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So, let's see if Bella did bite his balls…

Chapter 8

I waited for his reaction, knowing it must be a relief for him to find out one way or the other when I'd kept him hanging on.

"Thank you," he breathed. "Thank you for agreeing to do it, I know it wasn't easy for you."

"Edward, I couldn't spend six months without you now that I've found you," I told him, my heart aching at the thought of it. I'd tried to imagine what it would be like while I was making my decision, but it was too painful. I couldn't even begin to imagine how empty my life must have seemed before him, I had no idea how I'd never realised that something was missing.


I drew up outside Edward's house in my truck, turning the engine and lights off and sitting contemplatively in the darkness for a moment before I climbed out. I was nervous as hell and couldn't imagine how Edward must be feeling knowing what lay ahead for him this evening.

He met me at the door smiling, and threw his arms around me.

"Hey," he greeted me.

"Hey yourself. How are you feeling?" I stepped back and took his hands in mine as I searched his face.

"Scared, but excited".

"Me too," I tried to reassure him.

He turned and dragged me inside after him.

"Let's not let it spoil our evening, Bella. We don't need to worry about this until later."

We'd decided to change him late on Christmas Eve, leaving him as an elf for as long as possible. He'd worked extra hard in the time running up to it and told his family that he had special plans with me, although he hadn't told them what they were, in order to get Christmas Eve as a holiday. His whole family would be out all night, returning at dawn and falling into their six month hibernation. He planned on telling them what he'd done when they awoke in June, which was fine by me.

Edward had planned the entire evening, refusing to let me help him out with anything. He was joining Charlie and I for Christmas dinner the following day and I'd be running the show then. As far as we were aware the change would be instant, and there was no reason for him to not make plans for the days following his humanisation. It would be Edward's first ever Christmas Day and we were both ridiculously excited about spending it together.

The couple of weeks since we'd started planning this had been wild. I'd got as much of his jingle balls as I could, making them jangle all ways and all speeds, slapping against me and dangling free. I'd miss them, I knew that for a fact, but we all have to make sacrifices for love, and this was mine.

The evening was perfect. We watched some old Christmas films on TV, snuggled up together on the comfortable sofa in front of the open fire. Edward darted out every now and then to check on dinner, and it smelt delicious, although he wouldn't tell me what it was he was making.

Eventually he came in and told me it was ready. He led me into the large dining room which looked surprisingly cosy and intimate thanks to the only light coming from the candles on the table. We held hands as we crossed to the table and he pulled my chair out for me in a gentlemanly manner. I sat and he moved to sit opposite me.

I looked down at my plate and snorted. I looked up at him.

"Good one!" I commended him. He smiled and then we spread our napkins in our laps and started to eat our spaghetti and meatballs. I speared the first meatball and lifted it toward my mouth. It jangled.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed in shock, and then started laughing almost hysterically; the tension of what lay ahead melting nearly completely away.

For dessert he'd made Christmas pudding balls with brandy sauce. We leant across the table and fed each other and he deliberately dribbled it on my lip more than once so I had to lick it off.

After dinner I helped him clear everything away. Once the dining room and kitchen were spotless, we moved back into the living room. The TV was off now and he put some music on low. We sat on the sofa and chatted. We were touching and I had my legs up on the seat, my knees bent. After a while 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' started to play.

I sighed happily.

"This is my favourite Christmas song," I told him.

"Really?" he asked. "Mine too." He stood and reached down for my hand. I took it and he pulled me to my feet and into his arms. He put his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck as we started to sway in time to the music. I rested my cheek on his chest and he kissed my head before he rested his face in the spot he'd just kissed. After a while he lifted his head and moved a hand from my waist. He reached down and gently placed a finger beneath my chin, moving my face from his chest and then tilting it upward so I was looking at him. He smiled serenely and I reflected it back at him. Ever so slowly he bent his head until his lips brushed mine. Our mouths moved gently together in time to the relaxed music and I didn't think I'd ever been so happy. Moving back slightly he spoke quietly.

"Merry Christmas, Bella."

"Merry Christmas," I replied

"I love you."

I looked at him, wide-eyed. He'd never spoken the words to me before, although I knew it was how he felt. I smiled happily.

"I love you too."

We kissed again, tenderly but more deeply than before. The song ended and a different one began, with a faster tempo this time. Without breaking apart, Edward moved us across toward the roaring flames of the open fire. His mouth still on mine he began to lower himself and I followed suit. As my knees touched the floor I realised that he'd led us to the sheepskin rug. He gently lay me down on the soft, white rug and lay down next to me.

