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I just want to say that this story is based before the apocalypse at the moment. There is a bigger plot to this story so it will get better.

Kayleigh felt her breathing begin to rasp. She had to calm herself down before she had an anxiety attack. She had suffered with them ever since she was a little girl. She had, had night terrors since before she could remember. Her destiny to become a Slayer had come knocking when she was 15. She wasn't all that shocked to learn about what was out there she had dreamt of evil her whole life and knew that the world was not how it was perceived to be by most people. Plus she always knew that Bobby had acted strange when ever her parents would mention her night terrors. Kayleigh's parents had thought she had gone insane when she had tried to explain to them about what her destiny was and they thought the answer was sending her to an all girl boarding school. She was not there long as Bobby came to collect her. Bobby trained her in everything he knew and she had left to hunt on her own once she turned 18.

Before Kayleigh could drift off into some of her most painful memories she heard music coming from a bar across the street from her. It was a shabby small looking bar but it had alcohol and that's all Kayleigh was interested in at that moment in time.

It wasn't all that busy. As she scanned the room she noticed a few couples in tatty booths and a group of young men playing pool rather loudly.

She slumped herself on a bar stool and ordered herself a whiskey neat and another and another and another until she felt a slight numbness within herself.

" You finished with that?" A small chubby but rough looking guy asked from behind the bar.

" Does it look like I am finished?" Kayleigh practically spat

" How about I pay for the bottle and you leave me the fuck alone?" She said throwing down a pile of notes

The bar tender was gone for a moment and Kayleigh thought for a second that he was going to chuck her out but then he appeared in front of her with a non opened bottle of whiskey and handed it to her with a nod to an empty booth in the corner of the bar.

" Fine! I get it. Drink as much as you want but don't cause a scene. I will be on my way to my booth then" Kayleigh said as she gripped the bottle and wobbled slightly to the booth in the corner.

Kayleigh just sat in the booth drinking herself into oblivion not thinking about anything in particular. She had pushed Dean right to the back of her mind and was happy for him to stay there. He was an ass and she couldn't be bothered with him, next time she wouldn't even bother trying to save him, she would simply just let him get himself killed. It was no skin off of her nose. She didn't know him from Adam and she didn't want to either as from what she had seen of him so far she hadn't liked it so why bother!

Just as Kayleigh thought enough was enough and she needed to sleep the numbness off Sam came into the bar she went to shout and wave him over but then she noticed a small female figure follow him inside and walk to a dark secluded booth on the opposite side of the room with him.

Kayleigh watched them closely and felt odd. Her instincts were telling her to go and rip the females head off. She knew instantly that there was something strange going on as her instincts only screamed at her when something supernaturally evil was going on. Kayleigh automatically went to make her way over to them she knew Sam was in trouble and she had to help. As she stood up she practically stumbled. She was in no state to help anybody and she cursed herself for being so weak!

She pulled out her phone and called Dean much to her dismay

" Dean I am at a bar down the road from the motel and I think Sam has walked into some trouble" Kayleigh tried her hardest to talk straight

" What? What do you mean by trouble?" Dean asked anxious

" I think it is a woman possessed by a demon. I'm not sure what she is trying to do but they are looking pretty cosy with one another."

Kayleigh was startled by Dean's outburst of laughter.

" How is this funny Dean?" She asked pissed off at his attitude towards what was going on.

" Dude relax. Its just Ruby. As much as I don't like her she wouldn't hurt Sam" Dean replied

Kayleigh hung up. She watched Sam with the demon and saw how at ease he was and she felt disgusted. What was he thinking she thought.

" Ruby" Kayleigh whispered to herself.

Why was that name so familiar to her and why did she feel her insides burn at the sound of that name? Her head started to hurt as she tried to think through her thoughts. She had to get out of the bar and sleep it off she couldn't think straight and she felt utterly sick at the look of Sam and this demon bitch Ruby.