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Chapter three

Harry almost vomited from the feeling of a hook in his navel. Since the graveyard he could not stand portkeys. He was still screaming when they landed and jerked himself away from Dumbledore. He managed to throw himself on the ground and into the nearest corner, curling in on himself.

He heard footsteps coming towards him and felt his magic react. There was a good deal of cursing and when he looked up he noticed a glowing golden shield surrounding him. He had no idea what it was as he had never seen anything like it before.

"Harry you will lower this shield right now." Dumbledore ordered. He was trying to reach past the shield but would not let him near.

"No. You took me, let me go, I want to go home." Harry said softly.

"You are not going anywhere, now lower this shield" Dumbledore demanded.

Upon looking around Harry realized exactly where they were. They stood in the headmasters office, Harry could see all of the whirling flashing instruments on the shelfs on the walls and saw Fawkes sitting on his perch. The phoenix was looking at him sadly and gave a sad little trill. Dumbledore shot a stinging hex at the bird who was unable to dodge. He turned back to Harry who was looking up at him in shock.

"How could you do that to Fawkes. He is a phoenix."Harry demanded his shock turning to anger. "How dare you hurt him!" he yelled outraged.

The glowing golden dome that surrounded him pulsed brightly becoming more solid. Dumbledore looked angry and raised his wand. Part of Harry's shield reacted and a tendril of magic flared and hit a thin chain on Fawkes that Harry had not noticed before, the magic snapped the chain and Fawkes gave a happy trill. Dumbledore growled out a curse in a language that Harry was unfamiliar with.

"Lower this shield now or I will blast it to pieces." He demanded.

Harry just looked at him in disgust, knowing somehow that Dumbledore would not be able to get through the shield unless he allowed it. He saw the first hex coming towards him and tensed only to relax when it simply fizzled into nothing after coming into contact with his shield. Dumbledore began throwing hexes and curses at him but all were stopped before they reached him. Harry felt the ever increasing magic battering at his defenses, he knew that he had powerful magic but after ten minutes of nonstop battering from the powerful wizard he was beginning to tire. He had no idea how long it went on before he heard Dumbledore begin the incantation to a spell that he knew he would not be able to block.

As the cruciatus hit him a ragged scream was torn from his throat. The pain was unbearable, Harry thought that after being hit with the curse in the graveyard he would be able to withstand it a bit easier but in reality it was as bad as the first time. The pain was impossible to block and just as impossible to build a resistance to. Every time was as bad if not worse than the first, the fire spread through his nerves and ripped through every bit of decorum and grace he had. His small body fell to the floor racked with spasms of pain and still the headmaster did not let up. In some distant part of his mind Harry noticed his shield beginning to flicker and knew it would not hold but he found he could not bring himself to care.

The pain went on for what seemed like an eternity and harry knew his voice was lost but the real fear began when the pain intensified and he felt something in his throat give and began choking on something in his mouth. Harry knew he would not last much longer and vaguely noticed the golden dome that had surrounded him fall at last, just as the blackness began encroaching he heard a large blast and several voices calling out curses, his last conscious thought of how lovely his husbands navy eyes were and how sad it was to see such distress in him.

After Draco's revelation of where the tracking charm placed them Charlie, Bill, Draco, Lucius, Severus and several aurors apperated to the gates of the school. Oddly enough as the ran across the grounds the headmasters phoenix flew from one of the windows and down to Charlie. He led them through the school using several hidden passageways. As they neared the third floor Charlie heard a sound that made his breath catch, Harry, his little Harry was screaming in pain. The group put on more speed and flew through the halls as fast as the could. It became even worse when the screams were no longer audible.

The gargoyle moved to the side at Fawkes's trill and Charlie ran up the stairs with Sirius at his side. Sirius raised his wand to the door casting a blasting curse blowing it open. Immediately Charlie threw several curses at the headmaster as he looked around for his wayward mate. His heart skipped a beat as he saw his laying on the floor racked with tremors and choking on blood that was pooling from his mouth. His world began crashing down as he flew to Harry's side just catching a sliver of green before the eyes of his small mate closed.

