So I was reading other peoples stories and came across several marriage fics and decided to write my own. I will probably make Dumbledore a bad guy and this will likely be very AU so bear with me. I also must admit none of this is mine accept for the plot, it all belongs to JKR.

Starts the summer after forth year, Harry has just defeated Voldermort and Fudge decides he has to much power and the only way to ground him is to marry him off. Dumbledore wants to make sure Harry stays under his control so he is trying to marry him off to someone he thinks he can control. After all who would suspect a Weasley of having a backbone.

Chapter One

Charlie, Bill, and the twins sat in Charlie's room on the third floor of the Burrow speaking in hushed tones. The four brothers were going over the happenings of the last two months and coming up with several unhappy answers to questions that they were not supposed to ask.

"Lucius said that Fudge has finally decided on a course of action. He plans on getting Harry tonight so that he has him before he turns fifteen. The wedding is set for six in th morning." Bill said quietly, even though they had wards and silencing spells they were not taking any risks.

"Well what can" "We do for our dear brother" "If they plan to marry" "him off at fifteen?" the twins asked in their disjointed way of speaking.

"Well I spoke with Slagrock, he said that the only way out is for a dominance bond. Now we know that Dumbledore will agree to Harry being under the control of someone he thinks he can control, we just have to make sure he chooses the person we want him to." Bill said as he stared at Charlie.

"Getting Dumbledore to let me be the one will be easy, you all know how good I am at acting. No one but us know anything real about me. I cover all of the necessary requirements. I am old enough, I make a lot of money, and Dumbledore's own requirement, I am a good little Gryffindor who would never use the dark arts or go against the headmaster." Charlie said in his deep calm voice.

Fred and George shared a look. "We just feel bad that Harry has no idea." Fred said.

"Yea did you see him when he got here last night"

"He is skin and bones, the"

"Muggles do not treat him well." they finished.

"Yes but guys we are not trying to harm Harry, yes it will be nice for the political moves we are wanting for Charlie to have his votes, but it is better us than them. Dumbledore wants to use him to further himself and spout his ideals and Fudge is terrified of him to the point of idiocy. With us he will be told what is happening and he will be safe from any who would hurt him. Now as of now Charlie is the only one in the house who is right for this and he will care for Harry, we do not need not worry. I am going to apparate out and then come rushing back in with news from work about the fact that Fudge will be here at dinner to take Harry away. That will give us three hours to get this done." the boys went over the plan one more time before Bill snuck out.

Charlie headed down stairs to the living room and the twins headed back to their room to pack and wait for what was to come. Charlie sat in an armchair in the back of the room and simply watched Harry, who was playing chess with Ron.

He was a beautiful boy, effeminate, ethereal. He had a grace about him even when he was being still. Black hair, pale skin, rose red lips and his eyes simply screamed coy innocence. Charlie would enjoy him for a husband.

If only it was not necessary though. The poor boy had already been through so much. If someone had asked him four years ago if he would ever be this way, he would have gladly spouted off that the headmaster was a light wizard who could do no wrong. That all ended the summer after his younger brother Ron's first year.

He had come home for a visit and found a tiny nervous boy, dressed in clothes that were too large and obviously abused. He had been shocked when he learned that this small child was the Harry Potter. He had been told a story of a daring rescue involving his fathers car and bars on the boys window. He had not believed it at first and so he had used a trick taught to him for work and had used legilimency on the boys. It had taken all of his control not to show a reaction.

Not knowing who to go to he had confided in his most trusted confidant, his big brother Bill. That was where things got really interesting. Bill worked for Gringots, the wizarding bank, and the goblins actually liked him so he knew things that many people didn't. Bill had heard the goblins talking about their customers. He knew that the boy was rich and that someone had been getting money for taking care of him. After a few casual questions he found that the Potter will had never been read due to the orders of one Albus Dumbledore. After checking he found that there were several payments being made out of Harry's account that there was no proof of.

The brothers had begun digging deep after that. They had found several inconsistencies surrounding the boy. After third year the twins had come to them. After the fiasco with Azkaban and the dementors they began not trusting things so much. With the brothers distrust they had begun changing, they were no longer light wizards and were no longer under anyones control. The final straw was last year. When Harry was entered in the blasted tournament the brothers knew that something big was coming, they could feel it. It came to a head during the third task.

Someone had turned the cup into a portkey. Harry and another boy had been whisked away to a graveyard. Cedric had died almost instantly but Harry had been bound to a headstone and surrounded by deatheaters. Thankfully Lucius Malfoy had been there while he had been near the boy he had managed to tell him to give the blood willingly, Harry had. It had weakened Voldermort to the point he was only about as strong a Dumbledore, but that was still very strong. When they had dueled Harry had killed him once and for all.

That was two months ago and because of it Harry's life was about to change drastically. The brothers had already been in touch with Lord Malfoy and Severus Snape and they were about to flip the wizarding world on its ass. Charlie just managed to hide his smirk over what was to come when Bill came rushing in with his news.


It had taken ten minutes, ten minutes from the time Bill arrived home with his news. Within that time Dumbledore had been called and arrived, followed by Harry's godfather Sirius and his werewolf Remus. Snape was there in a corner watching silently.

Ron and Hermione were loudly moaning how unfair it was that their 'best friend' was being sold off to a Slytherin. Ginny was moaning about how she could never be with her love. The adults were talking over each other, trying to make sense of what was happening, and the four brothers were placed strategically through the room.

Fred and George had immediately grabbed the love seat and pulled Harry down in between them. They were petting his hair and keeping him calm, whispering that it would be alright. Harry was not saying anything, he had pulled his knees up to his chest and laid his forehead on his knees. He simply sat there not responding. Bill was talking with the adults waiting for the perfect time for his bombshell. And Charlie sat in his chair watching them. His large body easily the strongest here.

