The Romance of the Man Named Sheldon

Summary: This one-shot cuts in as Sheldon and his girlfriend have a romantic conversation. How will it end? And are we meeting siblings in this story? This may lead to other one-shots, but it will stand alone. Rated K+.

A/N: I don't know exactly who owns The Big Bang Theory, but it's not mine and never will be. I just hope whoever owns it pays us back for peeing our pants over Sheldon's antics:)

"Sheldon, how did I find you?"

"An electronic database compiled with data we entered at the lowest points of our lives."

"Sheldon! It's much more than that! I found you for a reason."

"To exchange genetic information using our tongues?"

"Well...yes, but...Sheldon, I love you, and I know it's my body's chemicals, but it's true. Please tell me you love me back. I've waited weeks to tell you how I feel."

"I've been writing a poem for you."

"Really? Share it!"

"'Hell...hello, Sunshine.' Sorry, I put 'hell' by mistake. Let me correct it."

"You're writing more than you need to. Sheldon, was that a break up poem?"

"Yes! But don't hold it against me! I thought you were planing the same thing. You were so quiet at dinner during the last new moon. I thought something was wrong, so I wanted to be bad first."

"Sheldon, there was something bothering me that night, and it is still bothering me. Sheldon, sit down."

"Oh, Lord, your ex saw us didn't he?"

"No! Sheldon, I'm pregnant."

"By who? We used proper methods. How could this happen?"

"I don't know, but it has to be yours. I've never been with another man. In fact, I've never had an ex before. I've never been with anyone but you."

"What are you going to do? I pray you don't shave out your insides to remove any part of it."

"No! I was born into a Catholic family, and I hate to be nontraditional, but Sheldon...I'm proposing to you, here and how."

"Get down on your knee and say it."

"No, you!"

"How about we both do it?"

"That is awkward, but...sure."

Suddenly, Penny burst into the room. She gasped loudly.

"Penelope? What's going on?"

"We're proposing. You ruined a perfectly romantic moment," Sheldon replied angrily. Penny gasped in happiness then the sisters began jumping up and down and speaking indistinctly.

"I'm so happy for you! When are you tying the knot?"

"Tonight," Sheldon replied. Both girls stopped and looked to him in shock. "I know I'm hardly rash, but we should. Penelope, do you mind?"


"Well, Penny, will you drive us to the courthouse?"


Penelope and Sheldon were married on October 15th and had their beloved daughter eight months later. The family of three moved to a nice subdivision and the three lived happily ever after. Penny, however, who had been in love with Sheldon, attempted to disappear, but miraculously found Sheldon's twin, Shane. The two married and had twins, and the families were reunited in New York City at a high school reunion. Both couples are now very close and their children each attend the same school. As for the roommates, nothing changed and all live miserably ever after.

~The End~