Severus began casting every diagnostic charm he knew and throwing in healing spells as well. The damned phoenix kept trying to get in the way and Bill kept pushing it back until it disappeared in a flash of flames only to reappear on Harry's chest. Charlie raised his hand to move the blasted bird when Severus stopped him. They all watched as the phoenix began crying into Harry's mouth and trilling a tune that made them all feel refreshed.

Charlie was astounded as the ragged breathing turned to slow deep breaths and the tremors slowed and then subsided. Once the bird moved Severus began running more tests, all showing good health. Charlie pulled Harry into his arms and held him tightly, glaring at the bound and unconscious form of the headmaster. While he had been distracted someone had slipped binding bands around his wrists. The band were designed during one of the goblin wars and were made to bind a wizards power and only be released with a key. They were rare and now only used with the strongest of wizards when they were imprisoned, it was seen as a torture device because not being able to acess ones magic was said to be painful.

Charlie lifted Harry into his arms and led the way from the room. They all met up in the entrance hall and decided where to go.

"I am taking Harry home to heal. He needs stress. We can reschedule the trials for another day soon." Charlie stated refusing to be dissuaded.

"Alright Charlie I will be over in an hour or two at most with some calming droughts and muscle relaxers. Unfortunately he is probably going to need them over the next few days." Severus offered.

Lucius offered to go to the ministry and help them set up a new date for trials and to spread the news of what had occurred. The aurors led Albus away followed by Lucius and Sirius who wanted to make certain that he was placed in a magic blocked cell. Remus and the rest of the Weasley's and Draco headed back to Charlie and Harry's home.

As soon as they landed in the foyer Charlie began calling for different elves. Tibby was sent to start a warm bath and ready the bedroom and several others were given other tasks. He carried Harry upstairs and through to the master bathroom where he stripped him off and crawled into the bath with him. Once Charlie was satisfied he was clean he carried him to the bed that had been warmed and crawled into it with him. Charlie pulled him close tucking him under his chin and holding tightly. His nerves still shaken from seeing his small mate writhing on the floor from the vicious curse. He felt a tear slip from his eyes as he thanked every deity he knew that Harry was safe.

Charlie lost track of time and eventually drifted off to sleep only to wake a few hours later to Severus delivering the potions.

"So what is happening?" he questioned sleepily.

"The public is outraged by Albus's actions. They are having to have aurors guard his cell to prevent him being attacked and murdered. The Dursley's are in a cell next to him. After we left on the way to the school the crowd apparently began attacking them. They hexed the husband so bad that healers had to be called in. They have set up a new trial first thing in the morning. If Harry is not ready to leave the house Remus and I will stay with him and keep him company." Severus offered.

"Maybe, we have to see how he feels when he wakes up. I do not want to make decisions for him so if he wants to go I will allow it but there will be a whole lot more security, I will not let him out of my arms." Charlie informed him with a serious tone.

Harry began to whimper and wake. Charlie pulled him closer and began whispering that he was alright and was safe while Severus stood back and watched. Harry opened his eyes and looked up at Charlie in confusion.

"What happened?" he croaked out, his throat had been healed but was still raw from all of the screaming.

"When Draco was helping you dress yesterday he cast tracking charms on you. When you were taken we activated them. We got to you right as your shield fell and you passed out. Albus is in ministry custody along with the Dursley's. Fawkes healed your injuries but if you are still sore we can get you something for pain. How do you feel?"

"I am a little sore, can I have something Severus?" Harry pleaded. Severus quickly handed him a pain potion and checked his vitals. Once Sev was satisfied that he would be fine he gave the rest of the potions to Charlie and left them alone.

Charlie asked Harry what all had happened while he was missing and Harry told him, leaving Charlie swearing that he would never let Harry out of his sight again if he had to chain him there. They talked a bit more before Charlie got him up to get some food.

"But Charlie I'm just wearing sleeping pants" Harry objected.

"Hmm, your right, I can't have anyone else seeing you looking so sexy." Charlie said. He laughed at the soft blush that crawled up Harry's face and pulled one of his t-shirts from the closet.

Harry put the shirt on frowning at the fact that it reached his knees. "Why is everyone else so damn big?" he pouted.

Charlie's booming laugh echoed through the halls as he scooped Harry up onto his hip and carried him down the the conservatory for a peaceful meal. Bill and Arthur were both there eating a light supper.

