Dirt on my hands and knees
By eternalshiva

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Warning: Marute subject, dominance, swearing.

Chapter 4
Found you

"You see, I can be myself now finally, in fact there's nothing I can't be
I want the world to see you be with me..."
- Trains' Hey, Soul Sister

Ino scrunched up her face as the sweat trickled slowly between her shoulder blades. She shrugged her right shoulder in retaliation, but her clothes were too heavy from the night's moisture to do as she bid. The fabric clung to strange forgotten spots of her skin instead, ignoring the bead of sweat in its entirety. She blew out a breath ungraciously, struggling with the sticky littlest bits of strands that wouldn't leave the skin, flicking particularly at a strand of hair that landed across her nose.

Ino realised, as she was in the middle of threatening her ponytail with an overdue hair cut, that she was frustrated. A deeply embedded frustration that made her want to curl into a ball and scream. This, of course, was not something that she would ever openly admit to.

You see, it was a well-known fact that the current Yamanaka Ino did not get frustrated, never mind this other impossible problem of being irritable beyond redemption, no thanks to that idiot Kiba.

She sighed.

'It's not his fault I'm like this,' she thought with a groan while rubbing her face in fatigue. Her feet dragged against the gravel before coming to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Was there someone to blame for the way she was feeling? Hadn't she spent the last ten years of her life trying to forget this handicap?

"That bastard," she grumbled, recalling his confession to purposely prevent her from forgetting herself. It didn't really make her angry anymore – she had forgiven him – but now she was left with her mind all muddled, confused and unsure. All she could think about was him, and it made her crazy.

She could clearly recall his sounds, his skin, his battle stances, the sway in his step, his eyes in the darkness and the way his lips twitched when he said her name. She could picture his lips stretch, the canines teasing the flesh, the vibration of his voice sucking in every second and inch of her attention into his world.

She was so fucked. Beyond repair – no amount of vacation would fix her, she was sure of it. She needed him out of her system and fast. Maybe she could get back to normal if she let herself indulge in her desires...

She snorted – getting her head cut off would probably be the more effective and reliable solution compared with trusting her vagina to be satisfied with one single tryst with Kiba.

Speaking of which, she was upset with that little part of her anatomy just then. It had been shameless in the office, spewing pheromones like cheap perfume and stinking up the alleys of a harlot's territory. Just thinking about Kiba's nose twitching in reaction to her wasn't making her heart flutter in girlish pride, it made her want to find a hole in the ground and pray it could give her sweet, sweet relief from her embarrassment.

Secretly, she hoped he wouldn't act on it... but that look he gave her when she was leaving... she groaned. The heated I'm-going-to-hunt-you-down look he'd given her was a dead giveaway that doing anything other than biding her time until Naruto was done torturing the man in his office would be a futile effort.

She hoped it would take a while; she needed to get herself out of fuck-his-brains-out mode and back into couldn't-give-a-shit mode.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly.

Who was she kidding? That wasn't sweat inside her panties. That, my friend, was pure un-adulterated lust in all its sticky, gooey glory. How humiliating; the great Yamanaka Ino was turned on like a drippy faucet in the middle of summer, all because of a man.

Not just any man, an irritating comrade.

"Ugh." She leaned against a lamppost and rubbed her face in agony. She needed to cool off, get the sweat off her body and maybe a solid dicking from –



Ino cursed out her leader for his lack of skill in keeping the tracker busy long enough for her to even escape her own lust-induced stupidity. She shifted slightly from one foot to the next. She could sense his eyes on her; she could clearly imagine his strange pupils tracking her every move despite her efforts to remain very still.

She bit her lip again while searching the endless void of the night. The dim streetlights were nearly useless. She knew he was melded against the shadows and she wouldn't be able to find him unless he wanted her to see him.


Despite her confident name-calling to the shadows and crossing her arms in defiance, she tried to keep that wretched feeling of instability at bay with her will alone. She couldn't let him see her falling apart at the seams, even if she could feel his eyes on her, burning, itching like a mosquito bite. She swatted at the air, trying to divert the intense attention away from her sensitive senses.

"What do you want?" Her question sounded like a hallow echo against the night. Her gaze lingered towards the darkest area of the street, but she still couldn't sense him.