Finally the moment came. Hermione asking the headmaster if there was any way to save him. Bill spoke.

"There is one way, but Harry would have to agree and we would have to have the right person."

"Well tell us Bill, what is it. How do we save Bambi?" Sirius asked.

"We know that there is no real escape for Harry. You cannot enter into a regular bonding until you are fifteen, which is why the Minister is coming to get him in just a few hours, so that he has him when he hits the right age and we can't beat him by having him marry at midnight. The only other way is the Dominance Bond."

"I read about that" Hermione said her eyes alight with the remembrance of knowledge. "A Dominance bond is a marriage bond but is used for a person under the age of consent to bind them to a partner. They literally become the property of their dominant mate from the time they bond until they a twenty-one. It is not used very often because of that. Normally we are considered of age at seventeen but with this bond its not till twenty one. But who would we bond him to" she mused.

Dumbledore looked like it was raining lemon drops his twinkle was so bright. He turned to Snape and was about to open his mouth when Snape beat him to it.

"Under no circumstances would I do that Albus. You know that I am with Lucius and that now Narcissa is gone we plan to bond. You will not force me to wait longer when we have already waited almost twenty years." he snarled.

"But Severus my dear boy, who else could we use on such short notice. The criteria are hard to fit. I would be impossible to find someone else in the amount of time we have left." Albus said. The brothers let them argue over it for a few more minutes before Bill spoke up again.

"Headmaster there is one other person here who fits the requirements."

"Well who is it young William." Albus turned to him. Bill pretended to look nervously to Charlie. They had to play their part perfectly, they could not allow Harry to fall into anyone else's hands.

Charlie pretended to look shy. It was difficult with him being so large but he was sure he managed it. He put a sheepish expression on his face and looked at the Headmaster.

"Well sir I am gay and I do make very good money. If Harry agrees then I guess I will do it. I mean it would keep him with us and away from Fudge." Charlie said calmly.

He looked over to see Harry watching him. George and Fred were whispering in his ears. He looked so tired, defeated. Everyone waited on bated breath for him to speak. Finally after watching him for a few minutes Harry simply nodded and leaned against Fred while George rubbed circles on his back. The headmaster clapped his hands and began preparing for the ceremony.


Harry sat and listened as they discussed the latest move to control him. He tuned them all out and instead focused on the twins who were whispering that it would be alright. Bill and Charlie would know what to do.

That confused him a bit. Shouldn't they be saying that their parents would know, but instead they kept talking about how it would be alright, just wait. As he sat there he could feel the eyes on him. He had felt them most of the day, and last night as well. He had seen the second oldest brother watching him, but no one else had. At first he had thought he was being paranoid but that added with the twins whispers made him certain that the twins and the two oldest knew something that no one else did.

Harry trusted the twins, perhaps more than anyone. They were the first to notice him. Not the-boy-who-lived, but him, Harry. They had noticed his bruises and scars, they had led a rescue the summer before second year, they had tried to help him third year by not letting him be alone, and last year they gave him tons of secret help with his tasks and never turned on him.

Despite what he allowed people to think he was not stupid, he knew that some of the things around him just did not fit. He knew that Mrs. Weasley should not have been questioning about the platform in his first year, and he knew when Ron found him that there were plenty of other compartments open. But he allowed it, and was glad he had because on the way to school he had found out what was expected of him.

He was to be in Gryffindor and be friendly and childish. He had been forced to fight with the hat to get it to put him in Gryffindor instead of Slytherin, but he had won. He had quickly found out that any time he got his books out Ron showed up offering to play chess or explore. He was obviously not meant to learn, but he had anyways. He had studied endlessly at night while the other boys were asleep. He had made potions correctly while the others were goofing off.

That had been dangerous because Snape had caught him first year. He had used veritaserum on him and Harry had thought he was done for. Luckily Snape had been impressed, he had held Harry's secrets and helped him by giving him extra detentions and papers to write. During the detentions Harry was allowed to read and practice spells and potions. He was taught important customs that he should have already known. He had even been allowed to befriend Draco.

He had found that it was his fault they feuded because he had refused Draco's hand. Even if he refused his offer he should have taken his hand, if he had then Draco would have left him alone. He had been taught how to sneak and be sly, he had excelled. He had even met and impressed Lucius Malfoy. That had in th end allowed him to defeat Voldermort.

Dumbledore had not been happy but Harry had simply opened his eyes wide and looked up at him and said that he could not just let him go to jail, he had to help him because it was the right thing to do. With a trembling lip and wide, innocent eyes he got Dumbledore to tell him he was wonderful because of his big heart.

Harry had been informed by Draco that the two oldest Weasley's had been in contact with his father and Severus. Draco had informed him that something big was coming and he just needed to go along with it.

The twins did not know this so for them to be talking to him about just trusting the two oldest brothers let him know they knew what was coming. They had a plan. When Bill spoke up Harry knew that what ever they had been working on was coming to a head. When he heard them talking about the fact that if he agreed he would become property, that everything that was his would become Charlie's, he froze. He raised his head and simple stared at Charlie.

As everyone in the room turned to look at him, the twins whispered in his ears to trust him, that they knew what was happening.

"Trust us Harry, we know what is going on. Say yes and you will not have to worry."

"Charlie does not want your money, he wont take from you. We just want you protected. Charlie can and will protect you, form everyone."

"You will not have to worry, He dose not want to take advantage of you. He is a good guy, you will be safe. You know you can trust us Harry."