"Where are the twins and Percy?" Charlie asked as he took a seat pulling Harry onto his lap.

"The twins are plotting a way to break into the ministry and torture Albus with Draco's help, and Percy is looking over the Library and other things trying to study the Weasley artifacts that you have collected here. When did you get all of these and why did you not tell me?" Arthur asked curiously.

"I have been buying back the different items and books since just after I started at the reserve. I saw an old tapestry at my bosses house and asked if I could buy it, since then it became something of an obsession. I did not tell you because of Molly." Charlie informed him.

"Um, am I the only one who is worried about the twins and Draco?" Harry questioned after swallowing his strawberry.

"Oh they will be fine, they are smart enough not to get caught." Bill tried to assure him.

"Yes I know but the whole torture part. They could get in a lot of trouble fro that. I got away with the hexes and curses I used because it was a fight to the death but if they use bad ones they could wind up in Azkaban. They are not much for subtlety you know." Harry informed them as he grabbed a grape from Charlie.

"Oi, I was eating that." Charlie told him. Harry just smiled sweetly and opened his eyes as big as he could.

"But Charlie, I am hungry and it was just a grape. Forgive me?" He said in his softest voice looking up from under his lashes.

"Ok Harry is there anything else you want." Charlie asked. Bill busted up laughing while Arthur was able to hold it down to a simple chuckle. "What are you laughing at?" Charlie asked.

" Oh little Brother, you just got played. You did not even realize it either. You are so whipped." Bill said in between bouts of laughter. Charlie looked to his father who nodded his head ing agreement before losing his control and laughing as well.

"Well you little minx" he growled as he started tickling Harry's sides.

"No, no I'm sorry. Charlie I'm sorry please.... I cant breath.... Please Charlie... I'm sorry." Harry begged between laughter. By the time Charlie stopped he had tear running down his cheeks from laughing so hard and his abdominal muscles were burning.

"That will teach you not to trick me." Charlie smugly informed him.

"Of course Charlie. I won't do it again, I promise." Harry said sweetly.

"Alright I forgive you." Charlie said. Bill and Arthur laughed even harder as Harry got up and skipped out of the room. He made it to the library before he heard Charlie start cursing.

The twins and Draco were bent over a table with what looked like building plans spread on the table in front of them. "Hey guys, whatcha up to?"

"Harry" The twins shouted in unison running over and hugging him in between them. Once they let him down Draco hugged him as well.

"Are you feeling better Harry?" he questioned.

"I feel fine. I was a little sore when I woke up but Severus gave me something so I am fine now. I might be in trouble with Charlie but he cave easily when I give him puppy eyes so alls good. I heard you were planning on breaking into the ministry to get the headmaster."

"Yes we are. We have decided to get him in between transfer from his cell to the courtroom tomorrow." Draco informed him.

"You guys are going to get in trouble. Just leave it be, you know he is most likely looking at Azkaban for life if not the kiss. I do not want you in trouble as well." Harry informed them.

"But he needs to pay for what he did to you."

"We can not just let him get away with it" the twins argued.

"Did you not listen to me. You know Charlie will demand some sort of pain and the kiss, he is going to be punished, don't worry about it." Harry pleaded.

"Alright Harry, we will not attack him. But you have to swear we get to go after anyone else that tries to hurt you." Draco compromised.

"Deal. Now I am still kind of tired from today I am going to find Charlie and demand he give me another back rub." Harry skipped out of the room to the sound of their laughter.

Charlie, Bill, and Arthur had moved to Charlie's study and were discussing what they were going to do with Molly and the two youngest. "I will go and get the rest of my things and she can keep the burrow. I will find a cottage somewhere and purchase it. If I am just paying for me my salary is actually a good size. I can find a two or three bedroom cottage down in the southland's that will be good enough." Arthur was saying.

"But should we really leave them the Borrow. I mean they don't deserve it. They deserve to be out in the streets for what they have done." Bill argued.

"I agree with Bill, and dad you are welcome here as long as you like. I have plenty of room some feel free to save up some and find a place you will be happy in." Charlie stated. When he looked up and notice Harry he motioned him over. Harry happily went over and crawled into his lap. It was shocking how easy he had become in Charlie's presence. A week ago he never would have willingly crawled into someones lap and here he was curling up like a kitten in Charlie's.