"A loaded question." His reply was like a whisper and his breath tickled her ear, surprising her. She turned towards the noise and her left hand quickly found her right ear, pressing her fingers against the lobe. Goosebumps chased the flesh up to her hairline at the nape of her neck. He wasn't there, nowhere to be seen when she turned to catch the elusive ninja. She grew nervous at the lack of contact from him; at the lack of presence.

She was his prey, she knew that and she felt a surge of unwanted excitement course through her veins.

"Stop fucking around, Kiba," she warned. Her body backed into the pole, her eyes scanned the area and still, she couldn't pin down his location.

"Who's fucking around?" She heard the question before his fingers grazed her shoulder. She didn't move. The slight tickle of his touch surprised her, but the searing heat it left behind dragged out a shiver down the length of her spine.

"What are you doing?" Her voice sounded like a whisper, clearly conveying her uncertainty, even if against her will.

"I should be asking you that."

Silence tore between them, she fidgeted nervously, and his lack of presence itched her skin – the uncertainty of his intentions set fire to her.

"W-what do you mean by that?" She knew very well, but the silence was getting to her.

"You're confusing me." To the left, his voice drifted away on the breeze. "You tell me to stay out of your sight, but your body says otherwise."

She blushed – hard – and crossed her arms against his observation. She had nothing to say for herself. She had been selfish, rude and quick tempered with him, unreasonably so, she might add.

"Well I –" she didn't get far into her excuses. The light went out from the lamppost, distracting her and consequently burying her deep within the darkness. She swallowed her nervous disposition and waited for his next move. The interruption of silence was brief when the pole shifted slightly against her back before she heard the small shuffle of his feet, almost like a warning that he was on to her.

'Only Kiba could hide in plain sight.' she thought as she realised the man had perched himself on the pole and stalked her.

"Well, what?" Kiba stood close behind her, the pole stood between them like a shield. She couldn't answer him, her excuses were lies even she couldn't accept telling to herself. Her silence only irked the tracker even more.

He grabbed her folded arms and flipped her around the pole, forcefully pressing her back against the aging wood, but she didn't resist, her face was merely turned away from his. He couldn't make out her expression; her ponytail had become oddly loose letting some hair cast more shadows than necessary on her face.

"Well, what?" the whisper was harsh, and Ino flinched under him, his grip tightening around the wrists.

Her silence was saying more than she could ever put into words. He sighed and his grip loosened slightly. Ino peeked at him through her bangs, trying to see his expression, but it was too dark.

"I'm not doing this if all you want is a quick fuck to get me out of your system."

Ino flicked her head, her eyes narrowed in rebellion, ready to tear his statement apart. But before she could open her mouth to retort, it slammed into her – the truth exposing her to him. She looked down to ground, unable to look at him.

"I can't be what you want me to be," she whispered. As her forehead leaned against the breastplate of his ANBU gear, she felt a prickle of tears threatening to spill. Kiba let go of her wrists and wrapped his arms around her, stunned by her moment of vulnerability.

"How do you know for sure?" He pressed his cheek against hers tenderly.

Her brows arched in surprise at the gentleness of his words.

"How can you be so certain that it's not possible?"

The question was heavy against her ethics. She had trained nearly all her life to be what she was today, and he was asking her to throw that aside for a moment of insanity?

"It's not that easy, it's not something I can just–"

"Aren't you tired of this charade? Aren't you tired of being alone all the time?" he interrupted, his index and thumb raising her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. She saw it there, the honesty in his question, the moonlight keeping them secret only to her. She frowned; his words were true, she knew.

She had given up on her own happiness a long time ago; her position as a full-fledged kunoichi stripped her of that right.

"That's not something–" his lips brushed against hers, further silencing her excuses. He paused briefly, mere inches away from her lips. The moonlight caught him, twisting each shadow around his body like a lover, Ino blinked suddenly at his unspoken request lingering between them.

Her breath caught at the sudden beauty, her lips parted and he kissed her. Chaste, shy and gentle for no more than a moment, he mumbled against her lips. She strained to hear what he whispered. His coarse fingers touched her cheek, distracting her but she heard it.

"Let me in, Ino –let me love you."