So Harry watched him waiting for what he did not know. He noticed just how big the second oldest was. Where Bill was tall and had lean muscle, Charlie was tall but built like a wall. He was easily six foot three and his shoulders were about twice as wide as Harry's. He wore a pair of dark muggle jeans and a long sleeved white t-shirt that clung to his powerful form. Harry could see all of his muscle and had no doubt that Charlie could snap him in half with his bare hands if he chose. He had shaggy red hair that fell layered to his shoulders, unlike bill who wore his hair pulled back Charlie's fell loose. He wore a pair of knee high Dragon hide boots and had a leather cuff around his wrist with runes on it. Standing his would be almost a foot taller that Harry who had finally accepted his fate of never growing taller than five foot five. Snape had tried everything but with the undernourishment from his childhood he had hit his limit. Charlie had deep navy blue eyes and a dark tan, he was really quite handsome but that was not important.

Finally he saw it, the same look that Lucius got when he was determined about something was flashing in Charlie's eyes. It was quickly hidden but it had been enough. Harry looked up at Dumbledore and nodded his head in acceptance and laid his head back down on his knees.

The twins went back to holding and babying him. Petting his hair and rubbing his back. Assuring him that he had done the right thing. He knew he could trust them but at the moment he was not sure why he was. He was about to hand over everything he was to a man he hardly knew. They whispered that he would be safe now, that he was going to be alright, just hang on and it would be over soon and then everything would be explained. Just hold on a little longer.

Things moved quickly, the next thing he knew he was up in the twins room being dressed in some outfit he had never seen before. The fact that it was a perfect fit let him in on the fact that the twins had known this was coming. It made him question a few things like how long had they known what was happening.

He knew that they were doing this for him unlike Dumbledore who thought that this would keep him under control. After all who would think a Weasley would cross the Headmaster, the beacon of light. But Harry knew better, during his training last year when he was able to sneak off with the twins and train and study for the tasks. They had studied everything thing they could, he had even used the dark arts to defeat several things in the maze and again when fighting against Voldermort in the graveyard, and it was the twins who taught him.

They had sworn after they rescued him before second year to always side with him and to do everything they could to protect him. It had been when Ron was sleeping late at night, he had snuck down to the living room to think and get some studying in and they had found him. They had made a blood pact to always be on each others side. So even though it was obvious that they had known this was coming they must have thought they were doing the right thing, so Harry would go along with it, simply because he trusted them more than anyone.

Once dressed they led him back down to the back garden where everyone was. Hermione was going on about how this was worse than how people enslaved house elf's and that it was immoral and she would research ways of fixing it as soon as she could. Ron was being his simple self but had a glint of greed in his eyes, he obviously thought that he would be able to get some of Harry's money or something out of this.

It bothered Harry having to be 'friends' with someone who resented him so much. Sirius was furious and demanding that Charlie treat him as though he were a king. He told Charlie that if he ever hurt him then Sirius would willing get himself sent to Azkaban for committing the crime he was accused of the first time. Remus was standing by his mate and informing Charlie that if he ever hurt his cub then Mooney would find him one full moon night.

Mrs Weasley was going on about how good it would be that Harry would actually be family now. Mr Weasley was telling Charlie how proud he was of him for being so selfless. Dumbledore was looking quite pleased with himself, he obviously believed that now Harry would be under his control. The face that Harry looked for however was Snape's. Severus simply nodded to him, and then Harry finally allowed himself to believe that maybe everything would be alright.

If Snape, the one adult who had never lied to him, thought this was a good thing then it would all be ok. After Snape had found him in first year brewing a third year potion flawlessly, he had used truth serum on him. Harry remembered it well.

He had just added the powdered bincorn horn and finished the last set of three clockwise stirs when the proximity alarm he had set to warn him if the door was opened went off. He looked up to see the last person he wanted to see. Professor Snape stood over him with a look on his face that showed that he could not believe what he was seeing.

"Well Mr Potter, what have we here." Snape said. His look of disbelief grew when he looked at the potion. He immediately scooped up a ladle full of the wit-sharpening potion. He smelled it and tasted it. He cast a spell to make sure it was what he thought it was and finally he turned and looked at Harry.

"Bottle this Potter and then follow me."

Harry had quickly bottled the potion and followed the professor down to his office. Professor Snape had ordered tea and served Harry a cup, and Harry not knowing better drank it. When Snape simply stared at him he began to fidget until he suddenly relaxed. He could feel his mind fighting the relaxation but he was not strong enough, and then the questions started.

"What is your full name"

"Harry James Potter"

"How old are you?"


"Did you brew the potion by your self?"


"Can you brew other potions at the same level correctly?"

"I can brew every potion up to fourth year perfectly"

"Why do you not do so while in class?"

"I am not supposed to be smart enough to. It is easier to fool them if they think I am stupid."

"Who are you trying to fool?"


"Why not show how smart you are?"

"Some one has ordered my friends to make sure I do not study and learn, if they knew what all I could do it would cause problems"

"What makes you think that?"

"Someone important set everything up. I was escorted to Diagon Alley by an unqualified person, the whole time that I was there I was told how great the headmaster was and how Slytherins were evil. I found several books about the introduction to the wizarding world and bought them with out letting Hagrid know. I learned what people thought of me. I was the son of two light sided war hero's who saved the world by vanquishing evil. I figured out quickly that someone had made an image of me and they wanted it followed. I decided to allow them to think they had won."

"How did you do that?"

"I made friends with the person who was obviously sent to befriend me. I forced the sorting hat to put me in Gryffindor when I am supposed to be in Slytherin, and I acted as though I knew nothing when I had read every book for my courses and all of my extra books already. If they wanted me ignorant and I was not it could cause trouble."

