Title: Meant To Be

Summary: Dean Winchester POV/Scarlett Jones POV (a completely made up character of my own)

Rating: M

Notes: I loved working with these characters so much I immediately typed a follow-up to "First Time". Please read if you haven't already. Credit to Shinedown for the lyrics at the beginning of the fic. Reviews are always appreciated.

If you only knew I'm hanging by a thread,

The web I spin for you.

If you only knew I'd sacrifice my beating heart,

Before I'd lose you.

If you only knew how many times I've counted,

All the words that went wrong,

If you only knew I refuse to let you go,

Even when you're gone.

Dean rounded the corner, shotgun raised and flashlight in hand, he went towards the noise that had sparked his interest. His heart pumped faster, the hairs on the back of his neck prickled as his instincts kicked in.

He was close, he could hear the muffled breathing. He stopped only for a second, taking a deep breath, he lunged for the source of the sound.

Blue eyes of fire shocked him and he took a couple steps back. His heart immediately ached in response to the person standing in front of him.

Scarlett held the shot gun he had made for her. Her eyes displayed pain but only for a moment, it quickly turned to annoyance. Dean starred at the protection amulet he had given her, it hung around her neck. She looked at what he was starring at and put the amulet in her shirt.

"Fancy meeting you here." Scarlett said, glaring at Dean.

"Right back at ya." Dean said.

Scarlett had just driven to this dingy, one horse town with rumors of a spirit that needed to be sent back to the afterlife. Just to see him, the one and only person she did not want to see. Although seeing him right in front her was killing her, she put on the best cocky, smirk she could muster. Because she was exactly like the man in front of her, she hid everything inside and somehow to her, it was easier that way.

"I was here first so you need to leave." Scarlett said.

"Oh no, sweetheart. You won't get rid of me that fast." Dean said.

"Don't call me sweetheart." Scarlett said through gritted teeth.

"Excuse me, sweetheart." Dean emphasized every word.

Scarlett wanted to punch his perfect nose on his perfect face.

"Let's flip a coin." Scarlett suggested, digging in her jeans pocket. "Whoever wins, gets to stay, the loser has to leave."

"Okay, sounds fair." Dean said.

Scarlett found a quarter and maneuvered it where she could flip it in the air.

"Call it." She said.


The quarter rotated at least twelve times before Scarlett caught it and flipped it over on the back on her hand.

"Damn it." She said as George Washington starred up at her. Dean grinned.

"Well, well, well… looks like the loser, which would be you, has to leave now." Dean said, pointing at Scarlett. He was so proud of himself that he had won.

Scarlett pushed past Dean, cursing under her breath.

"Tough luck. Sweetheart." Dean said, egging her on and he did a good job at it, her fist was in his face in a split second. Dean caught it and smirked at the shocked look on her face.

"I remember how much you like to punch things."

Scarlett glared at Dean but said nothing. She ripped the caught fist from his hand, turned around and walked across the long corridor, leaving Dean standing there.

Dean watched Scarlett leave and his heart literally broke into pieces. It was like she was leaving again but he blocked out the bad part, he only remembered being with her and their last kiss…

They had drove into Wilmington, North Carolina late that night and instead of eating dinner at some crappy diner, they decided to just go to bed since they were exhausted. He had pulled into a nice hotel, it was oceanfront and Scarlett had commented on it.

"A hotel? Right on the beach? Are you sick or something?" She joked while smiling at him. But something wasn't right with her smile, she hadn't been right for a couple months now. It worried Dean but he let it go. Maybe he was just being crazy but he could swear she was upset over something.

"No, can't we stay in a nice place for once? Jeez, you think I was cheap or something."

"Well, I wouldn't say you were exactly living high on the hog. We stay in roach motels and eat at diners." Scarlett said as she got out and grabbed her backpack from the backseat.

"Excuse me for wanting to treat my girl once in a while." He said as they walked into the hotel lobby.

The hotel turned out to be crazy expensive but Dean didn't care and against Scarlett's protests, he got them a room.

"Wow, this is view is awesome." Dean said as he opened the sliding glass door and breathed in the ocean air. He looked over at Scarlett when she didn't respond; she sat on the edge of the bed, staring straight ahead.

"Are you okay, babe?" Dean asked as he sat beside Scarlett, he put his arm around her, she was like a stone.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm just tired, I need some sleep." Scarlett said, glancing at Dean, she gave him a hesitant smile.

Dean looked at her and his heart fluttered in his chest. She was absolutely beautiful, he had never been with any other girl that made him feel so, alive. He was alive when he was with her, completely and fully alive.

"I love you." He said and a real, genuine smile played across Scarlett's face. She cocked her head to the side.

"I love you too." She said and Dean's lips were on hers.

Tears rolled down Dean's cheeks as he thought about their kiss and he brushed them away quickly. Wanting to vent his frustration, he punched the brick wall behind him which wasn't a good idea but he didn't care. Scarlett was gone and he couldn't sleep, or barely eat, he was going crazy. Literally crazy without that girl. Dean sighed as the thoughts in his head was put into overdrive because when he allowed himself to think about her, he couldn't stop and that ultimately lead to one conclusion. He was alone. All alone.