His quiet words struck something deep inside her and his honesty at that moment made her question her own reasons for denying him this simple request. The ache in his plea squeezed at her heart, she leaned into his touch and soon noticed that he probably wasn't even aware of the way his body yearned for her. No, his words weren't lies. There was no trickery there – she could tell by the way his body shuddered at her barest touch. At that very moment she could sense everything in him.

What had shocked her a little was his correct assumption that she was indeed tired of her constant sacrifice, tired of being alone in her endeavours for perfection. She had barred herself from hoping she would ever be accepted by another; her special training was very difficult to accept... but then again, Kiba was right before her, offering her something she had thought was completely out of her reach.

So what was stopping her?

What was holding her back, or more specifically, what was it that she was protecting so... so... zealously?

"I-I–" she stuttered between the meeting of their lips, he pulled her closer, his fingers loosening the ponytail and the uncertainty pooled in the pit of her stomach.

Still... she had to hand it to him.


The marvellous feeling of his lips teasingly brushing against hers was rather distracting, and she was pretty sure he knew it, too.

Moments later it was her turn to shudder when she heard him growl approvingly when, with his insisting kisses, she unconsciously bit his bottom lip softly, soothing it with her tongue before he pulled away and breathed deeply.

"Please..." he pleaded again against her ear.

Ino closed her eyes tightly, this time biting her lower lip indecisively. His request was simple but the repercussions were life altering.

When his tormenting lips pulled away, she almost sighed both in relief and disappointment. She suddenly found herself against his chest, his arms wrapping around her tightly. His embrace was strong and masculine, yet it also ignited a sense of comfort and security. The riddle was unravelling itself at an alarming pace and for the first time in a long time, she welcomed the uncertainty of those feelings surfacing.

It was the kind of feeling she had always wondered about when she felt the loneliest in the midst of those difficult missions; the kind of mission that tore at the heart and soul. Deep down, she knew she never wanted to be assigned to them in the first place, but because of her never-ending quest for perfection and her self-proclaimed rejection, she felt the need to accept them.

She was terrified to admit it, but she wanted to hold on to this strange feeling Kiba ignited. The way he gripped the fabric of her shirt against her back, fingers tightly wound, and the slight shake of his hands entirely exposed his vulnerability and she was shocked by the complete trust he poured into her with these silent acts.

It was at that moment that it finally dawned on her that if she decided to step away from this opportunity, she would not only regret it for the rest of her life, but she would always yearn for him, for the feel of his arms around her. She would yearn for the million different ways he'd look at her: with tenderness, warmth, mischief, admiration, lust and so much more.

And so, with the graze of one of his fangs against the sensitive skin of her neck, an immediate and very intense need for him flared again. Images of his flesh haunted her: the flexibility of his muscles in the midst of battle, the seriousness of his gaze when he focused only on her. She greedily lapped at the knowledge that no matter what, he would always be waiting in the shadows, always urging her to move despite her resignation to live the life she had chosen.

She couldn't keep him in the shadows any longer. She would draw him out, just like he had pulled her back into humanity. She wanted everything he had to offer. To fulfil the sudden and urgent need to feel alive. To be the woman he claimed and believed her to be.

She was willing to take that step into the unknown with him. No more doubts plagued her.

She grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled it back harshly, forcing him to wince. A course of adrenaline shot through her when he swore. His fingers tugged at hers, but they were coiled around too tightly, unwilling to let the strands loose from her grip.

"I'm warning you, stop fucking around Kiba," she nearly snarled. He opened one eye and bared his teeth, fangs glinting against the moonlight. He winced again as she pulled once more, forcing him down to her face, millimetres away from her lips.

"I'm not–" he started, anger lacing his words, but she pulled again, which made his scalp ache more. "Ouch, stop doing th–"

"Kiba," she whispered dangerously, her eyes met his for a brief moment and a shiver ran down his spine. Instinctively Kiba knew, in just that moment, he was no longer the hunter, but the hunted. He was her prey, her meal; she was a cat ready to devour him at any moment's notice.

He'd never felt so exhilarated by her before and he was excited by it.


He defied her, feigned stupidity and pulled free from her grip. Massaging his scalp, he took one step back and eyed her, the triangle pupils barely focused on her before he felt his body move back sharply.

