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A horrible dream,

A nightmare,

There's no way that is could be true

But it was, he was…

Gone. What could have only been described as shocking and wrong. Today was a bleak day; even the skies had to weep. How could this have happened? It wasn't possible, but it was. The man that everyone had thought invincible was gone. Erased from the world. One of Japans most beloved rock Stars, gone in the blink of an eye. Not the way he should've gone either. He shouldn't have died this way. He should have died peacefully after a long, successful career. He did die peacefully, but not after a long career, it was short fleeting only ten years solo.

A day that would forever be remembered as the saddest day in Japan's history.

Gakuto Kamui, model, actor, soloist, and one the most famous international rock star in world was Dead. Gone, and he was only 36.

The graveyard was packed with friends, family and associates. Outside fans from all over Japan were gathered at the gates, the color white bright against the expanse of cold, dark grey storm clouds that blanketed the sky. The rain came down in torrents, very fitting for the funeral of a man that had loved the rain. Said it had given him inspiration for some of his saddest songs. Had he been there, he most likely would have already had an idea for some song or something or another forming in his mind.

In the front row sat his mother and father, behind them the members of Gacktjob: You, Chachamaru, Juken, Chirolyn, Ren, Iago, Masa, Ryu, Yosh, Jun-ji, Nell, and Minami, the former members of Malice Mizer: Mana, Yuki, Kozi, Tetsu, and Klaha, along with Hyde, Amanda, Selina, Ayumi Hamasaki, Lee Hom Wang and the other stars he worked with on the Moon Child movie. Around them stood assorted other people that the man had worked with. It was a sad day indeed.

He'd been found seemingly asleep, in his bed by Chacha, who had come by to see what was keeping the soloist at home. The thing was though nothing had been disturbed at all. Everything was right where it was supposed to be, the door was locked, nothing was missing or broken. Even Gaku had look fine, until Chacha had noticed he wasn't breathing, and his skin was ice cold. His features frozen in place peaceful and calm, locked in everlasting sleep. Just the way he should look, majestic and regal. Perfect or at least as close perfect to perfect as he could be.

The exact thing that he had always claimed to be, he was not; immortal. And now how they all wished so strongly that he was, that he would arise from his coffin and this horrible nightmare could be just that: a nightmare. But it would not be so, he was gone and nothing could bring him back, he was lost to the world. He would never make another song, video, T.V. appearance, or any thing else. Gone…. He was truly gone and the world had looked as bleak as did right now.

The strangest thing was the M.E. could find no cause of death; there were marks on his body at all. It was as if he had died naturally, but he had not, he had been murdered and the world knew. There was no evidence though, except for the strange message left on the wall of his bedroom:

How bleak the world will seem again

He was just the first to go

And when all is done more shall so

This will not be the end

The message was very clear, there would be more deaths. The message it's self was strange it had been written in blood, Not Gakuto's of course, then perhaps the killers. But when the detectives had gone back to investigate the writing it was gone, yet it was obvious that no one had been in the house since Chacha had found him that morning. Little did they know that this would be the beginning of the strangest, most baffling murder cases in the world.

Gakuto Kamui was the first, everything began with him.