"Do you know who is behind this? Snape had questioned.

"I am not certain but I believe it to be the Headmaster. Everyone around me praises him constantly in an effort, I believe, to make me look up to him."

Snape had given him the antidote and then had helped him plan. He had given him numerous detentions so that he had time to study and had taught him things the others did not know. Eventually he had gained his trust and Snape had told him about his mother and about the things the headmaster told him. He told him of how the headmaster had told him that Harry was spoiled and that he needed him to help keep him grounded. He told him about the sorcerers stone and that he had been ordered to watch Quirril. Eventually Snape had become something like a mentor and surrogate father. So if Snape thought this was a good thing then he would be fine.

Harry was led to stand next to Charlie. He had been right, he barely made it to his shoulders. Harry felt absolutely dainty next to the man next to him. The headmaster stood in front of them and began.

"A claim has been made for you, Harry Potter, for the right of dominance over you. Do you accept this claim?"

"I accept." He replied.

"Charlie Aiden Weasley, your claim has been accepted. Claim your submissive bond partner by right of blood and magic." Dumbledore said. He held out a ritual knife to Charlie.

Charlie took the knife a cut across his palm. He made a similar cut on Harry's palm and placed them together.

"I Charlie Weasley do here by claim Dominance over Harry James Potter. I claim all that he is and all that he has as my own until such a time as I release him to him self. I claim him as my own and in exchange for his submission, I swear on magic to protect and cherish him for all time as is his right as my husband and bond. So I have spoken so let it be."

A silver light began to pulse from their joined hands. It began to spread into ribbons of light that twirled around them. The light pulsed brightly one last time before it sunk into them. Two silver cuffs appeared on Harry's wrists, they were covered in runes, Charlie had a matching one appear on his right wrist claiming him the dominant partner. There was one final pule of magic so strong it made the wards shimmer and then nothing. The looks on everyones faces were hilarious. For the magic to have been strong enough to affect the wards it had to be very strong indeed.

Molly laughed breaking the silence, and began ordering everyone to start setting up for a feast in celebration. She pulled the girls into the kitchen with her and set them to peeling vegetables and kneading dough. The guys all began setting up tables in the garden and putting up decorations. Charlie healed the cuts on their hands and led Harry over to a seat. He told him to be patient, that as soon as Fudge had come and gone he would explain everything.

So Harry sat and waited. The twins brought him a glass of warm butterbeer and gave him hugs. Arthur welcomed him to the family along with Bill and Percy and Ron. Ginny was crying, upset that she would now never have the chance to marry her hero. Sirius and Remus both told him that they would always be there and if he needed them they were only a floo away now that Sirius had been pardoned. Wormtail had been captured in the graveyard and Fudge was forced to give him a trial under veritaserum.

The reporters had had a field day and Sirius had been cleared of all charges. But Fudge had refused him guardianship on the basis that he could not be sane after Azkaban. Dumbledore had forced Harry back to his relatives and he had been forced to go.

Harry hoped that Charlie would not forbid him contact with his godfather, he was not sure he could handle it. He sat and talked with them assuring them that if he needed them he would let them know. Dumbledore was the last to approach and Charlie spoke to him. He told the headmaster that once Fudge was gone he would be taking Harry away for the rest of the summer so that they could get used to each other.

Dumbledore looked worried for a moment but it passed quickly. Soon enough the food was ready and everyone was sitting around the table. Charlie was on his right side and Bill had managed to get on his left. The twins had sat directly across from him and Snape was nest to the across from his new husband. Charlie put food on his plate for him and told him plainly to start eating.

Ron kept trying to get his attention but the twins kept diverting him. About half way through supper Fudge finally arrived. He was accompanied by four aurors and came striding through the garden gate like he owned the world. Dumbledore rose to meet him.

"Ah Cornelius how good of you to join us. Well sit down and tell us what brings you here today." he said jovially.

"I am afraid I must decline, I am in a bit of a hurry and am simply here to collect Mr. Potter. As he is a ward of the ministry he will be leaving with us now. So hurry up Mr Potter we are on a tight schedule." the minister ordered, looking like christmas had come early.

Charlie stood and spoke before Dumbledore had a chance. "I am afraid Minister, that you are mistaken. Harry will not be going anywhere with you. You see he must have my permission and I do not feel like allowing my submissive bond mate to leave my side. It is after all our bonding night." Charlie smirked as he stood a head taller than the minister.

"What do you mean your submissive bond mate. That boy is not old enough to bond anyone until midnight. He is not yet fifteen. You are highly mistaken, now hand over the boy." Fudge demanded his face turning the particular color of puce that Harry had only seen Vernon produce before.

"Ah Cornelus, you are thinking of a regular bond I'm afraid. But Harry and Charlie entered into a dominance bond just over an hour ago. Harry Potter is now completely under the control of young Mr Weasley. You should be happy now that the ministry no longer has to worry about him don;t you think." Dumbledore stated serenely.

Fudge was opening and closing his mouth repeatedly. Harry rather thought he looked like a fish. He felt a tingling in his mind quite unlike anything he had felt before and then he heard a deep clear laugh but when he looked around no one was laughing loudly. Charlie placed a hand on his shoulder drawing his attention back to what was happening. Fudge was demanding proof, stating that no one would willingly enter the dominance bond as a submissive partner. The only way the bond could be completed was if both were willing and until he saw the bracelets he refused to believe them. Charlie grabbed Harry's forearm and held it up in front of the ministers face.

"Is this proof enough for you minister. Harry is mine and you can not touch him now. If you had simply let him be this would not have happened but we learned of your stupid plan and beat you to it. Now if you do not mind we were celebrating so if you would kindly leave."

