Dirt on my hands and knees
By eternalshiva

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How she came to be

"Watching you is the only drug I need. Some gangster, I'm so in love.
You're the only one I'm dreaming of, you see..."

Trains' Hey, Soul Sister

There are several reasons why someone consciously decides to bury themselves under a layer of lies; why one fumbles about in the dark, scrapping the skin raw while crawling towards the uncertain future; why they favoured the sharp sting of words to shield their heart from the outside world.

There's a reason why one such person smiles against suffocating adversity; why they would need to hit so god damned hard in the midst of battle that the snap of bones is a relief they crave to hear. But... she would never tell anyone; she would never bore you with her inner dislikes and negativity or her warped view of the world. Instead, she would distract the inquisitive mind with the latest gossip, a few tips on hair and makeup and would even suggest what flowers you need to bring home so that your wife would forget all about your indiscretions.

It was her small insignificant secret that she carefully kept bound close to her heart. As far as she was concerned, no one had to know how easy it was to slip past her emotional defences; it was honestly no one's business what she chose to do with her free time or how she chose to bestow her affections. No one needed to know why, for several pointless years, she chose to chase a futile, hopeless love since the age of six.

She never had any intentions to be in love in the first place.

Ino was outwardly shallow and simple, a front she preferred and perfected. She thrived on her careful miscued reputation over the years, although it reflected nothing on her true self. She relished at the feel of her inner demons crawling and hissing at those that believed her catty smiles and come hither looks.

Not one to deny the pleasure of others, she would only smile, flip her hair teasingly when she would hear the rumours spill from strangers lips; she'd flash a dazzling smile when the snide remarks on her accomplishments as an expert in the arts of sex from the civilian women of the village, unconcerned.

"Anything to get the mission done," would be her answer, she'd smirk at the force their mouths would snap shut, and their accusing glares would soften. They had no right to judge a woman who had willingly given up the right to reserve her body for a lover. The hurtful prying assumptions and questions would dissipate in the afterglow of another celebratory survival dance; her team had come back, alive and well.

Heroes in their losses, as long as they always came home.

Ino comforted herself with the knowledge and pride that she was far from what they assumed. The truth was far darker, always on the brink of spiralling out of her tight control. She was not a happy, bubbly person – like she portrayed - she was pensive, layered beyond what most women would peg as complicated. She was an enigma, even to Shikamaru. He'd decided a long time ago that she was better left alone, not to be unravelled.

It's not that she didn't want to experience love; in fact, she craved it like any other living, breathing human. Her eyes had been opened at an early age, when her mother explained to her in detail, at the tender age of twelve, what it really meant to be kunoichi and how the rest of her life would pan out. Her dreams and girlish endeavours of being a wife, a virginal goddess to descend upon her husband on her wedding night had been shattered that afternoon. Her tears mourned a lost childhood and welcomed reality on her mother's bosom; she was never quite the same after that revelation.

Before the age of twenty, she had taken care of her attachment and ideals connected to the hymen. All on her own, mind you, thanks to tips obtained forcibly from whores – which she had mind-scanned for evidence- and the awkward use of a dildo. She had also withdrawn herself from the emotional connection of sex and grown accustom to men stretching her most intimate parts.

Her team noticed her onset of odd and distant behaviour; Shikamaru knew exactly what she was up too while Chouji pretended that she was 'just being a girl'. It was unsaid, understood what Ino had done to overcome the fear of rape and release her team from the feminine burden and the possible complications it could add to missions.

It was always stressed by Tsunade that, a kunoichi needed to return home in one piece, her heart whole and her mind never broken by the violence of sex. Her words had etched themselves inside Ino's heart, safety in the knowledge that she would never lose herself.

To ignore the power and fear instilled by sexuality was idiotic. From what she had seen, there was never anything pleasant in the act, all she knew was the pain of sex from what she recited for reports on behalf of women who couldn't face reality and murdered their souls by closing their minds to the world. She only saw the sadistic side of dead men who were murdered by husbands, brothers or fathers who protected their loved ones.

It didn't help either that her one experience in love had been a complete disappointment - it had left her with more questions than answers. The truth of it had escaped her small uncertain grasp in a whirlwind of drama and indifference, much like the object of her affections. She discovered, almost too late, that she wasn't really interested in what Sasuke had to offer. The Uchiha had been a perfect target, now that she thought about it. Always sure of rejection, always unattainable no matter what she tried. The perfect cover, if she dared add, for her lack of interest in a serious love affair.

To say she was innocent or inexperienced in the works of sex would a bold faced lie. Ino was a walking encyclopaedia on the subject; she spent many years studying brothels, specifically the interactions between man and woman for the sole purpose of being good at her job.

Sure, she would never deny that she used sex to get what wanted from men, sometimes women, for a mission. Only if it required the specific skill and even then, she would use her possession jutsu to avoid having the activity. In reality, she was clueless on the pleasures.

She found sex uncomfortable, boring even.

She was curious, for sure, to know what it was exactly that made her friends blush, speak in strange tongues when they spoke about their love affairs. She wondered if someday she would honestly know what it was like to gush about their mates, screwing the hell out of them, and still want to see them the next day without the need of a chemical peel to get the sweat and stench off her.

She concluded a long time ago that matters of the heart were messy and troublesome to her line of work. She avoided it and she was fine with that decision. Maybe her experience was warping her opinion?

She was the only kunoichi from her little group to actively take the missions that required these types of activities. The Hokage certainly wasn't going to let his wife do them; Hinata would die first if she had to spread her legs for anyone besides Naruto.

Sakura was too busy at the hospital to take them on. She was dedicated to her work, honing her healing skills, plus she had no one in her life since Sasuke had died. Lee was still trying, but Sakura couldn't bring herself to open up, her smile always sad, but, like a disease, he lingered about and she was starting to smile for real.

Tenten was too rough; there was nothing feminine about the weapons mistress that would allow her to take these missions. Neji would most likely maim Naruto if he even suggested that kind of mission to her.

Ino, on the other hand, had the looks, the sass, the misplaced dysfunctional heart and the lack of a love life. She was beyond perfect, unfortunately.

Too bad it was all about to crumble, no thanks to a meddling Kiba.

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