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Chapter 6

The evening after the randy sauce – as I'd now forever know it – incident, I walked into the office as arranged. My new unexpected role had meant that I'd agreed to more hours at Cullen's than I'd originally anticipated. I was working in the library during my lunch break and putting in study time as soon as school was over, but it was worth it for the extra time it meant that I could spend with Edward. I found it hard to believe that I'd known him less than a week, I already missed him when we were apart.

Edward looked up as I walked in and smiled at me.

"Hey," he said to me.

"Hey," I replied, starting to remove my coat to hang it on the hook behind the door.

"No, keep your coat on, Bella, we're going out." He rose from his seat, his balls jangling gently and my sex responding immediately to the stimulating sound by pulsing slightly. He brushed against me as he walked past to get his coat from the hook. His touch made me shiver as I recalled some of the other times that he'd touched me, my favourites being those where we'd been wearing less clothes.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, curiosity getting the better of me. He leaned in close, smiling again.

"Wait and see," he told me, brushing my cheek with his lips. He straightened up and I smiled back at him. He took my hand and we left the office, flicking off the light and pulling the door closed behind us.

Edward led me out of the building and across the site. We walked for a while until we reached the end of a row of buildings where there was a field and a long, low stone building to the side of it. Edward pushed the door open and flicked a light switch to the right of it. The whole building became bathed in a pleasant glow from the overhead light and I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the light after the relative darkness outside.

I looked around, surprised.

"Are those reindeer?" I asked him as I gazed at the creatures in the pens that ran right along the back wall.

"Uh-huh," he said. "Come on." He dragged me half way down the building, to where a ladder was propped up. He stopped and stood to one side, letting go of my hand and holding onto one side of the ladder. "Up you go," he said to me.

"You're kidding me, right?" I asked him.

"No," he replied, smiling teasingly at me with – oh – that glint in his eye. My heart stuttered in my chest and I knew that I was unable to resist doing as he asked. I looked down at my pencil skirt, shrugged and edged it up around my thighs, giving my legs enough move to room to get me up the ladder. I looked up at Edward and he had his gaze fixed firmly on my legs, his tongue sliding out across his lip, unaware I was watching him, so lost was he in his thoughts.

I started up the ladder hesitantly. I'd only climbed two rungs when I felt his hand on my behind. I looked downward over my shoulder, and he was looking up at me smiling.

"You want some help getting up there?" he asked, pushing harder on my ass.

"I think I can manage, thank you," I told him in a mock icy tone, reaching down with one hand and pulling my skirt higher before climbing higher. When I was nearly at the top, I looked down again and caught him unashamedly trying to see up my skirt.

"You see something you like?" I asked him in my best flirtatious voice, scaling the last two rungs to the top. I'd barely climbed off the ladder when he was there, climbing off too. He made a grab for me, but got my unfastened coat. It slipped off my shoulders and down my arms, staying in his hands as I made my escape, glad that the building was heated. He slowed and stalked me playfully. I backed away from him, teasing; a smile playing on my lips. He was closing on me when I hit something and had to stop. I put my hands out behind me and felt the prickle from a stack of hay bales that reached up to the roof.

I watched him approaching; jangling gently each time his feet touched the floor. My breath hitched as the sound affected my whole body. He stopped just out of reach and looked at me seriously.

"Pull your skirt down," he said. The look on his face combined with the tone of his voice nearly had me panting for him. I reached down to my thighs and took hold of the hem of my skirt where it was bunched up. Slowly I pulled it downward, smoothing the fabric once it was in place.

"All the way down."

I reached to the side and slid the zipper down slowly, my eyes staying on his face as he watched it descend. I gripped the fabric on each of my hips and pulled it down, over my hips and thighs and finally into a pile around my feet where I stepped out of it.

His eyes were burning with desire and I wasn't sure if it was caused by the stockings and garter belt or the fact that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Jesus, Bella," he whispered, huskily, and then he pounced and kissed me hungrily. He wrapped his hand around the back of my thigh and hitched my leg up toward his hip. As his kiss deepened he ran his hand along my thigh to where my wetness waited, open for him thanks to the position of my leg. I took the weight of my leg myself shakily as his hand skimmed further up, his fingertips skimming my moist folds, immediately coated in the slick wetness there. I groaned at the lightness of his touch and he returned, more firmly this time, running one finger up to my clit and back down again, altogether too fleetingly for me.