She had shoved him.

He blinked in surprise and momentarily lost his footing before catching his momentum against the wall behind him, but he didn't have time to straighten. Ino had grabbed him again, her fingers having curled against the edge of his ANBU chest plate. She tugged hard, trying to keep him off balance, but he was done being taken by surprise and caught her wrists.

He pried the fingers off his gear and suddenly grabbed her shoulders; twisting their positions, she found herself no longer in the dominant position. Face to face, he pushed her hard against the wall. She yelped when her back slammed into the side of the building, her breath heaving against his armoured chest.

She struggled momentarily before Kiba managed to slip a thigh between her legs. He quickly pulled her wrists above her head and gathered them there. Ino narrowed her eyes and tried to pry her wrists free, but his large hands were determined to win. She pressed her hips against his, a strange growl rumbled from his throat and she suddenly stilled.

Seconds passed between them. They stared at each other and his eyes searched hers for answers she wasn't willing to give right then. Her eyes, contrary to his, focused on his mouth. She licked her lips in anticipation and he didn't miss the hint.

"Stop fucking around, Kiba, and fuck me." She pressed against him again. He didn't answer her – his fingers gripped her wrists harder in an effort to restrain himself.

"Fuck me," she ordered him.

Still he didn't budge; his eyes only narrowed, his nostrils flared for a second, as though he was drinking in her essence.

"Do it before I change my mind on your offer," she pleaded this time, her eyes softening the blow of her words. Would she really give up her life for this man?

Yes, she would.

There was a moment's hesitation; she felt his grip loosen from the shock. She could see it in his face; he was surprised. She looked away before she broke down and started pleading for the thick-headed idiot to stick it to her.

"Are you serious?"

It wasn't a question; it was a moment of decision. She nodded without pause, her mind made up.

"I'm not going to be nice," he warned, his index and thumb pulled at her chin, demanding to be met eye to eye. She grinned and before she could answer, his mouth crashed against hers. His tongue invaded her mouth with purpose and his one free hand slipped down her side. He let his fingers press against the skin hard, scratching the length of her body and she let out a hiss against his lips before he reached for her thigh and pulled up her knee to wrap her leg around his hip.

She could feel his erection nestled against her heated sex and she moaned into his mouth before biting his lower invading lip. He broke the kiss and frowned as she gasped for air.

"Fuck, I need to breathe, god damn –" his mouth was on hers again for a brief moment before she retaliated and pushed her tongue inside his mouth. Teeth banged against each other, forcing Kiba to wince when he felt a sharp pang inside his upper lip; he had cut himself with one of his elongated fangs.

Ino tasted the copper against her tongue and she kissed deeper, seeking the injury and licking the length of canines. She always had a strange fascination with this man's teeth and she wasn't going to miss the opportunity to explore them.

Kiba stilled in his assault; her mouth manipulated his own into an embrace so deep he momentarily lost his senses. He moaned, pressing his erection hard against her and she broke the kiss, hissing again.

He let go of her wrists, pulled her other leg up around the other side of his hip and felt her cross her legs behind him. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and her fingers laced in his hair before she demanded another kiss from his mouth. His hips continued to slowly grind his erection against her. Ino moaned at the sensation and responded with her own grinding.

Kiba let out a grunt. His palms let go of her thighs and pressed against the wall, forcing Ino to cling to him.

She, in turn, felt herself slip.

"What are you doing?" She could barely say the words. Her tongue was hungry for the taste of him once more.

"Alley way," he mumbled in a haze. It was too hot and Ino's scent was clouding his judgement. He pushed off from the wall and unsteadily walked towards the nearby corridor. His hands slipped under her tank top while walking; somehow he took the sweaty material off of her and exposed her breasts to the night.

Her mouth busied itself with the flesh of his neck, momentarily distracting him to the point he tripped, slamming both of them against the brick wall of another building.

"Ouch!" she hissed and grimaced as the brick sliced across her naked flesh. Kiba winced. His knuckles had scraped hard against the wall, as though sympathising with his lover.

"Bare it," he whispered hoarsely against her temple.

