Title: Meant To Be

Summary: Dean Winchester POV/Scarlett Jones POV (a completely made up character of my own)

Rating: M

Notes: Another part up! Reviews are like crack! Enjoy!

Dean heard a loud gasping sound that jolted him awake, at first he was disoriented, rubbing his eyes he looked at the clock. 3:19 A.M. It took him a moment to realize what was going on. His mind went into overdrive as he looked at Scarlett.

She was clutching her throat, choking on the breathing tube they had placed in her last week when she stopped breathing on her own. Scarlett flailed on the bed, trying to scream for help.

"Nurse! Need a nurse!" Dean screamed down the hall, his heart was pounding out of his chest, in anticipation for Scarlett waking up again.

"Scarlett! Calm down, help is coming." Dean said, trying to calm her down. Scarlett continued to fight against the machine for a moment or two more until she looked up and saw Dean's face.

My angel, my wonderful, beautiful angel. Scarlett couldn't breathe and was scared out of her mind but if her angel said to calm down, she was going to. She lay very still, even though her heart monitor beeped wildly. The nurses rushed in, removing tubes, checking vitals. Scarlett just wanted to know what the hell was going on.

"What's going on..?" Scarlett said, but her voice was gone, she couldn't talk above a whisper..

"You've been in the hospital for a while." He said, Scarlett stared at his face. He was trying to tell her something with the look he was giving her.

Her mind was fuzzy. She hated she couldn't remember a damn thing about why she was in a freaking hospital. She watched as the nurses slowly filed out, leaving Dean and her alone.

"What the hell.. Happened?" She said, it hurt to talk but she had to know.

Dean lowered his voice.

"Demon was possessing you, remember? I had to stab you to get the bitch out." Dean replied, looking up to make sure no one was coming into the room.

Scarlett racked her memory but things were fuzzy, honestly, she probably didn't want to remember being possessed or stabbed. Dean stood a few feet from the bed, looking ten years older and sleep deprived. Before she could talk to him further the doctor came in the room to check her out. It took a while, a lot of poking and prodding. Checking her completely out, the doctor told them that Scarlett was perfect. He wanted to observe her for a week or so, just to make sure no permanent damage had been done but after that he would let her leave. Dean was thrilled by the news, calling Bobby to tell him about it. Later that afternoon, when the excitement had died down, they finally got a chance to talk.

"How long have I been in here?" She asked as she stretched her weak limbs, she tried to sit up some but felt dizzy and laid back on the bed.

"A little over a month." Dean said as he sat next to bed in the recliner.

"Dean., are you.. Okay?" Scarlett blurted out the question before she could stop herself. Of course, he wasn't okay, he looked like he had been to hell and back. Even though at a time before they knew each other, he had actually been to hell and back.

Dean's lips curled up into a slight, tired smile. He reached across the bed to take her hand in his.

"I'm great. Just tired."

As soon as Dean touched her, electricity shot to her heart. A happy sigh escaped her lips as Dean stared at her weirdly for a moment.

"Uh..um.. Sorry." Scarlett said chewing her bottom lip. "Dean?" She asked, wondering if she was pushing her limits.

"Yeah?" He responded, leaning up in the recliner to look at her better.

"Um, are.. We.. Okay?" Scarlett had to know, even though she had been out in for a while, that was the first thing that crossed her thoughts.

Pain crossed Dean's face for a split second, then he regained controlled of his emotions quickly but Scarlett saw it. Her heart crumpled into pieces in her chest. She knew what pain she had caused Dean but yet, here she was, trying to get him to open up to her.

"There's a lot of.. Stuff.. To work out, I guess." He licked his lips, looking away from Scarlett's face, he didn't want to her hurt. "But, I'm just glad you are alive."

Scarlett nodded, trying not to notice that Dean pulled his hand away from hers. She had royally screwed things up between Dean and her. It was her own damn fault, and now they were at a crossroads. She wanted to be his forever. She got over wanting to protect him, she just wanted what she wanted, case closed.