"Please, Edward!" I gasped, throatily as I broke away from his mouth.

"Please what, Bella?" he asked me, his enjoyment of having power over me evident in his voice.

"I want more," I gasped again as he ghosted over the sensitive nub.

"More here?" he asked, suddenly rubbing delicious circles on my clit.

"Yes," I groaned, not sure how long I could hold my position, especially with the sensations he was causing for me.

"Or more here?" he asked, suddenly moving his hand and plunging two fingers deep inside me, working them to perfection.

"Ohhhhh," I panted, and I collapsed onto him, no longer able to hold myself up on one shaky leg. I put my leg down and he slid his fingers out of me. I puffed with frustration and he laughed softly.

"You're so adorable when you're frustrated, Bella," he teased me as he pulled me to a pile of loose hay that was scattered on the floor. He grabbed my coat and spread it out on the hay, and then he knelt down next to it and pulled me down. He pushed me down so that I was lying on my back, then he moved so he was kneeling between my legs. He leaned forward and unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it open and then bending to run his tongue up from my belly button, up to where my bra lay across my skin. He moved over and took my nipple into his mouth through the flimsy fabric and I sighed loudly.

Edward stopped and pulled me up to a sitting position where he helped me remove my shirt and bra and lay me back down, naked but for my stockings and garter belt. The look on his face as he took me in, lying there, was magnificent. My eyes wandered down his body and I gasped when I saw the huge bulge in his pants, straining to be free.

I looked at him pointedly and nodded to his body. He understood and quickly stripped his clothes off as I lay in front of him, waiting impatiently with my sex throbbing each time he revealed a new expanse of flesh. By the time his cock sprung from his pants, his balls jangling, I was desperate for him and my centre ached from being spread wide open for him without the slightest touch. Unable to wait any longer, I reached down and touched myself while he shed his pants. He became tangled in them and prolonged his agony as soon as he spotted what I was doing, a hiss escaping his mouth.

His reaction spurred me on and I toyed with him, groaning loudly and rocking my hips gently as I moved my fingers in my wet folds. He was gloriously naked now. The sight of him increased my arousal as he knelt back down between my legs. He pushed one of his fingers inside me alongside my own, entwining it with mine as he watched my face contort in ecstasy. He brought his other hand up then too, coated the tip of his thumb in my wetness and began to rub my clit skilfully. I tilted my head right back, the sensation almost too intense to bear, then immediately began to climax fiercely, the waves rocking my body. My free hand grabbed the coat, fisting the material and my toes clenched and curled outward in turn inside my stockings. Eventually the waves subsided and we slid our fingers out. Edward all but threw himself on top of me, holding himself above me. I lifted my hand to his mouth and gently pushed the fingers I'd had inside myself between his lips. He sucked them hungrily and groaned. I smiled but stopped abruptly; gazing at him, aware of the carnal look in my eye as I suddenly felt him at my entrance. He thrust forward quickly and filled me, my swollen flesh still sensitive from the intense orgasm I'd had only moments before. I groaned his name loudly and he buried his face in my neck, breathing heavily. He pushed into me over and over, each stroke hitting the right spot in exactly the right way, his balls jingling rhythmically each time they slapped against me, intensifying the experience. We moaned together, breathless, our skin slick with sweat where it rubbed. After a while he lifted one arm and pushed my leg up straight, resting it on his shoulder as he continued to slide deliciously in and out of my wetness, reaching deeper now thanks to the new position. I reached down and around my behind into the space that my leg had created when he hoisted it up. I ran my fingers around in the wetness, feeling where Edward and I met as he moved inside me. He gasped once, then more loudly as I cupped his balls and moved them in my hand, intensifying the jingling. The sound affected me in the usual way, but I discovered that my excitement was linked directly to the sound. Edward was a fantastic lover anyway, but the jingling was an added bonus. I shook his balls gently and the bells sounded. I cried out, as usual the sound had travelled its usual route through the airwaves, directly to my clit. I did it again and this time both of us cried out as the sound affected me again, my muscles contracting with the sensation and clamping down on his cock. I shook them again, slightly harder this time and the same thing happened only with added intensity. Having discovered the extra dimension it added, I continued, shaking them, harder and faster, until it tipped us both over the edge and we came together, clinging to one another as we rode the pleasure out, me grinding hard against him as he filled me with his sweet jingle juice.