Ino gripped him hard as her back scraped again on the bricks and they both winced, the pain slipping away when he distracted her with a toe-curling embrace.

"Sorry," he mumbled between kisses and gulps of air. She shrugged and shut him up by slipping her tongue deeper inside his mouth. She wanted to consume him; she needed to feel him under her skin. She started to claw at his armour plate, itchy to feel her breasts against his chest, but he wouldn't comply.

"Take that shit off," she snarled as she slammed her fist onto his chest. He ignored her, dipping his head lower and licking her neck. He nipped her pulse point with his canines and she shuddered openly. She felt his lips pull back in a grin, but she couldn't care less at this point – he had started to grind against her again. He bit and licked at her collarbone and she shamelessly threw back her head, her mouth agape from the sensation.

Despite everything, she managed to weakly claw at the gear again before his mouth reached the top of one breast and licked the flesh slowly. The velvet feel of the muscle sliding down the skin was confusing. Her skin was hot and damp from sweat, but the trail left behind by his tongue instantly cooled from the night's barely-there breeze.

'Too slow, he's too fucking slow.' She clawed at his back, and her heels dug hard into his ass cheeks as she tried to wiggle away from his torturous mouth, but to no avail. She felt him smirk; those lips pulling back against the soft feminine skin as his teeth scrapped and teased the flesh. Her back scrapped against the bumps on the wall once again, making it seem as if the brick's stones imbedded themselves in her skin, but Ino couldn't really feel them any longer. Her mind was buzzing; her clit pulsing strongly against this man's confidence.

Kiba continued his mission to devour her, slowly and without mercy.

Ino's sweat trickled down the valley of her breasts and he lapped at it, deeply inhaling the smell of her. The heat of her arousal was flooding his chakra-enhanced senses and Ino shuddered when she heard him take in a deep shameless breath of her scent. She was positive she heard him smack his lips.

His fingers dug into the skin of her thighs, once again slipping higher. He could feel the heat of her sex inches away from his curious fingers, and his index reached the outer labia and slipped the length past her cloth-protected entrance.

Ino's body stiffened and he smirked.

Her thighs squeezed his hips, and he slowly thrust anew, his fingers exploring her thoroughly. Her sex was wet – the lips swelling from his abuse – but he still continued his search for her throbbing clit. Ino bucked slightly in anticipation of his touch. Her fingers gripped his shoulders and clung to the edge of his ANBU gear.

Kiba was nearly swept away by her siren sounds, but he quickly released her sex and stopped her movement all-together once he took one tightened nipple into his mouth. Her breath hitched; the foreign sensation buzzed and sparked inside her head. Goosebumps crawled all over her skin while her fingers pulled and tugged at his hair, but Kiba ignored her feeble attempts to interrupt him.

One hand cupped the single breast that wasn't under his mouth's attention; as soon as he found the nipple he pinched it, successfully stopping her from injuring anymore of his scalp.

She yelped, infuriated. She started to hit his back plate, but he thrust his hips hard against her heated sex. Her clit pulsed strongly, forcing the kunoichi to stop breathing for a moment. She couldn't decide how to say his name again, so instead she let out a strange mewl that sent Kiba's senses reeling.

The sweat was thick between them, suffocating the cooling breeze between their aching bodies. Their muscles clenched, flexed and slipped against each other in desperation.

He bit her, she swore at him, but it was lost to him as his mind buzzed with want and need. His lips released her breast and crashed against her lips again. He moaned her name before his hands found her ass and squeezed the cheeks almost painfully. He wanted inside her so badly he could taste it.

Ino heard something rip, but she was distracted by the feel of his arms under her touch. She was mesmerised by him actually; he was all over the place; his hands and lips explored every nook and crevice, every scar, and she couldn't – nor did she want to – hold back, moaning loudly when he probed her most sensitive areas.

Kiba, on the other hand, nearly lost control with the sounds she made.

"Ino, Ino, Ino..." he whispered like a mantra, his hips still thrusting, slowly rubbing his erection against her clit. She put a hand to her mouth, biting the skin in an effort to resist losing control.

Ino's eyes widened when his fingers caressed the soft skin of her labia and the slickness welcomed his touch shamelessly. He moaned against her ear as she wiggled under his explorative touch. Something was different; Ino couldn't quite put her finger on it, but it soon became clear to her when she felt the tip of his index probe her entrance.