Dean watched Scarlett slowly drift off to sleep a few hours later. It was so nice to hear her gentle breathing, even her snoring which made him laugh quietly to himself. He sighed as he thought about the future. He loved Scarlett, he would die for her. Give up everything he owned, his own soul for that girl. But, he didn't want to get hurt again and he knew if she was to leave him again, well, Dean's heart would stop because he couldn't take her leaving again. He just couldn't.

A nightmare jolted Scarlett upright in bed, gasping for air. A cold sweat covered her body as she shivered, catching her breath. She suddenly remembered where she was, looking around the dark room, Dean was nowhere to be found. Fear prickled her heart, she briefly thought about ripping her IV's out and running down the hall to find him. But thought against it, she didn't want to appear crazy.

The nurses had taken her catherder out earlier that morning. After a few minutes she calmed down some and decided she really need to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to bother the nurse, she slowly sat up, swinging her legs on the side of the bed. She prepared herself to stand up and walk, something she hadn't done in weeks. This did not go well. After almost falling, she steadied herself on the bedrail, grabbing her IV machine to roll with her. She stood for a moment, getting use to standing up again and regaining her balance. When she had walked three good steps she heard a familiar voice cuss behind her.

"Dammit Scarlett. What are you doing?" Dean said as he positioned his cup of coffee from one hand to the other, taking her by the arm with his free hand. "You were supposed to get a nurse, remember?"

"I didn't want to bother her." She responded, looking up at him. His green eyes caught the light of the hospital hallway, her heart flipped inside her chest and Scarlett nearly fell.

Dean caught her and a long string of cuss words followed.

"You didn't want to bother her? That's what she's paid for." Dean said, irritation clear in his voice.

"Look, if you are just going to be pissed off then go. I can figure it out myself." Scarlett replied, daring herself not to look at him again.

"I'm not mad, I just don't want you to get hurt."

Scarlett continued her slow walk to the bathroom which under normal circumstances would have taken her less than three seconds but today it looked more like three miles away. It took about five minutes to actually make it to the bathroom door, Dean opened it, helping her inside and then closed the door for her.

Dean leaned against the door, closing his eyes. Thoughts raced in his mind, as he brought the coffee cup to his lips and sipped it. He was too tired to think about them clearly, he needed a good night's sleep. He seriously considered leaving Scarlett to go stay in the motel down the street but his heart ached too much to think about leaving her, and honestly it made him feel pretty guilty too. He was almost asleep standing up when the bathroom door was being pushed a little too hard into him. He stepped back giving Scarlett room to get out. Without saying a word he took by the arm again leading her to her bed. It took her a good three or four minutes to get situated and her blankets back over her.

"God, I will never take walking normally to the bathroom for granted again." Scarlett sighed as she lay back on the hospital pillow.

Dean smiled at her as he leaned against her bed.

"You look like hell, Dean. You need to get some sleep."

Scarlett didn't want Dean to leave her but she knew he would be back even though it was rough between them right now which was all her fault.

"I'm fine." Dean said, glancing out the window across from him.

Scarlett grabbed his arm to get his attention and Dean cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Go. Get. Sleep. I'm not asking you twice."

Dean looked at her for a moment, deciding it was best not to argue about something he really wanted to do, he nodded.

"All right, I'll be back up here bright and early. Do you want me to bring you some coffee in the morning?" Dean asked as he turned towards her.

"Sure, that'd be fine. Honestly, I would love if you could sneak me a biscuit in here. I hate their food."

Dean smiled, his white teeth flashing, Scarlett's heart was thudding extremely fast in her chest, making her dizzy.

"I'll see what I can do."

Dean started to walk out the door without a second glance at Scarlett but something told him he shouldn't just leave. He should really counting his blessings right now. He turned back around, without saying a word, crossed the distance between them and leaned down to kiss Scarlett on the forehead. Scarlett was alive.