He moved one hand and placed it on my leg, slowly caressing my smooth skin. It felt divine, his fingers stroking and tickling. We looked deeply into one another's eyes and I saw that the fire I felt beginning to smoulder deep inside me, was already burning in his eyes. I lifted a hand and stroked a finger across his perfect, pink lower lip. His tongue slipped out and licked me erotically. I felt my pupils dilate and he noticed it too. He moved toward me, my finger still on his mouth, and kissed me. His tongue moved around my finger that was now trapped between us and past it to search for my tongue. I slid my finger out of the way and kissed him in earnest, the intensity building. I reached down and started to unbutton his shirt, pulling it off him as he shifted to help me, once it was undone. His chest looked beautiful in the firelight, the orange reflection flickering on his skin and the shadows increasing the definition of his slight yet perfect, muscles. I ran my hands across his chest, turned on further at the sight of him without his shirt. Moving my head downward I took one of his nipples into my mouth and sucked gently on it. He moaned quietly as his hand moved through my hair, then in the next breath he was pushing me backward and hovering above me, lifting my arms in the air and pulling my sweater quickly off over my head. In another quick moment he had removed my bra too and then pushed me back onto the rug. The fleece was luxuriously soft and warm on my naked back and Edward's fingers were tantalising on my naked front, stroking me up and down, softly pinching my nipples and circling my belly button. His fingers moved lower, slid down the zipper on my skirt at my hip and undid the single button. He pulled it down, over my legs and then my feet before finally discarding it. I lay in front of him in just my black lace panties, my chest heaving as my breathing increased thanks to the pure lust in his eyes. I reached down and hooked my thumbs into the lace, lifting my legs high into the air as I drew them down over my behind and up past my knees, bending my legs then and sliding the panties off completely. He gasped and quickly removed the rest of his clothes. He lay down next to me and I sat up. I turned so that I faced his feet and then reached down his legs, stroking his skin in circles and light strokes, up and down and round, gradually moving higher, over his knees, up his thighs and up onto his hip. He moaned at the teasing and I reached for his smooth, marble-hard cock where it stood pointing upward. He gasped as my fingers stroked up and down his length, pressing harder on the fleshy ridge that ran up the length of the underside, eliciting a throaty groan from him. Still sitting to hisI leaned forward and licked him gently on his tip, taking the bead of clear, sticky liquid that sat glistening in the firelight, onto my tongue. I swept across the skin there, spreading the liquid as I circled around and around. I shifted slightly, kneeling up with my ass in the air as I prepared to take him all the way into my mouth. I placed my lips around him and then slowly moved downward, enveloping him in the moist softness of my mouth. He groaned again and then I felt his fingers feeling for the wet folds between my legs from behind. He found what he was looking for and pushed firmly, sliding two fingers into me, causing a groan to vibrate in my mouth around his cock as I continued to move my mouth up and down his silky skin.

After a moment I felt him place his hands around one of my thighs and pull it across his body so that my hot, wet sex was above his face. He'd lifted his head so that he was close enough for me to feel his warm breath on me. Wrapping his arms around my hips he buried his face in me and ran his tongue up and down between my lips, circling my clit at one end and pushing himself inside me at the other. I was moaning against him constantly now, and each sound that vibrated on him made him grow larger and harder in my mouth. We worked on each other, fingers, lips and tongues moving with smooth skin and slippery wetness.

I felt myself growing tense, partly at the increasingly incredible sensations he was creating between my legs and partly because I knew the time was drawing close. It was getting late and we'd already discussed that the best way to do it would be in the throes of passion.

I was rocking my hips and pushing myself onto his face as he lapped and teased me, his tongue moving deliciously amongst my folds. I could feel my orgasm building deep inside and swayed my hips faster as it approached. Edward's cock was straining inside my mouth and he moved his hips too, I sensed that he was also close.

As the beginnings of my climax started to wash over me, Edward moved briefly away for a moment and gasped.

"Now, Bella, now!"

He put his mouth quickly back onto me and encouraged my orgasm forward with his talented tongue.

My body rocked with the intense climax and I fought back the urge to cry out, instead settling for long muffles groans as I quickly slid my mouth off his cock, and without giving it too much thought I cupped his balls in my hand and with one last jingle I bit down hard, knowing I had to be cruel to be kind and that it was better to be brutal and do the task properly in one bite. I felt the flexible metal within his sac fold under my teeth as Edward roared loudly, a primal outpouring of his agony.

My guilt was intense and tears sprang to my eyes, knowing that I had caused his pain. He'd done it for me and I'd been the one to inflict it on him. I squeezed a little harder to make sure and then Edward stopped screaming and made a different type of noise altogether, closer to the sounds that I was used to him making. He moved suddenly and I found myself on my back again. He'd moved quickly and now he was over me, the hunger still in his eyes as he thrust forward and pushed himself inside me. He felt even larger than usual if that was possible as he pumped in and out of me, full of renewed vigour. Something was different but it took me a moment to realise what it was. With every movement of his hips, every time his balls slapped against me there was – silence! I'd done it! I thought I'd miss the jingle, but in reality its absence left the sound waves clear for all sorts of other exciting noises to reach my ears; Edward's ecstatic gasps and hitched breathing were louder than ever and affected me all the more for it. The wet sounds as he slid in and out of my centre were incredibly horny and the sound of my own heart thumping in my chest from the thrill of it all was exciting.

Edward was moving faster now. The emotion of the situation along with his obvious heightened arousal was enough to push me toward another climax. I gripped onto him, my legs around his hips pulling him further into me as we finally both burst together, falling in a delicious spiral, hips rocking together, slower and slower until we were still. He lay on me, both of us panting heavily. He lifted his head and looked me in the eye. We were both triumphant, it had worked and it wasn't nearly as bad as either of us had envisioned.

He rolled off me and lay propped up on his elbow, watching me.

"Oh!" I said suddenly, as a thought popped into my head.

"What?" he asked me, frowning.

I smiled mischievously and sat up, pushing him onto his back.

"Bella, what— Ohhhh!" he gasped as I bent down and took him gently into my mouth again, stroking him with my tongue, tasting myself and also him.

I sat up, licking my lips.

"Well, that's a shame," I said, a mock pout on my face. "I was developing quite a taste for brandy sauce."

We both laughed as I lay down next to him and he out his arms around me.

"Well, what do we do now?"

I looked at Edward and he had that familiar glint in his eye.

"Bella, as of tomorrow we're two human teenagers with the house to ourselves for the next six months, what do you suggest we do?"

So we did.


Merry Christmas!