"You ripped off my panties." She heaved, but any complaints were cut short when it slipped inside her. Her slick vaginal walls clenched down on his finger in surprise.

"What of it?" he mumbled between heated licks and sucks of her skin. She couldn't respond. His fingers stroked her expertly; his thumb rolled slowly over the nub of her clit before he slipped a second finger inside her. He pressed his palm against her and without a moment's hesitation, moved his hand in a tight circle over her center.

"Oh..." she forgot to cover her mouth and left her hands idle around Kiba's shoulders. He pressed his nose against her temple, sliding it down the flesh. He nuzzled her ear and bit the lobe. Her eyes rolled back and his name escaped her lips in a slow torturous moan. She could feel the slow build between her legs, the wetness thickening each pass over her clit. His fingers were coated right up to the knuckles, smearing on his palm. She bucked suddenly, seeking a rougher touch, as his gentle teasing was too much of a tease. It barely satisfied her.

He didn't want her to release just yet. He slowed the touch, and he immediately felt her only increase her bucking against his hand. Her feet pressed hard against his back, and her thighs tightened around him, forcing him to rub her harder. Kiba refused her advances, pulling his hand away altogether.

"What the fuck, Kiba?"

She couldn't quite understand his motives right then, as her world was breaking under his touch and she wanted more. Her eyes were heavy with lust, and her lower lip was red and swollen from her needful biting. He, however, could barely focus on her displeasure. He brought his wet fingers to his mouth and licked them, tasting her openly while she looked on. She had never been so turned on in her life.

She clawed at his armour again. The urgent need to feel his skin against her own was maddening, and she caught one clasp, snapping it off and struggling to find the other one. Kiba grabbed one hand, trying to pull it above her head, but she would have none of it. She slipped out of his grasp and snapped the other clasp off.

"Finally." She was proud of her obvious accomplishment when his breastplate slipped down and hit the ground with a thunk.

"Bad girl," he whispered against her ear.

She shivered at his threat, but retaliated by arching her back like a cat in the sun and pressing her breasts against his chest. Her fingers grabbed at the black tank top covering his skin, still unsatisfied. She tugged, needful of his flesh and he was eager to meet her demands. She arches into him while pulling off the cumbersome clothing and hears him suck in a breath. Kiba grunted at the feel of their flesh meeting, the feminine curves against his chest was only a small craving she had satisfied. Her nails scratched down the length of his back and forced him close his eyes. He shuddered, his back muscles rolling under her touch as he moaned her name.

She liked hearing her name like that, so she did it again. She was rewarded with another thrust before she felt his hand slip between them. "Hold on to me," he mumbled unsteadily as he fiddled with his pants. He couldn't think straight, Ino had started to lick his ear and was begging him to do something about her throbbing clit.

He was eager to comply.

He felt the button pop off, Ino's fingers mingled with his and she unzipped the cargo pants. His eyes widened when she slipped her hand inside and grabbed his shaft. Her fingers grabbed on, the inside of her wrist sliding across the head and spreading the oozing pre-cum the length it travelled.

She hummed in satisfaction when his erection twitched and she gave him a slow stroke.


Ino giggled at his loss of control. She pumped again, this time even slower.

He in turn grabbed onto her ass and squeezed almost painfully.

She breathed him in, whispering things he couldn't grasp. He pulled his lips back in a hiss as she flicked her thumb across his head and made it twitch again.

She was going to regret that.

He pulled her hand away and caught her wrist, pulling it above her head while his other hand pulled her hips higher.

"Kiba, what–" she felt something hot slide out of his pants, the erection pressing hard against her exposed labia and she let out a low inaudible sound before he pushed himself hard inside her.

She gasped. He grunted.

There was no turning back.

He moaned her name when her breasts mashed up against his bare chest. His foot hit the ANBU plate against the ground, but neither of them noticed.

She then threw her head back and he leaned his forehead against the wall over her right shoulder, hearing a faint "Oh... right there!"

His cock throbbed inside her and he felt her quiver lightly. Her breath was now just a heavy pant as sweat rolled down her face. He licked one drop making its way towards her jaw line.