As much as he tried to rationalize it to the fact that it was because they were bonded now so he was just trying to make it easier he knew better. It was because Charlie was unfailingly gentle and sweet with him and Charlie was making sure he was comfortable and taken care of. It was a foreign idea to him, he had always been the one to take charge and was always the one who had to protect everyone and be the hero. Charlie did not want him to be the hero, Charlie wanted him to be safe and happy. Charlie did not need rescuing, he could do it himself. It was a nice feeling to let someone else worry about things. And it certainly helped that Charlie was really good looking. Harry relaxed with his head against Charlie's chest listening to his heartbeat.

Harry did not remember falling asleep but the next thing he knew he was being awoken by sunlight streaming in through the bedroom windows. He was laying across Charlie's left side with his ear over his heart. He could hear the steady thumping of his bonded heart. He grabbed his wand and cast a quick 'tempus' charm. Last night he had heard them talking about the trial being rescheduled to ten that morning. The charm said that it was just after eight, Harry slipped from the bed and took a quick shower. Charlie had not said anything against him going and he was determined to be there to see the punishment done. He knew that it was important for the public to see him with Charlie and to see he was well taken care of. He refused to allow the previous days issues to reflect badly on Charlie. He knew if he was not there today people would question his trust in his bonded and would attempt to take him from Charlie. He would be there and he would look his very best and not give them any room to doubt his bonded.

Harry showered quickly and used the charmed brush on his hair making soft waves. He went to the closet and pulled out a similar outfit to the day before. This one was black pants and an amethyst top with black runes on the edges and a pair of boots. He lined his eyes with khol and made sure he had plenty of color in his cheeks. Once satisfied he made sure Charlie was awake and went down for breakfast.

They were meeting everyone not a Weasley at the ministry so after a quick breakfast the group headed out. Charlie had been granted permission to apperate him in and so they landed in the apperation station. They were quickly joined by Sirius and Remus and Lucius and Sev. Siri cuddled him close to insure he was alright and kept a firm arm around him until Charlie picked him up again. Harry supposed he should have been embarrassed, but honestly it was nice and not like it hurt Charlie any, the mans arms were as big around if not bigger than Harry's legs so carrying him was no trouble. Harry was vaguely aware of all of the cameras flashing but paid them no mind as he buried his face in Charlie's neck and allowed himself to be carried to the court room on his bonded's hip.

Once in the courtroom Charlie held him on his lap and the others had somehow managed to surround them. He did not know how they had managed to change the seating arrangements but he was not going to complain. He sat in Charlie's lap and spoke with Severus and Lucius about What would happen at Hogwarts with Dumbledore being arrested and sent to Azkaban.

"Well the board of governors will be meeting the day after theses trials are over and deciding on a new headmaster. I will be nominated likely but unless Severus wants to stay I will not accept." Lucius drawled.

"I will most likely stay for another year to give them time to find my replacement and then will spend time doing research. I have never enjoyed teaching and will be glad not to have to." Severus stated.

"But what about the Slytherins? Who will be their head of house?" Harry questioned.

"I do not know and it is not my problem. I imagine you and Charlie will be returning for him to teach this year and then he will whisk you off to that dragon reserve. What do you say Charlie what are your plans?" Severus demanded.

"If Harry wants to go to Hogwarts I will take over the creatures class otherwise we will go to the dragon reserve. Although I am not certain if I will have time for a career with running the Potter estates. I was able to look them over yesterday when Harry was resting and they need a lot of work to get all of the companies back to where they once were. Dumbledore completely ran two of the companies into the ground and then he invested in several stupid muggle companies and wasted a lot of money. Luckily he hardly made a dent in just one of the vaults but several of the companies will need extensive work to go from just making enough to survive to making a profit. I might higher someone to do it so that I don't have to." Charlie sighed in exasperation.

"I can help if you like. One of the companies he destroyed was a joint venture between the Malfoy's and Potters. I would wager the ones he neglected and tried to ruin were ones that were joint companies with 'dark' families." Lucius said making a face at the word dark.

