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Chapter 7

"Me?" I asked him, incredulous. He nodded and looked down, seeming embarrassed.

"Yes. You're…you're the only one who could do it." He looked back at me and held my gaze. My stomach fluttered nervously.

"The only one?"

He nodded.

"It can only be your one true love," he whispered, searching my face with his eyes for my reaction, apprehension enhancing his beautiful features. I didn't dare believe his words. My feelings had grown so strong for him and I hated being away from him so much that I was starting to wonder about the 'L' word myself. I'd tried to push it to the back of mind though and not give too much thought to it for fear of being let down and hurt. To think that there was a chance that he felt the same way about me was more than I could have hoped for.

"Has anyone else in your family been changed?" I asked him.

"Not since my great grandfather," he confessed. "The rest of my family managed to find love amongst our own kind; they never needed to change." He looked thoughtful, his brow furrowed.

"Edward, do you want me to make you human?"

I had to ask, after all, it was me who had brought the subject up in the first place with my question about seeing him again.

"Bella, I know some people don't believe in love at first sight. I'm not sure I did before now, but you're all I've been able to think about since the day I first met you. I find it impossible to believe it's been less than a week."

I nodded in agreement.

"Ditto," I told him softly. "On all of those points."

He leaned toward me and I met him halfway. His lips were soft on mine. There was no urgency in the kiss this time, nothing unresolved. It was almost like a moment of recognition for the both of us; an exchange of heart-felt emotions and an agreement to love each other.

He pulled away, stopping with his face only inches from mine. He fixed his beautiful green eyes on me and my pulse quickened.

"Will you make me human, Bella?" he asked, his voice almost pleading.

"Yes," I whispered. "Yes, if you're sure that's what you want."

I felt at that moment, that I would do anything for this man, all he had to do was ask. "How do I do it? What do I have to do to change you?"

He looked at me silently and I sensed that he was almost too afraid to tell me. He took a deep breath.

"You have to bite me."

I frowned.

"What? Like a vampire or something?"

He chuckled softly.

"Not quite. That might be easier though, for me at least."

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. How bad was this going to be?

"Then what do I have to do?"

He looked me squarely in the eye.

"You have to bite my balls and crush the bells. Once my jingle has gone, I'll be human."

I gasped, horrified.

"No, Edward! Not your balls! There must be some other way, surely?" I was frantic, unable to imagine Edward without his jingle, his single most defining feature. He looked downcast.

"I'm afraid that's the only way, Bella." He reached out his hand and squeezed mine. "I understand if you don't feel able to do it. I promise you that I'll be right back with you in six months time; we'll make up for every missed moment."

I felt my eyes filling with hot, angry tears. I couldn't believe that I had to choose between the two scenarios, neither of which I felt able to face: six months without Edward or Edward without his jingle balls.

The tears overflowed and ran down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Bella," he told me, a look of guilt on his face. "I'm so sorry that I can't just be the man that you need without putting you through this. I never wanted to hurt you."

I dipped my head and he leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I looked up at him.

"I'll think about it, Edward," I promised him. "I'm not saying no, but I need time to think about it."

"We don't have long," he warned me. "If we're going to do this it needs to be before Christmas Day, I'll be going into hibernation then."

I panicked.

"But I can't decide by then! It's too soon, I need more time.

"Ssshh," he soothed me. "Bella, please calm down; we can work this out." He shifted slightly and his balls jangled softly. I sighed, aware that if Edward got his way, then the days of that sound and the effect it had on me were numbered. He hugged me tightly to him.

"Go home and sleep on it, Bella. Whatever you decide is fine. I'll respect your decision and we'll stand by it."

I shivered, uneasy about having to make this decision.


I could hear Edward's voice but he was using a stern tone that I was unfamiliar with. I lay on my back on his bed, enveloped in the downy softness of it.

It was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing, thanks to the soft silk scarf he'd tied around my head as a blindfold. I wanted to pull it off, hating that I couldn't gaze at him and fully appreciate his beauty. Looking at him definitely gave me as many thrills as touching him and being touched by him did.

I tried to move my hand so I could remove the blindfold, but I couldn't. My hands were restrained firmly, tied to the metal bed-head with another of the scarves. I writhed as much as I could, for my ankles were also bound, spreading my legs apart, my centre lying naked and open for him. I wasn't sure whether I liked this or not, feeling totally vulnerable but also very excited.