An elongated Ohhh escaped her lips, which was his cue again. He thrust in hard one last time before pulling out just as she was set to release one of the best orgasms she'd ever experienced.

"Oh, what the fuck Kiba!" she growled, angry he'd denied her release a second time.

He chuckled – the sound vibrating between her legs before he crushed her lips with his own. Her legs dropped to the ground as he steadied her. Once he confirmed she was standing on her own, he flipped her around, pulled her ass towards him and allowed the tip of his erection hit her entrance.

She pressed her palm against the wall and felt his knee between her legs, spreading them wide. He admired her for just a second, hungry for her perfect behind that was eagerly waiting, ready for him.

"You're so damned hot, Ino."

His voice was lush with arousal – the heat in his words was like fire to her ears and her arousal just went up tenfold. She barely had time to steady herself before he plunged into her again. His thrusts were slow, deeply penetrating and she felt like she was losing her mind.

She screamed. He maintained his slow, measured pounding, fucking her hard just like she requested, but under his own terms.

Kiba groaned with each thrust, his fingers digging into her hips. He could feel the build up of his own pleasure as Ino clenched down on him. Her insides were quivering with a crescendo of sensations she had never experienced at the hands of another before.

Her knees buckled while he continued his slow torturous pace and her sex pulsed, aching for release. He dropped to his knees with her while, Ino for her part, fortunately managed – just barely – to keep herself from completely wiping out.

Finding herself on all fours, Ino groaned in frustration as he slipped out of her again. He was panting hard, but he barely lost a second as he drove into her again. This time there was no teasing, no tortuous slow pace.

"Keep it right there!" she furiously yelled out. Her pants were loud, the gravel dug at the skin of her palm and her knees were screaming, but she didn't care. All she could feel was Kiba sliding in and out. All she could smell was him and she wanted more.

All she could think was that she'd be damned if he denied her that wretched release a third time. Thus, before he decided to get smart with her again, her right hand reached between her legs, her index and middle fingers touching his shaft as it slid inside her.

Kiba grunted, slamming into her harder before she let go. She found her swollen clit and slipped her fingers eagerly over the nub and pressed down hard, gasping as the sensation doubled her pleasure.

Ino's fingers moved quickly, her breaths turning more vocal as she strummed her pleasure point. A strange mewl escaped her throat and caught Kiba's attention, distracting him from his own haze.

'Is she...?''

He keened over for a second to see that she was leaning on one hand only – Oh she was definitely doing that.

"Fuck!" He was going to lose control if she kept this up. He was barely holding on and he was losing grips with his need.

His thrusts became even more erratic, deeper than before, and she continued to rub her clit in sync with his movements. He could feel it mounting inside, the sounds of his flesh slapping against hers, the smell of them and the feel of her fingers bringing her to release was too much; he was breaking.

Ino tensed suddenly, her head pulled back, and she squealed strangely before she shouted, "Oh, fuck!"

She came hard right then, her whole body freezing and then and exploding in an odd sensation she had never quite experienced before.

Kiba groaned loudly, thrusting into her clenching vaginal walls. The tightness was too much for him, yet she continued to relentlessly milk his cock to release. Ino heard his strained grunts and glimpsed over her shoulder. She grinned with devious satisfaction, her heart pounding in her ears. Kiba was slick with sweat and she found him beautiful again in the darkness of the alley.

Much like that night when he rescued her from certain death.

"Cum, baby," she heaved shakily at him.

His fingers dug deep into her hips, his eyes opening long enough to catch Ino's before his body tensed. A groan ripped from deep within his chest and she felt the pulse inside her from his cock as he came. She watched how his face contorted under the powerful orgasm, and shrieked in surprise as he collapsed onto her in a heap of fatigue, dragging her down the last few inches to the ground.

She couldn't move. He pulled her tightly against his chest and his arms crossed against her breasts. Thoroughly spent, they listened to each other's breaths, unable to speak. Her mind was still buzzing with the euphoria of their union and she didn't really want to interrupt the silence of the night.

Ino could feel his heart beating on her back, idly noticing how their breaths were almost in rapid sync with each other.