Harry simply chuckled at the look on Fudges face and leaned back on Charlie's strong chest from where he had been pulled in tight. After a few minutes more of arguing and threats of this not being over the Minister finally left. Charlie drew Harry back to his seat and told him to finish dinner. He whispered that they would leave when he was ready. Harry ate and listened to the conversations around him. Dumbledore offered Charlie the Care of Magical creatures post if he wanted it, so that he could stay with Harry at the school.

"But Headmaster, what about Hagrid? Is he not going to teach it anymore?" Harry questioned.

"Alas, it seems as though Hagrid has decided to leave us. He is going to France to be with Madam Maxine. They apparently grew very fond of each other while she was here for the tournament. They have decided to bond." he replied.

"Well Headmaster I will need to think it over but I will let you know in a couple of weeks." He and Dumbledore continued to talk about the possibility of him working for the school while they finished eating. Charlie led Harry into the house and up to his room so that they could pack. Bill and the twins followed. Harry was sat down in a chair in the room. Charlie sent the twins to gather Harry's trunk and things and he spoke to Harry about what was happening.

"Now Harry I know this has been a long day and you probably just want to wake up and this all to have been a bad dream. It is however real. We can't talk here however so explanations are going to have to wait. As soon as we are packed we will be leaving to my home. Yes I have a home, so does Bill. Now the twins and Bill will be following us to my place, our place. You just have to wait about thrity more minutes for answers. Are you alright with that?"

"I trust the twins and they seem to know what is going on and are fine with it so I will wait for an explanation." Harry said softly.

Charlie nodded and with a few flicks of his wand had everything flying in his trunk. He asked Bill if he was packed and Bill pulled a shrunken trunk from his pocket. The twins came back a few moments later carrying Harry's trunk and Hedwig in her cage.

"Our trunks are in our pockets we brought Hedwig because we were not sure if she would be able to find us if she flew her self." They said. Hedwig hooted indignantly. Harry reached over and let her out of her cage.

"Thats a good girl Hedwig, I know you can find me. You are the best owl ever aren't you girl. Mean twins doubting you . Its alright you can show them." Harry crooned to her while stroking her feathers. He moved to the window and let her out.

"We are about to leave girl so come find me in a bit. I will see you soon." he said as he watched her fly off. "She will find me no matter where I am. When ever you are ready we can go." He finished.

Charlie placed a large hand on Harry's back after shrinking and pocketing his trunk and led them all down stairs. Everyone else was in the living room when they entered it. Ron and Hermione stood and rushed over to them only to be stopped by the twins. Charlie pulled Harry close to him with Harry's back to his chest and whispered for Harry to trust him.

"Hey guys let me by. I am trying to talk to my best friend" Ron demanded trying to maneuver around the twins. Hermione was blocked by Bill was attempting to reach them as well. Charlie held Harry tightly and then he spoke.

"I am afraid that only people I approve of are allowed to speak to Harry. I have not given you permission to approach my submissive, and just so you know I will not be giving you permission either." He said in his strong clear voice.

"What are you talking about. You said earlier you were not going to harm Harry and were only doing this to protect him. You can not tell him who he can or cannot be friends with." Hermione screeched outraged.

"I think you will find Miss Granger that I can do anything I like with my husband, and if I feel like protecting him from betrayers and thief's I will. You will never come near Harry again. I know all about you and Ron and my mother accepting money from the Headmaster for befriending and passing on information about my bonded. I will also be ordering all of the money that has been stolen from his vaults to pay you be given back. By this time tomorrow you will have none of it left. The only Weasley's allowed around my submissive from here on are my father, Bill, the twins, and Percy. They are the only ones who had no idea of what was happening. Oh and headmaster I will be pressing charges against you for not following the last will of the Potters and for stealing money and valuables from my bonded. Just thought I would let you know." Charlie said in a tone that Harry had heard from Snape and Lucius but never expected from a Weasley.

"Charlie my boy I think you are mistaken" the headmaster stood, the ever present twinkle missing from his eye. "I have always had Harry's best interest in heart. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to release Mr Potter. I can not allow you to take him and harm him and separating him from those who care for him would bring him harm."

"Oh but thats the funny part of this. Harry is mine and you can not take him from me. You no longer control him headmaster." Charlie laughed. "Father I know you do not want to believe me but we have proof. You are welcome to join us as is Percy at any time. My home is always welcome to you. Sirius, Remus, do not worry I will not take Harry from you unless you try to bring him harm. You are welcome to come with us as I feel that Harry will feel better with you there. Severus you know where to go." Charlie addressed each person and then turned to leave the room.

"I can not allow you to take Mr Potter." Dumbledore moved to block their exit. Charlie sighed and shook his head. He motioned to his brothers to move closer. After tightening his grip on Harry and making sure they were all touching he said one word.


Harry felt the familiar sensation of a hook behind his belly button as the world spun out of view. He began to panic. As they landed he broke out of Charlie's grasp and moved away from him swiftly. He backed into the closest corner and aimed his wand at he brothers watching them warily.

"Harry its alright. I am sorry about the portkey. The twins told me you don't like them but it was necessary to get out of there. You are safe here, this is my home. If you relax I can show you around. No one will hurt you here." Charlie spoke in a soothing voice, approaching him slowly with his hands out at his side showing he did not mean any harm.

The other three brothers watched him closely. He looked at the twins to see reassuring smiles, while he was distracted Charlie moved swiftly. He grabbed his wand from his hand and pulled him close holding him tightly so he could not move. Harry struggled until he wore himself out before he went limp in Charlie's arms. He was lifted up in the bridal hold and carried over to a couch. Charlie sat and held him in his lap, keeping a tight hold so he could not get away. Harry looked at the twins and quietly spoke.

