Kayleigh woke up as usual, dreading the day in front of her. This Hell demon had been given her the run around for weeks and she was still no closer to finding it. She thought after being a slayer for 9 years that she would have the demon hunting down to an art but there are so many types of demons and creatures out there that it was hard to keep track.
She was out patrolling when she caught sight of the ugly thing making its way into the graveyard. It was running so she started to chase it, she could here faint chanting coming from ahead but she chose to ignore it and kept chasing the demon until she ran straight into something hard and fell to the floor, she could see the demon getting away as she cusred herself for not looking where she was going.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, you idiot!" a husky voice yelled " Excuse me, who on earth are do you think you are? Calling me an idiot!" Kayleigh yelled equally as loud back

As Kayleigh got up and wiped herself off she looked up at who she had ran into and her jaw opened slightly as she noticed how hot this rude ignorant guy was.

" Im Dean and i called you an idiot because you are one!" he said as he looked up at her and she could of sworn that she noticed a little look of regret when he finally looked at her.
" What are you even doing wandering around a cemetry at this time of night?" Kayleigh chose to ask instead of shouting at him for calling her an idiot.
" Thats none of your business and i could ask you the same thing?" He shot back at her looking intriegued

Before Kayleigh could answer she saw the demon heading straight for Dean, she pushed him to the floor and ran straight for the demon once she had got her hands on the demon it was easy to defeat it, as it was a lot weaker than she was expecting. Plus her super strength came in handy.

Dean stood still with a shocked expression and he couldn't seem to take his eyes off Kayleigh which was starting to make her blush.
Dean went to say something but stopped as he noticed her attention had drifted to something else.
Kayleigh squinted to get a better look at the two dark figures walking towards her and Dean, a huge smile appeared on her face as she recognised the older of the two figures.

" Bobby!" Kayleigh yelled excitedly running towards the two approuching figures.
" Kayleigh???!!! I haven't seen you in a long time." Bobby replied just as excited as she was.
" Dean i see you've met my niece Kayleigh." Bobby said turning to Dean as he wrapped his arm around kayleish's shoulders " Your niece???" The other figure said slightly shocked at the revelation.
" Oh Kayleigh this is Sam and Dean Winchester" Bobby made the introductions " Gosh these are Johns boys" Kayleigh replied in awe " You knew our dad" Sam asked slightly shocked but not as shocked as Deans expression " There will be time for Q & A's later, we need to get rid of this demons body, let me guess Kayleigh this is your handy work." Bobby said looking proud of his niece.

Kayleigh smirked at Dean and looked very proud of herself. Which Dean didn't look too impressed by. All four of them started to dig a grave for the demon so that no one would come across it. Dean and Sam looked stunned at the strength that Kayleigh had and they were a little confused by it.

" I'll explain later." Bobby said to them noticing that they looked rather confused by the situation.
" Explain what Bobby, that i'm a slayer" Kayleigh shot at them as she dug her shuvel in the freshly burried grave.

Kayleigh was quite shocked that neither Dean or Sam new what a slayer was, and was even more shocked that Bobby had never mentioned her.

" What the hell is a slayer?" Dean asked as they all left the cemetry " And you guys call yourself hunters and you don't even know what a slayer is." Kayleigh laughed cockily as she got in her redpick up truck.

Well thats the first chapter i would love to know what you guys think, chapter 2 will be up shortly