Moments went by when, without a word, Kiba lifted her from the ground and gathered their scattered clothing. Between kisses and unspoken promises, he took her to her home and she invited him in once more, this time he didn't refuse her advances.

Naruto eyed Ino as she waited for his response.

"You're quitting?"

"Retiring," she corrected. He snorted.

"Same thing."

He flicked at a document, sulking. He was about to give her a new mission, but she had refused him, announcing out of the blue that she was retiring from her life as a kunoichi. She shot him a look that would make any man sweat under the collar but he was immune to her. She always threatened to kill him at least once or twice a day in her reports.

She was really going to kill him after this.

Naruto pushed a little package towards her. She frowned, unmoving.

"Take it, it's your retirement package."

"Retirement package? I just told you I was retiring." She reached for the little box. It was light. The bow was a lavender hue, reminding her of Hinata.

"My lovely wife wrapped it for you. She's been waiting for this for a long time."

It was hard to lie.

Hinata had no play in this little scenario, it was just something he said to throw Ino off the trail of pranks, but she was already suspicious by the way she was arching her brow and pressing her lips together. He was definitely losing his touch.

"Now, before you open this," Naruto began to caution – she looked up to her leader and waited for him to continue. He leaned forward onto his elbows, looking at her seriously, his blue eyes unwavering, "would you take a promotion to ANBU as Kiba's partner?"

"His partner?" She was a bit surprised. ANBU was an elite soldier, she would have to disappear and leave behind everything she knew, just as Kiba had done. However, considering all that had transpired, spending most of her time with the lover she had left asleep in her bed that morning was a rather attractive offer.

"Yes, I want you as part of my team. Retiring is a waste. Your skills as a ninja are top-notch, Ino, and you wouldn't have to do the same type of work that you're familiar with."

She paused, thinking about his offer and then nodded, smiling for the first time in a long time at her leader. Naruto grinned. His eyes gleamed oddly for a moment as she continued to open the small package.

"We had a crazy disturbance report last night," he casually explained, watching the ribbon fall from her fingers and the paper wrapping being ripped as she distractedly hummed an "Is that right?" to Naruto.

"Yes," he replied. "The noise had moved on by the time it was investigated, but my team found something quite intriguing at the scene."

She didn't see his smug expression, too focused on her present.

Ino opened the small box and peered in. Her face blanched instantly before complete utter humiliation flooded her delicate features.

"Imagine my surprise when we found these ripped lacy panties and an ANBU issued cargo pants button just laying on the grou–" everything had gone dark after that.

Naruto never managed to remember clearly what happened after that particular sentence that afternoon; Ino had managed to take control of him and stripped him of all his clothing before releasing her mind control jutsu, leaving him alone, confused and with one of the most epic black eyes he'd never forget. Later on that day, he had trouble explaining to Sakura why he had a black eye that couldn't quite heal. When she would pry into more details, his mind would become unclear on the finer details and he'd become strangely ill, nauseated to the point of passing out. After several days of research on the phenomenon, it was later diagnosed that the Hokage was affected by some sort of jutsu that was activated when his memory banks tried to retrieve certain specific information. It played with the inner ear and induced severe vertigo in its victim.

She knew instantly Ino had done something considering the medic had already seen the angry kunoichi that afternoon in question to treat broken knuckles; it certainly didn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together when it involved Naruto. He most likely deserved it and she would have to make sure to tell Hinata not to fuss too much over him, his pranks probably got him in the mess in the first place.

Kiba shook his head when Ino explained what had happened, pointing out that any attempt on Naruto's part to recall the alley investigation would make him severely uncomfortable.

"How'd you manage that?" He pulled her back to her bed, she smirked while stripping her clothing before snuggling up to him.

"Something my dad thought me a long time ago," she said smugly.

He raised both his brows in surprise.

"Do I want to know?"

She shook her head. "You might have to arrest me for assaulting the Hokage if I told you," she sighed dramatically.

He grinned. "I wouldn't mind tying you to the bed and punishing you in the name of Konoha."

Ino laughed and playfully pushed him down against the mattress, her eyes darkened for a moment before she whispered a seductive Now where were we before we got interrupted? in his ear.

Needless to say, Naruto accepted his punishment and never brought up the incident again.

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