"I trusted you. Why? Why would you do this?"

"Harry You need to listen to us. You are safe here. The portkey was necessary to get passed Dumbledore, he was trying to stop us. You are safe here. Severus and Lucius will be here soon and they will tell you the same thing. We are not trying to hurt you. All of this is for you. We could not allow you to be under that old mans control any longer. If you promise to relax and listen I will release you. I could not allow you to keep your wand in case you hurt one of us. When you are relaxed you may have it back." Charlie stated calmly, as though he was not even winded from Harry's fight.

Harry simply shut his eyes and refused to speak, holding himself stiffly. A few minutes later the sound of apperation came from outside. Bill left the room to answer the door and soon Severus, Lucius, and Draco rushed in.

"Harry are you alright?" Severus quickly asked. Harry began fighting the hold Charlie had on him again, struggling to get lose. He began yelling at everyone there.

"I trusted you. Why are you doing this. Let me go. You all lied you said it would be fine. What did I do to deserve this let me go, please just let me go" he screamed, finally crying.

Severus pulled a calming drought from somewhere and approached Harry. Harry managed to knock the vial from his hand and send it flying. He pulled another one out and Charlie prevented Harry from moving so he clamped his mouth shut. Severus gripped his jaw and forced his mouth open. He poured the potion and forced Harry's mouth closed. Harry refused to swallow so eventually Sev plugged his nose so that he could not breath. Finally needing to breath Harry swallowed the potion.

The affects were almost instant. His struggles stopped and his sobbing slowed down to simple hiccups and a few stray tears. Once he was calmer Severus sat beside Charlie and opened his arms. Harry needing the familiar comfort moved from Charlie's lap to Severus's. Severus simply held him and rock slowly crooning that it would all be alright if he just listened.

"Well who would have thought." Bill said calmly.

"Harry is special to me. He is almost a son. We have been close since his first year but because of everything going on we could not show it. He has not been this upset in some time. The portkey must have really shaken him up." Severus said softly as he held the boy in his arms.

"Are you alright now Harry?" Draco asked softly as he knelt in front of the pair.

"I am confused. I want answers. I was scared by the portkey and then when Charlie took my wand it made it worse. I don't understand what is happening or why and I am so tired dragon." Harry spoke so softly that everyone had to strain to hear him.

"Harry" Charlie moved so that he could look Harry in the face as he spoke.

"I know that you were scared but I had to take your wand. If you had attacked me the bond would have retaliated and hurt you. I could not let you be hurt so I did what I had to. I am sorry you were scared and understand if you are upset with me but I had to do it to keep you safe. Can you forgive me?" he questioned softly.

"Alright. I did not know the bond would react like that. Will you tell me what you were talking about with the money thing and Ron and Hermione. I knew about them spying on me for the headmaster and about how they were supposed to keep me from making friends and keep me from studying very hard." he spoke softly.

Charlie gave him a small smile and after calling his house elf and ordering drinks for everyone he spoke. "The summer before your second year is when it all started. I was talking with the twins when they told me about the rescue. I was curious when they told me Ron was against it, that he had argued on waiting for school to start back. Then when I saw you, you were so small and looked starved. You had on clothes that were way to big and so I began to question things.

I knew the Potters were an old family. They had left everything to you so why were you wearing rags. I used something called legilimency to look in your mind and find out. When I found that you only knew of one vault I contacted Bill. He made some inquiries at the bank and found several things that did not add up. We began looking into things and discovered that during the time of your parents death and then that the headmaster was using your vaults. Bill found that he had opened vaults in the names of Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and our mother.

That raised several red flags so I looked in their memories. He had been paying them to be your friend and he had been paying Ginny so and had told her he would make sure she married you when you were old enough. He had paid mum to take care of you and to meet you at the station. He figured if he got you before you met anyone else he could keep a better eye on you. Dad had no idea anything was happening. Percy did not know either.

After discovering this we began planning. We have been trying to find a way to make it stop since. Last summer the twins approached us to try to get our help with stopping it as well. We told them all that we knew and what we were trying to do. They began spying on you this past year and discovered your relationship with Snape. When they told us we managed to talk with him right after the first task. He told us about what he knew and after we met with Lucius as well we began to plan." He finished.

"I am actually the one who informed them of Fudges plan to marry you off. We knew almost a week ago what was planned. Bill spoke to his boss at the bank about it and they gave us the idea of a Dominance Bond. We decided that since you were gay and Charlie was gay that it was our best option. I know you are probably upset with us for not telling you earlier but you do not know occulemancy yet we could not risk it. You are married now and will be forced to consummate it but if after that you do not want to go any further Charlie has agreed not to force you. Think of it like an arranged marriage." Lucius said.

Harry looked around at them all. He was trying to process all that he had been told, it was a lot to take in. "Will one of you explain the bond to me please?" he pleaded.

"Sure Harry. The Dominance Bond is a type of marriage bond that allows someone fourteen to seventeen to wed. It is rarely used anymore because of its restrictions. The submissive partner literally becomes the property of their bond mate. All of your vaults and properties are now Charlie's. You are now Charlie's. One major point of the bond is that it must be entered willingly or it does not take. Because you entered willingly the bond took. Proof of this is the cuffs on your wrist. The only way for them to come off is if Charlie willing takes them off and even then he can not do so until you are twenty one. They are spell resistant and have protection and tracking charms on them. That means that no matter where you go Charlie will always be able to find you, his cuff will alert him if you are hurt or in danger. If you are kidnapped he can find you. However they will also tell him when you are disobeying him so do not do that. Another thing is that he can read your mind and send you thoughts and images if he wishes. You can speak to him mentally if you practice at it but not as easily as he can you." Severus said in lecture mode.