"Have you decided yet? Will you change me?"

I gasped, frustrated. The decision had been whirring around in my head ever since he'd first asked me, and I was no closer to reaching a decision.

"No," I moaned, annoyed at myself for not being able to give him an answer. "I can't decide, Edward, it's too difficult."

I suddenly felt a sharp slap as he hit me with something cold and slightly wet between my legs. I exhaled quickly, the shock combined with the surprisingly erotic sensation, taking my breath away.

"Bella," he warned. "You know I need you to work this one out for me. Think carefully. Have you decided?"

I writhed again, knowing what my answer would be and almost grateful for it if he was going to punish me in the same way again.

"I...." I dragged it out, teasing him slightly now and hoping this would get me punished more. "I can't make my mind up."

I braced myself, my sex throbbing in anticipation. Sure enough after a moment – THWACK. I pictured something like a branch in my head, the foliage tickled as the water dripped from it into my folds, freezing cold and delicious against my hot skin. I groaned and he hit me again. I squirmed, desperate to get some friction where I needed it most, but unable to because of the scarves binding me.

"Edward, please," I groaned again. He hit me once more and I cried out in pleasure.

"You like that?" he asked me.

"Yes," I replied, breathlessly. "It's so good!" I squirmed again and hissed in frustration at my inability to ease the ache. "I need more," I gasped. "I need you."

"You want me?" he asked, a superior ring to his voice.

"Yes! Please." I was imagining now how good it would feel to have his hard, silky cock filling me, relieving the almost painful ache as he moved in and out.

I could feel myself becoming wetter now, the moisture seeping out of me as my fantasies caused me to throb and contract in anticipation.

I felt the bed move as he got on, then dip as he settled between my legs. There was a flurry of fast movements as he positioned himself above me, then he plunged his hardness into my wet, slick depths with a frantic jingle. I cried out loudly, the sensation blissful and such a relief. I bucked my hips with every stroke, the bells jangling in time, wanting him impossibly closer than he already was, making the most of the feeling and trying to commit it to memory so I could replay it over and over later. Each time we'd had sex it had been better than the time before, and this was no exception. He was incredible. We fit each other perfectly, every part if him rubbing in exactly the right place for me and vice versa.

Just as I could feel the sensations taking over completely and knowing that I'd be cumming soon if he continued in this way, he was gone. Just like that I was empty again, twisting and moaning in frustration.

"No!" I cried out.

"Bella, you know why I'm doing this," he told me sternly. "This is a decision that needs to be made quickly. If you can't decide what you want to do about it, then I'm not going to give you things that you know you do want."

I couldn't believe he was doing this to me – or not doing was maybe a better description.

Suddenly he was whispering in my ear.

"Hold very still," he said. "I just want to try something."

I stilled, panting. I felt something cold and slightly wet touch my chest and stop. I held my breath, and then it started to move, tantalisingly slowly, down, over my breast. It tickled as it travelled down, over my nipple, causing to harden even further. It circled my nipple, the motion causing part of whatever it was to catch slightly and prickle my skin. The pain made a surprisingly enjoyable contrast to the pleasure and caused my breath to hitch. It continued to move down, over my belly, heading in a straight line. Just at the last moment it trailed across, over my hip and down the inside of my thigh. The tickling sensation was more intense here and I had a hard time keeping still. I moved and he changed the direction so it prickled me.

"Oww!" I exclaimed.

"I warned you not to move," he scolded me. "Now hold still." He changed direction again and went back to the tickling. He stroked it back up my leg, across and down the other leg. Each time I moved, he'd prickle me again, the feeling striking me as erotic in a strange kind of way.

Finally he came back up the other leg, onto my belly and then down in a straight line. This time he didn't swerve away at the last moment, he swept it down and over my sex. It was so good that I made the mistake of instinctively moving my hips. Immediately it prickled me on some of the most sensitive parts of my body.

"Ohhh!" I cried out, the pain not severe, but not the sort I wanted over and over again.

"Don't move," he reminded me, forcefully. He lifted it back to my belly and down again. This time I held as still as possible and it felt good. I moaned. He did it again and again I managed not to move, the ache growing again as the satisfaction of having him inside me faded.

This time he lifted it, but didn't put it back down straight away. I heard some movement, but then it was on me again – only this time it was freezing cold and wet again.

"Argh! What the hell is that?" I yelled.

