Ch 1

Ranger sighed as he looked at the screen again – yep, Stephanie's tracker was still sitting outside Morelli's house. He ran his fingers through his hair. Damn.

It was half past eleven in the evening and he was still in his office. Tank popped his head round the door as he had just come on line.

"Yo" they exchanged. He knew Tank would not be surprised to see him still sitting there. After all, he spent most of his days in this office now. What else did he have in his life? Nada, that was what. Even Tank had his cats, for chrissake!

He'd waited for Steph to come to him and he'd thought with all the poaching and their one night together that somehow things might have changed, but here he was, still on the outside. Still waiting. Waiting for her to come to him.

He smiled and sighed. He was a fool and he knew it. "My love comes with a condom not a ring" he remembered - what a stupid thing to say. She was "entertainment" "a line on his budget" - idiot. He gave himself a mental head slap. He knew that anyone looking in on him would have no idea of his inner turmoil, he was too clever for that. This made him an even bigger fool, trouble was he knew it.

He pushed his chair back and stood up and turned off his monitor before heading up to seven. For once he was not totally aware of his surroundings so he didn't notice Tank going into his office as he left the floor. Tank turned his screen back on and looked at the display, he nodded to himself before logging Ranger off for the night. Tank turned off the monitor again and quietly shut the door behind him as he headed back to his own desk.


Ranger stepped out of the cold shower. Fuck, that hadn't worked. He'd been in there ten minutes and the ache he felt in his loins had not abated. Fuck, he thought as he towelled himself off. His erection grew even harder with the friction. Fuck. He tried to think of horrible things that he'd seen or done, but everything led him back to blue eyes, curls, that night... He sighed and sat down on his bed. Even as he put his hand round his member he knew it would only bring temporary relief. He closed his eyes, leaned back against the headboard, moved his hand up and down and thought only of her...