"So I am property now. I can't have my things or make decisions or anything and you can read my mind? That is horrible." Harry's distressed voice rang through the room.

"Harry its not like that. I will not take your money or your things and the only restrictions I plan on making will be over your safety. I will not stop you from having anything you want and I will not always read your mind. In history the submissive's in the bond are people who need protecting. You have become untouchable, you are forever safe now. No one is legally allowed to approach you unless I allow it. If they do I can legally use deadly force against them. You will likely be envied by several people once the news gets out. I will give you anything you ask for and you will be protected always. Once you are twenty-one the restrictions will lift most of the way, but until then this will keep you safe. If you are unhappy with something you just need to let me know and we can discuss it, the only thing I will never budge on is your safety. Do you understand?"

"I think so. You promise that after we consummate you will not force me again until I am ready?" he nervously asked.

"Once we consummate I will give you time to grow used to me before we do anything again. You are safe here. We have done this because you are precious to us. You are to precious to allow them to continue to exploit you." Charlie assured him.

After they had answered his other questions they decided it was time for a tour. Charlie led the group through the house showing them the kitchen and dining room. He showed them the library and his study and then showed each person to a guest room. Harry would share a room with Charlie because they were married and Lucius and Severus would share because they had been lovers for years and now with Narcissa dead they could finally be together publicly but everyone else had their own room.

Charlie and Harry's room was huge. It had one whole wall of windows which showed a beautiful view of the forest and some mountains in the distance. The walls were painted a beautiful dove gray and the carpet was black. The furniture was modern and stained black with an undertone of red. The bed was a huge fourposter king with dove gray sheets and black pillows and a black down comforter. There was a walk in closet and an attached bath. The bath was painted a cream color and had slate tiles and silver fixtures. The tub was black marble and was the size of a pool. There was a stand alone shower in one corner that had several shower heads. There were shower heads on the ceiling and on the walls, it was like something out of a dream.

Harry's trunk had been unpacked and sat in the bottom of the closet. The only clothes that were there were his school clothes and his dress robe from the ball that year. His Invisibility Cloak hung on his side of the closet making him feel better. Charlie told him that he would be taking him shopping the next day for new clothes and that he had thrown out his old rags. Harry was a bit upset until he was told that under no circumstances would he have anything less than the best. Charlie informed him that if he allowed him to go around wearing rags it would look badly on him. He was reminded that traditionally the bond was used for when the submissive was someone important who needed protecting and if the dominant mate did not protect and cherish the submissive then it would cause and outrage.

Charlie had Harry go bathe and handed him a pair of his own pajama bottoms to wear. He had to shrink them but said they would do for the night. Harry felt better after the bath. When he made his way back out to the room Charlie was not there. He simple sat and waited for him. When Charlie made it back he was carrying two crystal phials with something in them. He sat on the bed next to Harry and spoke.

"I understand thins is a lot to take in and that you are still confused but we need to talk about the consummation. The bond must be consummated within twenty-four hours or it breaks. I will allow you to choose whether we do this now or wait till after we rest but we must consummate the bond by six pm tomorrow. What do you choose?"

"I have never done anything like this before. I had never even kissed until to bonding ceremony. I know that it has to be done and do not think I will be able to sleep if I am still worrying about it. I think it will be best if we do it now and get it over with, you just need to tell me what to do." Harry said shyly.

"I understand. I will take care of everything. Severus brewed us some potions for this" he held up one of the phials which had a shimmery pink potion in it. "This is a potion that was created to make a persons first time enjoyable. It helps you body prepare so that it does not hurt." Charlie handed it to him and Harry took it.

Charlie held up the second phial which had a clear potion in it. "This is a special type of lube. It helps to deaden some of the nerves and will prevent taring. I will use it to prepare you and it will help. I will warn you that even with these precautions you will feel some discomfort simply because you are so small. I am by no means small and since it is you first time you will feel a small amount of pain but with the two potions it should not be to bad. If for any reason it becomes painful and you need me to stop I need you to tell me. After tonight I will not demand sex again until after you approach me. I do hope that you will not wait very long simply because I believe in fidelity and so will not go looking for pleasure else where but I will wait for you."


After 'noxing' out all but one candle Charlie pushed Harry back on the bed. He began by kissing him.

Harry was quickly drawn into the kiss, when Charlie ran his tongue over the seam of his lips he allowed them to part. Charlie's tongue swiftly invaded and he fought for dominance. Harry lost and submitted as he was drawn from his fear.

He could feel the strong hand running over his person drawing moans and gasps from him. He gave up the last of his trepidation as the silky pajama bottoms were drawn from his legs. He gave a moan when he felt his member grabbed in one of Charlie's large hands.

The mouth left his and began kissing and licking down his neck. He gave a cry of pleasure when he was bit in the curve between his shoulder and neck. Charlie must have realized he liked it as he continued nipping and kissing him. Harry was so lost in pleasure he barely noticed the small sharp pain from the first finger entering him. As in began moving he gave a mewl of pleasure. Charlie had moved his mouth down to one of his nipples by the time he inserted the second finger.

Harry gave a small whimper at the intrusion but he knew that the small pinch of pain was nothing to what it would have been without the potions. He felt the fingers moving in and out and scissoring to stretch him. They moved in as though searching for something and a few moments later he found out what. The fingers hit something that shot pleasure through him causing him to cry out. The finger stilled and Charlie looked up at him with a smirk on his hansom face.

"What was that?" Harry breathed, his eyes wide.

"That was your prostrate, did you like it?" Charlie asked silkily.