"As interesting as this conversation is I believe it is time to start" Remus interrupted. Sure enough the minister was standing and calling order. After a lengthy speech on punishing the people responsible and somehow bringing up the upcoming election Dumbledore was escorted into the room. He was surrounded by six aurors who were hold a very powerful shield charm around him to prevent anyone attacking him. They led him to the middle of the floor and sat him in the chair with the chains. Once he was sat down they set up a ward around him to hold the shield so that they could relax slightly. Fudge stood and spoke again.

"Albus Dumbledore you have been charged with purposeful and willful disregard in the execution of the will of the late James and Lilith Potter nee Evans in the carrying out of their last requests. You are charged with purposefully placing a magical child in a neglectful and abusive home and encouraging the abusive behavior to take place. You are charged with treason of the magical children of Brittan by allowing them to receive a substandard education. You are also charged with one count of blackmail against a hero of the wizarding world and several uses of the unforgivable known as the 'Cruciatus' curse. How do you plead?" His nasally voice questioned.

"Everything I have done is for the greater good. Harry had to grow up with the Dursley family to insure he was not spoiled. The teachers I hired were very competent and the students could not be taught to much in defense against the Dark Arts so that if Voldermort came back his followers would not be to difficult to defeat, as for blackmailing Severus, once a death eater always a death eater. I had to make sure he stayed where I could control him. I used the threat of Azkaban to help keep him in line and when that did not work a little pain always did." Dumbledore said in a conversational tone as though he was discussing something pleasant over tea.

Charlie stood and handed Harry to Remus to hold and stepped down on the floor so that everyone could see him easily. He turned and addressed the crowd.

"As the dominant partner of Harry Potter I call upon my rights as Protector under Merlin's Law to demand this man be questioned under veritaserum followed by a punishment of nothing less than death for the harm of my submissive mate." his tone was cold and his power flowed through the room letting everyone know he was not a wizard to be messed with.

Dumbledore was quickly administered the truth serum and Charlie and Lucius began questioning him.

"What is your name?"

"Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore."

"How many years old are you?"

"214 years old."

"Why did you disregard the Potters will?"

"I knew that Voldermort was not dead and that many people would look to Harry Potter for leadership. I could not allow him to steal my title of greatest wizard of the age so I set it up so that he would look up to and respect me. As for the finances, it was a way to ruin the old pureblood family's if I ruined their businesses. Harry would not need the money as I planned on killing him after Voldermort was dead for good."

Several shouts rang through the crowd at this statement. Charlie looked ready to cast his own unforgivable at this news. Lucius stepped in and began asking questions.

"Why did you torture and blackmail Severus Dmitri Snape?"

"Because he is a strong dark wizard. He could easily pass me in power levels. I had to keep him under control or he could become the Lord of the Dark. I tortured him to keep him unhealthy and blackmailed him into doing what I wanted because it kept my hands clean."

"What do you mean the Lord of the Dark?" Lucius questioned. Several people looked interested as well.

"Back several hundred years ago there were two sides to magic. The Dark and Light. It was said that there could not be one without the other and so Merlin created the Lords of Light and Dark. They were not good and evil just Light and Dark. The two Lords would work together and if they worked together then the world was in balance and war was prevented. It kept dark lords from rising and attacking our world. In the time of the founders Slytherin and Gryffindor were the Lords of Dark and Light. What many do not know was that it was Gryffindor who was against muggle's. He wanted total separation of our worlds. Somehow history was twisted to blame Slytherin but the truth was that Gryffindor killed Slytherin and blamed his crimes on him. He disbanded the title of Lord of Darkness and instead claimed that Slytherin had been a Dark lord which is a whole different thing. In my youth I found the portraits of the founders and the true story. Gryffindor's portrait charged me with insuring the titles did not come back into play. I have dedicated my life to the task. I became headmaster so that I could be sure to bind part of the powers of the wizards whose powers were dark. Severus Snape has one of the largest cores I have seen for a dark based wizard, I had to keep him under my control." Dumbledore said in his monotone voice. It was easy to see by everyone there this had just gone from a normal trial to something much more.

"How many wizards and witches power cores have you tampered with.?" Lucius asked with horror in his voice. The crowd was leaning forward to hear his answer.

