The surf of the Zeriko Sea broke against the sides of the merchant vessel as it plowed through the waves. At the prow of the ship, a lone Toa stood, taking in the cold salty air. Icicles clung to the railing as his breath turned to fog, before being flung backwards by the wind. The sound of footsteps behind him caused him to turn his head. He smiled as he saw his fellow Toa of Ice approaching.

"Hello there, Tsonclad," said the new arrival, "enjoying the sights?"

"More like the sounds 'n smells, ma friend," he replied. "There ain't much tae see oot there right now." He sighed, "Ah love this time o' year. Reminds meh o' when Ah was a wee Matoran back in the Northern Mountains. Winter's a bonny season. Don't ye agree, Taiyu?"

The other Toa of Ice leaned against the railing. His eyes appeared dead as he took a deep breath. He turned an unseeing gaze towards his friend.

"I do," he replied.

The blind Toa turned back to the sea to catch the wind in his face again. After a moment, he spoke again.

"Won't it be great to see the old team again?" he said, a smile crossing his face.

"Ah'll say," replied Tsonclad. "How long's it been? Eighty years?"

"Almost," said Taiyu. After a moment, he asked, "Do you ever regret leaving Algerin?"

"Not in the slightest," said Tsonclad. "Sure Ah miss the others, but we've had some good times and had some great adventures, though I could've done withoot that last one." He shuddered. "All those shapeshiftin' Shivri, urgh!"

"What's so bad about them? The emissaries seemed nice enough."

"Oh sure, escortin' a pair o' the blighters is one thing, but a whole island of 'em? The whole idea of changing shape at will gives meh the jitters."

"Ahoy!" came a call from further back on the ship.

The pair turned to see the Aquaton captain hailing them from the helm.

Taiyu and Tsonclad made their way back to the captain.

"Yes sir," said Taiyu, "what can we do for you?"

"Well, I've been thinkin'," Captain Devichon replied. "What with the two of you being Ice Toa, and the Nor'western Sea havin' more icebergs than ya can throw a disk at, I was wonderin' if the pair o' ya could keep an eye out fer – er, um, keep 'em away from the ship." The captain looked at Taiyu with an embarrassed look on his face.

Taiyu chuckled. "It's alright, sir. I'm not that easily offended."

"Oh alright, so if ya don't mind –"

Suddenly, the boat jolted, throwing the three of them to the deck.

"All hands on deck!" called the captain.

A dozen crew members clambered out of the hold.

"Captain!" cried a Vonatii crew member, "we've hit a reef. Water's pouring into the hold!"

"You two!" the captain pointed to the two Ice Toa. "Get down into the hold and freeze that hole shut."

"Aye aye captain!" exclaimed the two.

Taiyu and Tsonclad rushed into the hold, summoning their elemental energies as they went. They reached the cargo hold to find water up to their ankles. Tsonclad thrust his sword into the water, as Taiyu channeled his energy through his feet. The water turned to crystal in an expanding wave, freezing the waves on its surface in place. Sensing through the ice, Taiyu held up his hand when their energies reached the hole, signaling his brother to stop.

"You go see what the captain wants us to do," said Taiyu. "I'll keep an eye on this."

Tsonclad nodded as he freed himself from the ice and made his way to the deck. Upon seeing him, the captain let out a sigh of relief.

"Wha' do we do now, captain?" asked Tsonclad. "Mah brother's keepin' an eye on yon breech."

"Good, good," said the captain. "From what the crew described, that reef made a pretty substantial hole in the hull. We'll have to stop for repairs."

"The nearest island isn't too far away, captain," said the crew's navigator.

"Good, when can we be there?"

The navigator checked his charts. "We should be there by sundown."

By the time the damaged ship pulled into the bay, dusk was falling over the ocean. The area was largely empty as the crew jumped to the docks to tie down the ship. As they were securing the ship, Tsonclad noticed a pair of beings approaching them, a Toa and a Turaga.

"Greetings travelers," said the Turaga, "and welcome to Tedra Nui."

* * *