. Instead of the muscle power which Sesshomarou relied heavily on, he was gifted with the talent of charisma.

Miroku, realizing Sango's situation turned to her, "It really feels good to go on a long drive with you after such a long time." Miroku's face had a flirtatious expression, which indicated without a doubt that he had gotten over the trauma of the situation, "This almost feels like a date."

"Is that the only thing you can think of?"

"Well, I can't think of anything that could make me feel better in this situation."

"Don't tell me you deliberately didn't put on your shirt so that you can flaunt your abs in front of me."

Miroku had a great physique, he almost resembled a Greek god, and Miroku was well aware of that. "Well, to be honest you may say that I didn't put on my shirt so that I could flaunt my abs in front of women who would perhaps do the same for me!"

"Aren't you worried even one bit? We have no where to go, no place to stay, the police are after us, and to top that you don't even have a shirt!"

"If we weren't here, then we would probably be swearing at each other and drowning the company some more, for some strange reason I like things better this way, and to think of it we hadn't had such a meaningful and sensible conversation since forever, and to explain your last point, it isn't the first time you are seeing me bare-chested is it? Like it or not you are still my wife after all."

"Well then pull over at the next hotel we come across, we can't go on like this whole night."

Sango's suggestion was accepted. They even managed to get a change of clothes at a local couple's house (In exchange of money ofcourse). Shedding away their glamorous looks, they headed towards the nearest motel, which was nothing more than a cheap lodging for some traveling vagabonds, in a rundown alley just outskirts the city. It was obvious that it was the ideal place to go for your big night with a hooker. As they approached the reception a short man greeted them.

"So are you going to book a room on the basis of days or is your use for the room going to be on an hourly basis?" he asked eyeing the couple. Sango, who, having a very economical mindset immediately asked for the cheaper hourly basis. Though she was quite intelligent yet she was oblivious to the inner meaning of the guy's words. Miroku, however, immediately understood the situation and intervened.

"Sango, let me handle this." He said hoping to curb the man's misconception. "We are booking two rooms by the day basis." However his words brought out a stream of protestation from Sango.

"We don't have a lot of money to splurge, got that! Besides how long do you think this could go on, tomorrow morning we have to continue on our way." she barked at him.

"But, you don't understand!" said Miroku pushing Sango to the side of the room, "He thinks that……..yo-you're a……"

"I don't mind if someone thinks that I am a miser." replied Sango rather innocently, while Miroku dropped his head in defeat, the end of his sentence which finished with 'whore' remained inaudible.

"That's not what I meant, hell, just go ahead and do whatever you feel is right." He said acknowledging defeat.

Sango didn't pay any more attention to him, as she went forward and booked one room for 6 hours considering it was midnight already.

After leading the young couple to their room, the guy pulled Miroku aside, "So, where did you get such an item, she is way better than the local tramps." he whispered.

Miroku was at a loss of words, but however he felt that to avoid further questions regarding them it was best to just play along. "At a high school." He said recalling their first meeting.

"So you're not willing to tell are you?" said the guy without believing him, "It's not good to keep something like that all to yourself."

"Well for the time being, I do have her all to myself, so just excuse me."

"Do you need a condom?" said the guy.

A sudden thought crossed Miroku's mind, uptill now he wasn't really thinking vulgar stuff but the sudden mention ignited his basic instincts, he had been without sex for the last 8 months or so, partly due to over-exhaustion from work, partly as he still couldn't bring himself to cheat on Sango. 'Better stay prepared for all situations' thought he, as he bought a packet.

As Miroku returned Sango still failed to realize what was going on. She had thought that staying with Miroku in the same room after such a long time would really feel awkward but strangely in a delightful way she felt quite at ease with him. Now that she thought about it, it actually felt a lot better in that small hotel room with him than in a deluxe suite all alone. However, she tried her best to ignore these thoughts. She hadn't forgotten that they were at each other's throats just the previous day; somehow she couldn't bring herself to pick things up exactly where they left them. Miroku however wasn't too bothered by the past. He had never held onto the past, and was quick to forgive and forget.

"So are we going to share the bed?" asked Miroku.

The question startled Sango, she wasn't sure of what to do, but looking at the wornout condition of the couch she couldn't allow Miroku to stay there. "Yes, but don't try anything funny." She replied. To be honest Sango really wasn't afraid of Miroku's intentions, he was her husband still now and so he couldn't possibly 'rape' her in the true meaning of the word.

Miroku let out a sigh, perhaps he was expecting a little bit leniency, or rather a more flirtatious reply. But he somehow managed to put aside his immoral thoughts. But his sense of morality was better ignited with the sudden slap that followed the incident in which his hands 'accidentally' came in contact with Sango's backside.

"Come on Sango, it's not like I haven't touched them before. Besides it was an accident." He complained.

"If an accident like that continues to last for more than a minute then it ceases to be an accident." She replied rather sternly, "Now go to sleep."

-----------------------------------------------------After about two hours--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"SHIT!" cried Sango getting up, waking Miroku up in the process.

"What happened?" he asked burying himself back under the blanket.

"The couple next door, they can't stop doing 'IT' for a second. The sounds are really distracting."

"Well that's what they are here for after all so you really can't blame them!"

"What the fuck do you mean?" she roared.

"Well, I didn't know you were so thick headed, but let me spell it out for you, this is a hotel where guys with raging hormones come with a hooker to ENJOY, if you know what I mean."

Suddenly the realization struck Sango, and the peering stares she received on their arrival and the earlier conversation became crystal clear. "YOU MEAN THAT…………"

"People think that you are a whore whom I paid a fortune to fuck." finished Miroku.

"WHAT?" with that she sprang out of the bed, "Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"

"I didn't want you going berserk and ruining our chance to get some sleep."

"I WILL KILL YOU……………………….."

"It aint all bad, they think that you would cost atleast 1500 USD an hour, that means you are quite a beautiful woman, you should be happy!!!!!" grinned Miroku, however it was shortlived as an arsenal of words were thrown at him.

----------------------------------------------------After a heavy quarrel--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sango had finally settled down and realized that it was better that way, as no one would possibly recognize her for the time being. She was still a little edgy though. "But that still doesn't solve the fact that I can't sleep due to the incessant moans coming from the next room."

"I have an idea." beamed Miroku.

Sango gave Miroku a suspicious look.

"Why don't I make you moan louder in this room, that way the noise from the other room will obviously become insignificant, and to add to that after we are done I am sure we will fall asleep due to the workout." He stated with a sly grin.

"YOU PERVERT, even at a time like this that's the only thing you can think of?"

Miroku was a little disappointed, but still realized that it wasn't the time or place for him to be saying that.

"Just go to sleep." said Sango, pulling back the blanket.

Miroku didn't say anything else as he did the same. However he didn't notice the faint smile that emerged on Sango's lips as he did that. It was a long time since her smile had been so genuine and suddenly the world, which appeared to be going wrong for her for so long, appeared to be falling back in place.

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