"Please don't shout at me, Bella. It's just a little snow."

He stroked it down, the ice making me gasp on contact and then again as it melted and small, cold rivers flowed across my skin. "Don't you like the snow?" he asked me, stopping the stroking now.

"It was just a shock," I panted. Then I was gasping again because he'd placed what I assumed was some of the snow on one of my nipples. I arched my back as it melted and the water ran down. He did it again to the other one and I swore as he laughed at me. After a few moments I nearly jumped a mile, as a freezing lump of the stuff touched me between my legs.

"Ohhhh! It's cold!" I gasped in surprise at the sudden act. My centre was burning hot with desire and it didn't take long for the snow to start to melt, bringing a host of new exquisite feelings, firstly as the water dribbled down me, over my folds, and secondly when I realised that the snow hadn't been placed there, it had been held there and the fingers that had held it hadn't moved away again. His hand didn't move smoothly over me at first, the water wasn't a good lubricant, but it wasn't long before he teased my own slick, slippery moisture out from between my folds and spread it over me to me slippery, dipping back inside me every few circles and strokes to coat his fingers again.

It was fantastic, I had no idea how it was possible for somebody to be so good at this. Then he was gone again, plunging me from gasping and twisting to nothing. I swore again.

I felt the scarves on my ankles being untied and automatically bent my legs upward, flexing them to get the blood flowing again. I squeezed my thighs together to try and get some relief, but then they were being forced apart, causing my stomach to flip.

"Ok, Bella. This is your last chance."

He was kneeling between my legs again, and then he lifted my hips and slide a pillow beneath me, angling me up toward him. I was suddenly aware of him at my entrance, touching me but not moving. "Have you made a decision?"

I started to moan a protest at the repeated question, but he moved himself back again, out of my reach. "How much do you want me, Bella?" he asked, running his cock the length of my damp sex, causing me to groan with desire.

"A lot," I answered breathlessly, beginning to feel slightly desperate. "I want you so much. I need you inside me." I pushed myself toward him but he'd moved away again. I was going crazy with his teasing.

He was back again, the tip nudging gently at my entrance.

"Have you made a decision?"

I knew I couldn't wait any longer, I'd deliberated enough, it was time to be decisive.

"Yes," I told him. My breath flew from my body as he suddenly plunged inside me, fitting perfectly.

"Good girl," he panted. "I was hoping you'd come to your senses. Now I'm just hoping you'll cum." I groaned at his words, hoping for the same thing and knowing that if he carried on filling and stretching me so completely that there'd be no problem with this.

The pillow beneath me had created the perfect angle, he pushed into me more deeply than I'd have thought possible, sliding in and out, my wetness creating sounds that turned me on even more, if that was possible. He was sucking hungrily on my nipple as I lay, my arms still tied to the bed head, writhing and pushing against him, trying to get as much from each thrust of his hips as I could. Suddenly he pulled out of me again and I cried out. Before I could complain he'd flipped me over onto my front, unable to support myself well because of the ties and bent my knees up so my ass was in the air. He pushed himself inside me from behind. It was so much tighter and deeper like this and we both groaned loudly. He started to pound away at me, sending me to new heights of pleasure as he reached around my hips and began to rub my clit too. Every time he slapped into me, his balls jingled loudly and my clit felt electrified. I silently thanked him for the attention he was paying to me there, as I think if it had gone untouched then the sensation may have caused me to explode.

We moved faster and faster together, me pushing back onto him each time he slammed into me, moving inevitably toward an intense release.

"Bella," he panted breathlessly. I just groaned in response, unable to form any kind of coherent sound.

"Your decision." He was still pounding away at me, pushing me closer and closer. "What is it?"

And then we came together, hard. We cried out together loudly as I clenched around him, pulling him deeper into my hot, wet depths, and he pulsed, filling me with his jingle juice.

I heard a sound in the distance and it took me a moment to figure out what it was. I was still riding out the waves of my fading orgasm as I realised that it was my cell. I opened my eyes sleepily and looked down at the covers bunched up between my legs as my hips rocked gently against them in the aftermath of my sex dream.

I grabbed my cell and answered it without looking at the display.

"Bella?" spoke a smooth, velvet voice. "Have you decided yet?"

I remembered my dream and realised that not only could I thank my unconscious mind for one of the best orgasms of my life, but also for helping me decide.

"Yes, I have." And then I told him.

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