Eventually we slowed and I lowered my leg from his shoulder, allowing him to collapse onto me. Once he caught his breath he rolled off to the side, raising his arm so I could snuggle into his chest.

I absentmindedly drew circles and swirls in the hair on his chest as he sighed contentedly.

"You know, I didn't think it was possible," I said to him quietly.

"What's that?" he asked, puzzlement in his voice.

"For you to get any better at sex." I told him. "But you managed it."

He laughed softly.

"You're not so bad yourself, Bella," he said, the irony of my name given his special extras only just sinking in as I basked in the glow of what they did to me.

We were silent for a while, the hayloft pleasantly warm given the time of year. They must really look after those reindeer. Almost as though he'd heard my thoughts, Edward shrugged me off and sat up suddenly.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, suddenly afraid that it was something I'd done. He was getting dressed hurriedly.

"I just remembered!" he said, smiling. "The reason why I brought you up here, I mean."

"You mean it wasn't just so you could seduce me?" I asked with mock indignation.

"You got me," he said. "Ok, scrap that, I remembered the other reason why I bought you up here."

I began to get dressed myself, the strands of hay annoying me now as they scratched me and stuck to my clothes. Edward looked on impatiently, waiting until I was dressed until he moved. He scooted to the edge of the loft, lying on his stomach on the loose hay and turning to beckon me alongside him. Intrigued I moved up, lying close so that we touched, from our shoulders, down our sides and legs to my toes. He looked at me excitedly, waiting for me to look down and see what he'd brought me here for.

"Looks like we missed the main event," he said as I peered over. In the pen below us stood a reindeer, licking a newborn calf.

"Awww!" I exclaimed, the sight intensifying the already rosy feeling that consumed me, further still.

We lay there like that in a companionable silence for a while. Occasionally I'd rest my head against his shoulder or vice versa. I was never able to keep my fingers from his sex hair though when he rested it on me like that.

I had a question that I wanted to ask him and I wondered if I was brave enough. I decided to go ahead and do it, after all, I'd been fucking the guy everyday for the past six days, how dumb to think that I could do that but was too embarrassed to ask him a question.

"Edward?" I spoke his name softly.


"Will I still see you after Christmas? When my job finishes, I mean."

He was silent for too long, then I heard him sigh.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible, Bella," he said quietly.

I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. I shifted slightly to put a little space between us.

"Oh. Ok, I guess I should have known. I mean, a guy like you…"

I felt dumb for thinking that someone like me would even have the slightest chance with someone as beautiful as him. I was suddenly convinced that he must already have a girlfriend. It would make more sense than him being single, he could have the pick of any woman at Cullen's for sure, I'd seen the way he dazzled them all.

"An elf like me Bella," he interrupted. "Not a guy, an elf."

He took in my puzzled expression. "I would love nothing more than to see you everyday for ever more, but it's another elf thing," he sighed.

"What? Like your balls?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Elves aren't like regular humans," he explained. "We're programmed differently. On Christmas Day I'll go to sleep and I'll stay like that for six months. We hibernate, Bella." He looked away from me, his face filled with self-loathing. I had no idea what to say. I'd had no clue at all that the whole elf thing went deeper than bell-tastic balls and brandy-sauce cum.

"But, there must be something you can do, surely you can stay awake somehow, some drug you can take or something?" I was feeling desperate now. Just when I'd found this wonderful man – for even if he wasn't human he was certainly all man – he was slipping through my fingers.

He looked back at me and shook his head.

"No. There's only one way to get around it."

"What's that?" I asked eagerly, clutching at the only possible straw.

"To become human," he said quietly.

"You can do that?" I asked, suddenly filled with excitement.

"Yes, but I can't do it myself, I need someone to turn me.

"Who could turn you? Does it need to be a doctor or something?" I was willing to race out of here with him right now and get him changed, there was no way I could go six months without him and his amazing sexual skills now I'd had a taste.

"No," he stated simply. "You could do it."

This wasn't even close to the response I'd expected and I stared at him, open mouthed.

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