"Almost every pure blood in the last hundred years and any muggleborn and half blood children with dark cores." he answered. There were several cries of outrage through the room.

"What do you mean dark core. What is the difference in a light core and a dark core?" Charlie asked.

"A wizard with a light core does best with controlled magic. Magic that does not require emotion to cast. They use magic with a set result easiest, a wizard with a dark core does best with emotion based magic. They can cast spells that are dependent on emotion and will power easier. Dark magic is stronger and can not be allowed to be used, it is chaotic and unpredictable."

"Is dark magic inherently evil?"

"All magic is dependent on intent. Dark magic however requires a stronger wizard and I cannot allow any to be more powerful than myself."

"Why did you bind the powers of all of the pure blood children and not all of the muggleborns?"

"Because I could not allow purebloods to continue to think that they were stronger magically. I blocked their powers to make the muggleborns seem stronger."

"Are you saying that purebloods are stronger than muggleborns?" Lucius asked silkily, his glee evident on his face.

"Any child with two magical parents, whether they are pure blood or the child of two muggleborns can be equal but a first generation magic user with two magic parents is inherently weaker. Any child with one magic parent and one muggle parent is generally stronger than a muggle born and weaker than a child with two magical parents. A child with one pure blood parent, that is any witch or wizard with two magic using parents, and one muggleborn parent is stronger than a child with two pure blood parents and is seen as a pure blood in the eyes of magic and the ancient laws."

"Where did you get this information from?" Lucius demanded.

"The book of the law as seen by the Lords of the Light and Dark is hidden in my chambers behind the portrait of the wood nymph. All of the information is in there. The experiments were conducted by Merlin himself and have been re-conducted by several wizards over time but all proof has been hidden by Gryffindor and those of us he set the task to."

"Why would you hide this information?" Charlie asked.

"To prevent any becoming strong enough to reclaim the titles of Lord of the Dark and Lord of the Light."

"Is there any way to break the bindings on the magic cores you bound?" Lucius asked.

"The counter is simple but any who have been bound for fifty years or more cannot be undone. The charm is 'Forza de liberacion escorrentado' it translates in to galician meaning release chained strength. A healer will need to be presant to insure there are no complications. The witch or wizard will need a few days to become accustomed to their new strength." Dumbledore's voice was beginning to have more inflection to it signaling that the veritaserum was beginning to fade.

Lucius called Charlie and Fudge over to hold a mini conference quickly. Harry watched as Fudge waved his hands and the other two spoke quickly and made certain to get their points across. After a few minutes Charlie stood and addressed the crowd again.

"In light of the illuminating information we have learned today a decision has been made. The three Dursley's, for crimes against a wizarding child shall be given the dementors kiss. Albus Dumbledore shall be kept alive and questioned extensively over the next few months by a team of unspeakables and researchers so that they may determine the best way to go about restoring the wizarding world and rectifying the damage he has caused. During this time Dumbledore shall be under constant magic suppression to insure that he has no chance of escape. Once we are certain that we have all of the information that we need he shall be executed by a squad of aurors using the unforgivable 'Avada Kedavera'." Charlie declared. Lucius spoke next.

"As for the information of the binding of many of our powers, by this time next week we shall have questioned him extensively about the bindings and the results and solutions shall be announced in a public press conference. We shall begin the questioning this afternoon and hopefully have a tentative schedule for those closest to the cutoff date to see healers at that time. I must ask your patience and cooperation in this matter and assure you in return that we will do our best to fix this travesty. It also must be said that the questioning of Dumbledore will be held here in this court room and open for public viewing to insure that the public does not worry about the possibility of us withholding valuable information. I shall now leave this for the minister to close for the morning session." Lucius said and made his way back to his seat.

Fudge quickly closed the session and Dumbledore was escorted from the room under guard. Two unspeakables and a team of researchers approached their group along with the minister. Harry did not pay attention to the conversation, instead he walked over to Charlie and allowed himself to be picked up and held. He vaguely heard something about a group of people going to the school and getting the book Dumbledore had spoke of but paid them no mind. Harry was glad to be allowed to head home and was happy to be surrounded by all those he counted close as they joined them for lunch. After lunch Lucius was called away by the Board of Governors and he left swiftly.

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