"Yes. Do it again." Harry ordered and immediately he saw stars. Charlie kept hitting that little spot in him as he kissed his way done his chest. Harry could not restrain the noises of pleasure he was making and so he moaned and mewled and cried out as Charlie played his body like a violin. Just when he thought he could not handle anymore sensation he felt a flair of pain followed swiftly by pleasure as Charlie inserted a third finger and swallowed his prick in one move.

He was uncomfortably full but when Charlie began moving his fingers and doing wicked things with his tongue Harry relaxed. He quickly became accustomed to the feeling and then began moving on the fingers trying to get the deeper, harder. It did not take long before his world exploded, Charlie swallowed down everything he gave him. Before he had a chance to come down from his high Charlie removed his fingers. Harry whimpered for the emptiness he felt but it did not last long as something even bigger pressed in on his opening.

He heard Charlie urging him to relax and spread his legs wider. He did so and slowly Charlie entered him until he was seated fully, as deep as he could go. Once in he stopped, allowing Harry to grow accustomed the the fullness.

"Are you alright Harry?"

"Yes just give me a moment." Harry said. After a few moments he felt ready and urged Charlie to move.

He wrapped his legs around Charlie's waist and moved with the powerful thrusts. Charlie went slowly at first until Harry began urging him to move faster, deeper, harder. The sensations overtaking him, he begged for more.

"Harder Charlie, please. Please?" he begged.

"Please what Harry what do you want." Charlie's husky voice questioned.

"More, I want more, please" he cried.

"More what, oh so tight, you feel so good precious, so warm and tight" Charlie moaned.

"More everything, please Charlie, please" he cried out as Charlie hit that magical spot once more.

Charlie began pounding in and out holding his hips still as he pounded into the small body beneath him. He had never felt anything as good as this, never had a lover as responsive as Harry. As he neared completion he grabbed Harry's prick and worked his to completion again. As Harry exploded his inner walls tightened forcing Charlie to orgasm. He cried out and bit down on the mark he had created earlier, driving as deep as he could go and releasing his seed. Marking the small body beneath him inside and out. He collapsed on top of Harry and tried to catch his breath.

He was slightly startled to feel small hands running through his hair and across the back of his neck. Slowly he pulled his softened member form th body beneath him. He rolled onto his back and pulled the smaller man over to him. Harry moved easily and draped himself across his chest.


Charlie wrapped his strong arms tightly around Harry and spoke. "Are you alright Harry?"

"I am fine. I had no idea it could be like that. Will it always be like that?" he questioned.

"Yes. Once you get used to it, it will probably get better. After a few times it will not hurt anymore and you will be able to really appreciate the pleasure. Now I will wait until you are ready before we do anything more so when you are ready just let me know. Now it is late and we have a long day tomorrow so get some sleep and I will wake you in the morning." Charlie said as he rubbed Harry's back. It took just a few minutes before he heard Harry's breathing even off in sleep and felt his body relax.

Charlie held him tightly and thought of what all had been planned. Yes he got the Potter Lordships and Wizengamont seats, but the most important thing he got was the young man now sleeping peacefully on his chest. The truth of it was that Charlie had been amazed by the small boy from the first time he had looked in his mind three years ago. He had seen a strength of character and inherent goodness not seen often. Last summer at the world cup he had been drawn into the boy who stood so small. During the triwizard tournament he had been shocked at the boys bravery and skill. He had been so young and untrained but he had faced the dragon and beat the scores of wizards with almost three years of training on him and he had done so beautifully. Charlie had missed the second task but Bill had sent him a copy of his memory of the event.

He had been able to attend the third task and when Harry had been whisked away with the other boy he had been shocked. When the signal came form Lucius he had gone with the teachers and aurors and had seen the duel between this precious boy and the evil that was Voldermort. They had all been forced to watch and be unable to interfere by the shield that had surrounded the two. He had watched in bated breath as Harry's small form made dueling look like an intricate dance to be preformed effortlessly. When Harry had won he had cheered the loudest and sent silent thanks to the gods that Harry was alright.

He had admitted it to himself then that this boy owned him. When Lucius had informed them of Fudges plan he had lost his mind. He had yelled and threw things. He had destroyed everything in reach until Severus had petrified him. They had forced him to admit to his feelings. When Bill had told them of the option of the Dominance bond they had not even bother trying to find anyone other than Charlie. It was obvious he loved the boy.

And now after everything, Harry was his. He never had to let him go, indeed he never could let him go. The bond was permanent. Charlie knew that with enough time and effort he could get the boy to love him in return. The hard part would be convincing Harry to trust him. It was obvious by the small number of people who really knew him how hard it was to gain his trust. Charlie knew he would simply have to be patient. He would win him over soon enough.

The next few months would be difficult though. Charlie, Bill, Lucius, and Severus had plans. With the seats that Charlie held now from the Potter estate he was now in place to make some major changes. They planned to change several laws and restrictions. They knew it would be possible with the people on their side but the first big hurdle would come at the next Wizengamont meeting. Lucius had been collecting evidence over the past several months on Fudge and his office. He had several reports of payoffs and bribery. He had hard proof of Fudge destroying people who stood in his way.

Charlie would use that information at the next Wizengamont meeting in two weeks to call a vote of no confidence. They would then use the Potter name and Prince name to support Lucius being named Minister. If Harry's name was backing him there was no way Lucius could lose. Charlie knew that Harry would have no issue with that, especially when Lucius passed a law prohibiting the discrimination against werewolves. Harry liked Lucius and when he heard all of their plans he would not argue.

Charlie smiled as he thought over all of their plans. All that they would be affecting in their world over the next few months. He finally allowed himself to drift off thinking of a better life for wizards everywhere.