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Chapter Seven: The First Requirement of Security

A year passed and we remained in contact through letters and such. I was pleased with our status, and it appeared that we made the right choice.

When summer ended and students returned, our friends even helped welcome the first-year students. They helped later in the year with our Halloween prank, and everything appeared perfect…until the first day of November.

Sounds of the gate activating drew Professor Snape, who immediately sounded an alarm, which would also show at Stargate Command in Colorado. They would send support any way they could if we sounded again. We did.

"What is it?" everyone asked.

"Goa'uld," Snape said sternly. Everyone armed themselves as the gate activated again. Through it came more of the evil beings, and we fired stuns and anything we could.

"Have some escaped?" I screamed.

"Yes, Albus!"

"McGonagall, search them our!" I commanded. She took five seventh-years and split them up to search the castle. We continued to fight as the wormhole closed.

"It's opening again!" Severus screamed. SG-1 appeared and shots killed the remaining ones in the room.

"Anymore?" Jack asked. I nodded and Jack had Sam and Daniel help in searching the castle.

After a few hours, we cleared the area, but the SGC had backed up their claim and provided two extra teams to strengthen our security. SG-1 checked the dead and discovered they were rebel Jaffa. Severus looked confused at the announcement, so I personally informed him and others about who rebel Jaffa were.

"Could more attack?" Severus asked, very concerned.

"Teal'c has returned to the SGC to gather his travel gear. He'll be off-world within the next few hours and using his connections to see what triggered the attack. We're hoping it was an accident, maybe a tip gone wrong, but we're assuming that this is a major security threat. They may look like rebel Jaffa, but it could be a ploy to better a system lord or someone who wants to become a system lord," Jack explained. Sam nodded and also stepped forward.

"Teal'c said that he didn't recognize the material used to apply their mark. Usually it is a charred herb that lasts a very long time, and they feel it is permanent due to legends, but theirs come off easily like charcoal. They have no other markings, which could be a good sign. You see, Goa'uld leaders love marking their slaves, claiming their territory through visual and physical signs. The fact that we can't see theirs shows that maybe they are wayward people choosing worlds at random to take over," Sam explained.

"But that will not happen?" Severus asked. Jack and Sam nodded in reassurance: it would not happen. We accepted their judgment and watches as we entered high-security mode. Some students were withdrawn by over-concerned parents, but the rest quietly held in their fears.

Two weeks after we entered this high-security status, Teal'c returned and confirmed that the event was a fluke, but I, along with General Hammond, realized that something more should be done.

Chapter Eight: The Beginning of the Forever

"We want to dedicate this iris to you from the United States of America and the Stargate Command of Colorado. You are now an honorary member of our network of three stargates here on Earth. Your participation in yearly summits would be gladly accepted, and the formation of SG teams using talented students would be gladly appreciated. We are honored to include you as a name on our list of allies," General Hammond smiled. In his formal speech, he unveiled the project that had kept me from my dungeons for nearly three weeks.

"Beautiful!" Albus called. We all clapped excitedly, but I held mine inside. Investigations had ended over our little 'security threat', throwing my name from the list of suspects once and for all. Thanks to renegade Russian spies, I had attempted to end this little social experiment, but I failed miserably. No one noticed as we entered the Great Hall for our celebration feast. The iris remained closed as a few students who had already graduated toured the control room where they would learn to operate the gate and monitor our status throughout the night. I wanted badly to be a part of it, but I was denied because of my current positions.

"Severus Snape, it is a pleasure. You are a…wonderful wizard. I've seen videos of you from the team. If I ever find the ability to use a wand, I want to duel with you one day," a young cadet smiled, shaking my hand violently.

"Yes…a pleasure," I mumbled, finding Albus in the crowd. "Do I have to move my entire classroom and private office?" I asked sternly.

"I'm afraid so," he replied. "We'll have to move personnel into those rooms. Severus, we would never inconvenience you in any unnecessary ways."

"You have completed that already. Albus, if you were not one of my greatest friends, I would consider resigning this instant!"

"But if you did, then no one could save you from the investigation."

"What investigation?" I spat.

"I know of your adventures, and so do a few members of my superior groups. I am calling it a safety test, but they say otherwise. If you resign now, you'll prove yourself to be guilt and will be thrown into Azkaban," Albus smirked. "Severus? Try not to make an ass of yourself in front of your guests tonight. Stick with me and I will say nothing."

"Thank you, Sir, and…the dungeons smelled horrible, made it impossible for me to complete my midnight rendezvous with my numerous female partners."

"What female partners?"***

Severus became great friends with my decedents, once everything cleared with his investigation. He and Teal'c became rather good friends, standing together in dark corners during feasts and summits. Dumbledore and Jack became close friends, and Sam found Professor McGonagall a good confidant. Daniel would mingle all over, but he found love again in one of my great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughters and they were married, locking the bond between their civilizations forever. Now that I see the good of a relationship between Ancients and Wizards, I can see why we first recruited them to aid in our technological advancing: they are very capable and understanding. And though challenges have risen that the Wizards could not possible grapple with, they have still been worthy, providing their knowledge and vast abilities whenever asked.

This has been the story of how the Ancient Ring of Fire, though millennia old, can still bring together many civilizations.

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